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Kate is Home!

It's hard to believe that a little girl who has such a complicated open heart surgery just two weeks ago is now home.

Remember how she looked after surgery?


This is how she looked yesterday right before being discharged:


My sister-in-law attributes her swift recovery to all the prayers that so many strangers have been saying for her. The PICU doctors predicted she wouldn't go home for at least seven weeks. Instead, she's gone home after only two weeks. It's amazing:

One of her PICU nurses came by today to say hello and was shocked to hear that Kate was going home today. I told her it was the prayer and she said Kate's story gave her goosebumps. I do not take that lightly because there are soooo many babies and children who spend time in PICU here. The part of PICU we were in was actually PCTU (Pediatric Cardiac Thorasic Unit), which means it was only for kids who had received heart surgery. When they see a child in Kate's shape, make such a dramatic turn-around and leave the the hospital WEEKS before they predicted, they are shocked.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Kate.


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Comments (10)

God Bless you all. How mar... (Below threshold)

God Bless you all. How marvelous for your little angel!

As a mom who had two kids who needed lots of time in the PICU after birth, I can just imagine how thrilled you are with her amazing recovery. God Bless the PICU staff and doctors, everyone of them I have met were just incredible people.

I am amazed when people say... (Below threshold)

I am amazed when people say they don't believe in miracles. Thanks for sharing this wonderful miracle!!! Thank God for this little angel!

I read this blog regularly ... (Below threshold)

I read this blog regularly but never post, but felt the need to wish all of you Gods speed. I have a three year old and could never imagine going through this. She looks great and hope you continue to do well.

Beautiful story about an Am... (Below threshold)

Beautiful story about an American beauty. What a happy, happy homecoming!

A beautiful ending and begi... (Below threshold)

A beautiful ending and beginning for a beautiful girl!

Thank God.And God ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Thank God.

And God bless your family, Kim.

What a cutie! I am so happ... (Below threshold)

What a cutie! I am so happy to see her doing so well. What an answer to prayer.

Praise God from whom all bl... (Below threshold)

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Now love that little girl and spoil her totally rotten for a while, y'hear?

God be praised!... (Below threshold)

God be praised!

Continued blessings.... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Continued blessings.






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