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Mine That Bird, a 50-1 Longshot, Wins the Kentucky Derby

And he didn't just win it, in the backstretch he went from 13th to 1st in less than 1/16th to win by 6 3/4 lengths. It was amazing to watch. Mine That Bird was a literal no name in American racing even though he was awarded the Sovereign Award as the top two-year-old in Canada. Can you believe, he cost a meager $9,500.

Calvin Borel, who won the Kentucky Oaks with Rachel Alexandra, pulled off a double in the 135th Kentucky Derby, galloping up the rail with 50-1 shot Mine That Bird to score a stunning runaway victory.

Very few had faith that Mine That Bird, owned by Double Eagle Ranch and Buena Suerte Equine, would pull off the upset.

But Borel did it with this $9,500 purchase, trained by Bennie Woolley, and showed his unbridled enthusiasm for his second Derby victory in three years by standing, shouting, nearly doing cartwheels in the saddle on the way to the winner's circle.
Woolley, hobbling on crutches, hauled Mine That Bird from his New Mexico base in a trailer some 1,600 miles to come to the Derby.

Asked what he was thinking, Woolley said that everybody contributed, but "I was thinking Calvin was the best."

Borel, who loves to pick his way up the rail every chance he can get, is best known as Calvin "Bo-rail." He used the same strategy in claiming the Derby two years ago with Street Sense.

I'll be looking forward to seeing Mine That Bird in a couple weeks at the Preakness.


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Comments (4)

Reminds me of the year Fusi... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of the year Fusiagi Pegasus was the best to beat coming into Preakness. Thankfully my money was on Red Bullet and I hit a NICE payday!

I agree completely. Mr. Bo... (Below threshold)

I agree completely. Mr. Borel rode a terrific race - even tougher on the sloppy track with such a large field.

I've been watching the Kent... (Below threshold)

I've been watching the Kentucky Derby since it's been broadcast on television, and I have to admit this is the most spectacular race I've ever seen!! Calvin can ride one of my horses anyday!!

I loved watching Mine That ... (Below threshold)

I loved watching Mine That Bird, and loved learning of his interesting ancestry. Check it out: http://www.irishcentral.com/sport/more_sport/-Mine-That-Birds-Famous-Irish-Ancestor-44361197.html






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