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Those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Republicans

From my column at Townhall today:

With the recent sad news of the passing of Jack Kemp, Brent Baker of Newsbusters blog remembered the following 1996 quote from Bill Schneider of CNN.

"He is a rare combination -- a nice conservative. These days conservatives are supposed to be mean. They're supposed to be haters."

Baker cited that as one example of how some in the news media used the selection of Kemp as Bob Dole's presidential running mate to "deliver backhanded insults about the 'haters' who comprised the rest of the Republican Party."

Update: Melissa Clothier and I are thinking along the same lines.


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Well the way I see it Lorie... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Well the way I see it Lorie, Kemp was very good at advocating new ideas such as the enterprise zones or home ownership proposals while he headed HUD. Too often many identified conservatives seem to be often identified for what they oppose rather than what they really support.

Also sadly, Robert Dole was only really able to come across as a very funny and likable man after his 1996 election defeat. Even Kemp wasn't able to rescue Dole from his previous sour guy image which struck a poor chord with many voters. This party really needs to nominate younger candidates with better personalities to really have a real chance to win in the future. Michael Steele is a step in the right direction. He's a very likable man, and a good example of the type of personalites the GOP needs more of.

I agree with Paul. The Rep... (Below threshold)

I agree with Paul. The Republicans need to become a party of personalities and not ideas. Because, you know, ideas require discussion and sometimes disagreement and that can become so messy. But with personalities, heck you could summarize the party platform in magazines such as US and People. Yes, I think it is time to bring American politics to the supermarket check out line.

I read all of your Townhall... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:

I read all of your Townhall column. I thought it was interesting even though I disagreed with much of it. In particular I think you give too much credit to Palin but that's another story for another time - probably sometime around 2011.

I think the negative images of the Republican party today are reinforced by it's clear lack of leadership and a cogent voice. I'm sorry but Michael Steele frequently comes off like a bumbling boob. I know he isn't one which makes it all the more surprising.

The image of the party of No is deserved today. The behavior of the Republicans during the last 5 months is evidence of that. At some point they have to get a clear message and offer specific alternative to the Dems. I have no illusions about the return of Republicans. Hell it wasn't that long ago when Rove thought the Republicans would rule forever. You'll be back. Just get a clear message with some specific ideas. The dems will inevitably overreach as both parties always do.

I do think these silly labels of like fascist and socialist and communist etc. will get the party nowhere. The reality is both parties need the middle to be elected and you won't get the middle using those labels.

Democrats never miss an opp... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Democrats never miss an opportunity to politicize a death, that's for sure. It speaks volumes.

We shouldn't expect anyone ... (Below threshold)

We shouldn't expect anyone from the Communist News Network (CNN) to say anything nice about any conservative.

UD,As a recovering d... (Below threshold)

As a recovering democrat I can tell you "NO" is perfectly good word. As a responsible manager and supervisor, not to mention parent, I used it many times. It worked well. It is simple to understand and it's meaning is not lost in the translation.
Examples as a parent. "No you may not stay out late. You are fourteen and you have school tomorrow".
"No, We are not spending $200.00 on those tennis shoes when these are as good for $35.00.
How about as a manager.
"No we do not need to spend more money on something we have already paid for".
"No, you don't need to work this week-end because, overtime was not in the budget".And "No we will not take short-cuts on safety because, that was in the budget".
It would be good thing if we would hear but, not likely from Obamalala, no new taxes or tax hikes. No, we won't sacrifice national security. No, Immigration reform without border control. No, Cap and Trade etc. etc.
No is a perfectly good word when used right and if your not afraid to use it.

Yeah, I remember the 90's r... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I remember the 90's real well. Now with Perez Hilton and Rev. Wright and the anti-Jew "activists" the left is the party of hate. Unfortunately, unlike the imaginary hatred invented by the media against the Republicans, the left actually is full of hate mongers.

I agree with many of the co... (Below threshold)

I agree with many of the commenters. Liberals demonstrably show their anger and hate either through rage and/or acts of intimidation or violence.

Secondly, the MSM is doing a good job convincing democrats that the conservative beliefs is why McCain lost. In actuality, McCain being a moderate is why we lost. ww

Of course, the hater... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Of course, the haters on the Left say he died of embarrassment over what the Republican Party has become.

Stamp out hate!

MPRThere's is also... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:


There's is also the NO of the petulant child who wants his/her way but is not willing to compromise or offer another solution. They're usually sent to their room to think it over. I'd say that analogy is more akin to the current state of the republican party.

You're so divorced from rea... (Below threshold)

You're so divorced from reality, Willie, that it brightens my day.

Please, go ahead, nominate a far-right conservative like Palin in 2012. Better to carry Oklahoma, Utah and Texas than to pander to 200,000,000+ liberals and moderates.

Nobody is expressing their hatred towards you, Willie: they're just laughing at you, and being condescending. Nobody hates you--though you might be confusing pity and/or scorn with hatred, in which case, sowwwy Widdle guy!

ZOMG: Rush Limbaugh tells the GOP that they need to teach and not listen, and so the GOP trots out a bunch of losers in its new loser caucus! LAUGHTER! (Check out the "National Panel of Experts" for mega-big-time-LOLZ. Johnny Vikingname over at Red State says Palin's in now too--WHEEEEEEEE!!!)

It's funny because these lunatics bring it on themselves. Poor Michael Steele!

It's not that Republicans w... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It's not that Republicans will win back control of the government, it's that the Democrats will lose it. Once inflation and/or high interest rates start to bite into the pocketbooks of middle America they'll start to realize the Democrats are worse than the Rebublicans. Once Obama's junk-science based carbon tax kills off more jobs than the trillions in borrowed money can buy back, the American electorate will be immune to Obama's charms. Once people stand in long lines to just make appointments for medical treatment they will be ready to throw Obama and the democrats out and elect anyone who will promise to repeal all the liberal nonsense. Of course, that could all happen much quicker if Obama drops the ball on defending the United States.

Last night Bill O'Reilly was making the argument I have been making, which is that, "if defending the United States justifies stealthily lobbing hellfire missiles into Pakistani homes with women and children present, which Obama has ordered, then defending the United States also justifies the use of enhanced interrogations techniques on the very masterminds of terror for the purpose of gaining information to save American lives."

Maybe O'Reilly or his staff read Wizbang.

Please, please, please move... (Below threshold)

Please, please, please move even further to the right.

Palin/Bachmann 2012!

Hyper and Unrepentant Demo,... (Below threshold)

Hyper and Unrepentant Demo, you can moan and insult the so called lunatics in the Republican party which probably include the Pro Lifers, NRA members, Rush Limbaugh listeners, etc. But no matter how much invective you heap upon them they do not come close to threatening our way of life when compared to the economic policies of the current administration. I don't see any debate on this.

Labeling republicans as hat... (Below threshold)

Labeling republicans as haters, racists, etc has been the core strategy of dems for a long time. When you can't argue with facts and logic, what else is there?

Then you simply repeat the lie, any and every chance you get.

What's sad is that the MSM has abandoned any pretense of impartiality and they help to perpetuate the big lie about republicans.

Though dems have been doing this for decades,
it was Senator Kennedy who perfected it as an art form when he helped to created that wonderful verb, "borking" during the 80's.

DaveFrom your list... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:


From your list, for me it's just the Limbaugh zombies, I mean listeners.


As to your claims of "purity" for your party you're just kidding, right?

Hyper and his extreme left ... (Below threshold)

Hyper and his extreme left friends want to give republicans advice. That is rich. Self Loathing is the trend now, but trends change, thank GOD. ww

What "big lie"? That they'r... (Below threshold)

What "big lie"? That they're the party of upper class white men? That they just got slaughtered in a federal election? That they couldn't even keep Indiana red?

The GOP are a bunch of losers, Hank, and most Americans don't want them running their government--for what reason would the MSM gloss that over, apart from making you feel better about your love affair with those douche bags?

DaveD: as for your way of life, I think you're confusing America 2009 with America 1979, which is obviously where you'd rather be. You're free to stand athwart of history yelling "Stop!" to your heart's content, but don't expect history to listen.

hyperbolist,<blockquo... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


What "big lie"? That they're the party of upper class white men? That they just got slaughtered in a federal election?

McCain had over 59 million votes and there's not anywhere near that many upper class white men in the U.S. Just a shift in 3.7% of the vote would have given McCain the win, which is hardly a slaughter given the political headwind McCain was pushing. Note that all the other elections were state elections.

To shift 3.7% of the vote all republicans have to do is let democrats do what comes natural to them, tax, spend, disarm, and impose regulations.

Hyperbolist, You wro... (Below threshold)

You wrote:
"I think you're confusing America 2009 with America 1979, which is obviously where you'd rather be..."

And your evidence for selecting this particular year is?

I give a rat's ass what the... (Below threshold)

I give a rat's ass what the MSM say. They have no credibility, having whored themselves to serve The One. People like that give prostitutes a bad name. At least the ladies of the evening are honest about who their screwing and why.

DaveD, that wasn't my posit... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

DaveD, that wasn't my position. My position was that Jack Kemp was best identified as a man of ideas, rather than defined by what he opposed. Further, too often the Republican Party chooses very old and sometimes cranky leadership to represent their party. Out of three old guys, Reagan, Dole and McCain, only Reagan was elected because he had a magnetic personality. Think about it?

What lie? The ones I menti... (Below threshold)

What lie? The ones I mentioned in the column for starters. To portray in all the MSM coverage that Carrie Prejean, because she represented conservative America, was a nazi or a dumb bitch or a close minded bigot, when the identical position on gay marriage put forward by Obama gained him praise from the media as inclusive and a uniter is a lie.

That George H.W. Bush and Rudy were out of touch for not knowing how much a gallon of milk costs but Michelle Obama was not out of touch even when wearing $540 sneakers (during a recession no less) is another kind of lie.

It's not exactly hidden. Anyone with their eyes open can't help but see it.

And for the record, even though I do my own grocery shopping, which President Bush and Mayor Giuliani probably did not do, and I clip coupons, etc., I could not tell you what a particular gallon of milk costs. The last time I noticed at WalMart the price ranged from just under $3/gallon to $6/gallon depending on the brand and type of milk. I buy mine at the grocery store usually though and never look at the price because my store only carries one brand and milk is something we have to have. And the bread I buy ranges from $1.50 to $3.00 a loaf depending on the brand and what's on sale. And I'll assure you I am about as in touch with the average mom trying to stretch a budget as anyone can get.

"too often the Republica... (Below threshold)

"too often the Republican Party chooses very old and sometimes cranky leadership to represent their party. Out of three old guys, Reagan, Dole and McCain, only Reagan was elected because he had a magnetic personality. Think about it?" -- Paul Hooson

I sure can't disagree with that. They are really bad about giving the nomination to the one who convinces everyone it is their "turn." Not a brilliant strategy there.

By the way, that was not the case at all with Reagan. He came in from the outside and fought his way to the nomination. No wonder he was such a great candidate.

Progressives like Paul Hoos... (Below threshold)

Progressives like Paul Hooson willfully admits he is anti older americans.

Reagan won because he had executive experience and the very firm support of the conservatives. McCain did not have a strong conservative turn out. No matter how you extreme lefties try to say Obama won in a landslide (not) and nobody thinks like conservatives is just smoke and mirrors. You only wish people were not conservative in their thinking.

Why do the people who contribute nothing to the country, who does not improve themselves and are felons overwhelmingly support democrats? That is your party. The "give me" crowd. I would rather hang with the producers and motivators of the society. ww

Paul,I apologize for... (Below threshold)

I apologize for my sarcasm earlier but you see I feel policy (idea/solution) will meet success or failure irrespective of the attractiveness/age of the person proposing it. To many, personality or the messenger is everything and I think the last election showed that. I lost count of the number of people I knew who loved Obama but could tell me nothing about his policy proposals (not that it matters anymore because I'm beginning to question his veracity big time). Reagan's sunny and optimistic disposition was a plus. No doubt about it. The right man at the right time. He was unique but there will not always be a Ronald Reagan ready to stand for election. Put Reagan's personality on someone who proposes policies I disagree with and he/she will not get my vote. Dole and McCain are old men. Yet of the choices I had in those respective elections I believed they best had the experience necessary to step into the job of President.

DaveD: I dunno, I picked an... (Below threshold)

DaveD: I dunno, I picked an arbitrary year in the past, when social conservativism still made sense politically and people were afraid of communism.

And Mac, 3.7% is an awful lot when you're talking about a country of 300,000,000 people, especially considering the fact that young people prefer Democrats by a ridiculously large margin and generational attitudes towards hot button social issues will trend leftwards along with the demographics.

CNN the COMMUNISTS,NEWS ,NE... (Below threshold)







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