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Lie to Me Wins the Night

No, I don't mean Obama at his press conference. Fox's show Lie to Me won more viewers at 8:00pm time slot than Obama's presser on any individual network. I've never seen the show but the advertisements look quite interesting. I'll have to check in next Wednesday.


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Come on Kim, that's a prett... (Below threshold)

Come on Kim, that's a pretty bogus comparison. You're better than that. This is the kind of idiotic behavior that lead the left into BDS. I hate seeing the right falling into ODS. There are plenty of valid reasons to differ with Obama, making bad comparisons for cheap points is not.

I've never seen the show... (Below threshold)

I've never seen the show but the advertisements look quite interesting.

It's better than some shows, not as good as others. It's a cop/detective drama with a small twist: the protagonists are the members of a private consulting firm who are all expert at spotting lies. They use those skills to help the local police with investigations. Their status as not-exactly-LEOs is an occasional source of plot complications.

Lie To Me is a decent show,... (Below threshold)

Lie To Me is a decent show, about consultants who make a living spotting who's lying and who's telling the truth. One of the networks (not an NBC affiliate, obviously) should get a team like Eric Kuransky and company to cover Presidential press conferences and spot BHO's "tells." Or maybe they would have to closely observe TOTUS for tells.

I actually don't watch much... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

I actually don't watch much of FOX except for their Sunday animation programs and BONES which is a pretty cool FOX answer to CSI. I guess being over 50 makes me a pretty typical loyal CBS viewer. Their dramas can't hardly be beat. Last night's CSI:NY was an excellent story about an escaped Nazi war criminal and a real gem.

As far as the presidential news conference. It was another good attempt by this administration to keep the public informed as well as to update the public on both the economy and swine flu scare.

Hussein doesn't have press ... (Below threshold)

Hussein doesn't have press conferences. They are campaign rituals, with pre-selected questioners asking pre-submitted questions to which Hussein responds with pre-transcribed answers on the official White House teleprompter.

Hey Kim, funny how Fox put... (Below threshold)
Steve H.:

Hey Kim, funny how Fox put on Lie to Me at the same time as the President. Seems like every time the President is on, he lies anyway. BTW, Lie to Me is an awesome show, after picking up some clues about people telling lies on that show, you can tell when Obama is lying.

I thought Barry whined too ... (Below threshold)

I thought Barry whined too much about what he had to face when he came into office. Suck it up. Also, his inability to give examples of the NYT's words was priceless. See what happens when the teleprompter is off? ww

Watched LIE TO ME 2-3 times... (Below threshold)

Watched LIE TO ME 2-3 times, thought it was just ok...kind of redundant. Main character wants to be something like "House" but doesn't have that strong of an effect.

Over 50 (barely) & never watch CBS, except NFL games.

LOVE Lie to Me. It's one o... (Below threshold)

LOVE Lie to Me. It's one of the few shows I make a point to watch (the others being 24, Heroes, and American Idol). I've watched CSI, Bones, and House and enjoyed them, but not enough to make watching a habit.

I watched a little of the Town Hall in MO earlier in the day and wanted to throw things at the TV. He talks about "lowering the deficit" when he's signed bills into law that will send it to the stratosphere in just a couple of years...let alone 10 years down the line. He talks of saving money in health care via preventative care - savings which would end up being minuscule and quickly eaten up by the expanded expense of the proposed bureaucracy.

How can anyone with the slightest bit of thought believe what he says?






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