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Another TOTUS Moment


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He is programmed. Cannot mo... (Below threshold)

He is programmed. Cannot move or speak without input. What a joke. ww

The Karaoke President.... (Below threshold)

The Karaoke President.

Obama REALLY needs cut the ... (Below threshold)

Obama REALLY needs cut the electronic umbilical cord and rely on old-fashioned 3x5 cards like any person speaking to the Rotary Club downtown would do.

If Obama were a brand of Vodka he would be a half-gallon of Heaven Hill ($10.95).

Unless the Republicans begin now reconciling with Ron Paul and run a freedom candidate approved by RP, Obama will STILL get re-elected in 2010.

BryanD, you were doing so w... (Below threshold)

BryanD, you were doing so well. ww

bryan, that digital visual ... (Below threshold)

bryan, that digital visual aid is already up for re-election. I'm afraid the Bammy is just part of the package. Don't worry, R. Paul will still be around for those less than entertaining debates.

Don't worry, R. Paul wil... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, R. Paul will still be around for those less than entertaining debates.

Because America must be entertained above all.

How dare the teleprompt dis... (Below threshold)

How dare the teleprompt dis Him like that. He knows Barak is helpless without his input. Shameful.






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