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What a powerful presentation on the impact the termination of the DC school voucher program will have on those kids who have benefited from it.

Hat tip: Power Line


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Obama hates black people. ... (Below threshold)

Obama hates black people. Food for thought: Why are no children of Congressman or Senators in DC public schools?

I know I am going to be cal... (Below threshold)

I know I am going to be called a racist, but I shall comment anyhow. The percentage of blacks that voted for Obama show clearly that the vote was strictly race based and not on anything else.

But they should never forget how quickly he threw his own grandmother under the bus during the campaign " typical white women". Obama seems to hate part of himself and promote the other(think 20 years in an Afrocentric church), yet truth be told, Obama seems not to care at all about the worst school district in the nation(which has a large number of black students)

Saving money is not working for the politicians is it? Remember that the voucher was 50% of the monies doled out to the public schools. Seems like the money pit of our public schools is something that neither party wishes to dismiss any time soon.

Oh and if we actually educate the inner city youth(which are predominately minorities) then the Democrats would loose their base wouldn't they?

Let's face it, Obama played... (Below threshold)

Let's face it, Obama played the black vote the same way OJ played the jury.

And if Republicans were pro... (Below threshold)

And if Republicans were proposing the end of this program, all you would be hearing from the mainstream media would be "poor women and minorities hardest hit..."

Funny, isn't it, how so few liberals seem to be concerned about the plight of those poor women and minorities now that The One is in charge.

Let's see, conservatives ar... (Below threshold)

Let's see, conservatives are complaining that the government isn't spending money it doesn't have? Conservatives arguing that if a rich guy wants to spend his money sending his kids to private schools, that local governments have an obligation to give every kid money to go to private schools? Conservatives arguing that people have a right to receive for free what they can't afford to or don't want to pay for with their own money? What's next, conservatives arguing that those without money are entitled to the same health care that other people buy with their own money? That those without money have the right to have the government provide them with just as nice a house as those with money live in?

Try as you might, Obama is not being hypocritical on this, other kids have the same opportunity to go to private school as do his kids; that the other kids lack the money to pay the tuition doesn't obligate Obama to make his kids go to private school and it doesn't obligate Obama to give those kids money.

It is irrelevant that he isn't motivated by conservative principles, that he is paying off the teachers' union; it doesn't make him wrong. And your (deserved) scorn for public schools and the teachers' union doesn't make you right on this issue.

Don't worry about what Obam... (Below threshold)

Don't worry about what Obama does. CBS tells us in their headlines:

"White House Says Obama Will Not Allow D.C. School Vouchers To Expire"

"It wouldn't make sense to disrupt the education of those that are in that system," Gibbs said in discussing the president's thinking. "And I think we'll work with Congress to ensure that a disruption like that doesn't take place."

See? Nothing to see here. Move along. CBS has told us what to think, everything is fine.

Steve: I am not sure you wa... (Below threshold)

Steve: I am not sure you watched the clip as you said this:

Let's see, conservatives are complaining that the government isn't spending money it doesn't have? Conservatives arguing that if a rich guy wants to spend his money sending his kids to private schools, that local governments have an obligation to give every kid money to go to private schools? Conservatives arguing that people have a right to receive for free what they can't afford to or don't want to pay for with their own money?

It may cost $18,000,000 to keep this program, but if we stop the program it will cost the tax payer $36,000,000 to send the children to public schools.

This is NOT about spending money - of course conservatives wish for a major reduction in spending. This is about removing the choke hold of public schools receiving federal monies($14,000 per child in DC) and then having the worst public schools in the nation. Once we remove the public school(not the home environment) the students flourished(and the voucher cost $7000 per student)

Do you really care about underprivileged children? Or perhaps you desire to preserve the NEA and its super glue attachment to our future(via the public schools). Mind you Obama has zero concern about this program, even though two children who are in the same school as the First children will loose out next year.

Jennifer: it's incorrect to... (Below threshold)

Jennifer: it's incorrect to say it will cost $36mm to send the kids to public schools - the marginal costs (and I think 'marginal' applies in more ways than one) of sending one kid to school is far less than the total amount of public school spending divided by the number of students (proponents of school choice, like advocates everywhere, aren't above distorting numbers to try to convince a gullible public). In fact, I'd wager that spending on public schools doesn't go up or down that much based on the number of kids who opt out so the money spent on vouchers is indeed an increase in total government spending.

And while I don't support the teachers' union and while I'm sympathetic to poor kids, conservatives are not supposed to abandon conservative principles because we like the end result... if we do, we're no better than the liberals. If you want to reform the schools, do so as a conservative ought to and not be motivated by an 'ends justify the means', 'we don't like unions, so anything goes' approach.

Spin it Stevie, spin it. Y... (Below threshold)

Spin it Stevie, spin it. You want to 'reform the schools'? Then GIVEN THEM SOME COMPETITION!

Obama hates black sheeple: ... (Below threshold)

Obama hates black sheeple: food fo naught: why are no children of Congreasemen or Senators in D.C. schools?

Cause the cost of stupidity is free.

oopppssyy,, Congreaseman wa... (Below threshold)

oopppssyy,, Congreaseman was actually supposed ta read "the guy that screws your neighbors wife in front of your 2 year old goldfish"

Steve -School refo... (Below threshold)

Steve -

School reform is a nice idea - but most parents aren't going to be concerned until it's THEIR offspring that are affected by the school - and it's a bit late to start then.

"Damn, you mean next year I send MY child to first grade in a 39th percentile school in a 49th ranked state? Why don't I just teach him to say 'You want fries wit' dat?' and get him a job at McDonalds now? Oh, wait. Child labor laws and all that..."

You get involved, and you run up against a hell of a lot of organizational inertia. THEY are the professionals, after all - and you're just a 'parent' and automatically suspect right there because you aren't impartial about all the good things they're doing for all of the kids.

Frankly, it wasn't worth the time (which we didn't have much of) or the effort. And when you've got friends who ARE teachers, terribly frustrated with their OWN efforts trying to change the system from within urging you put your child in private school, you know something's wrong.

So here's my suggestion on it. Give vouchers to ALL parents - and those vouchers will go towards either public or private school tuition. For public schools, have a matching plan where they get 25% above the voucher amount - and no other funding aside from the voucher. No 1% sales taxes, no extra tax assessments. If the school is judged to be a good one, (and that would be if the parents STAY) then they'll be rewarded. If the parents leave, then there's a significant incentive to pull their heads out of their asses and figure out WHY.

THAT will cause school reform, and fast.






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