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Clean Rhetoric Winners

Last week, we had a little contest; to see which commenters could make a logical case without the use of personal attacks and insults. Notably, many of those commenters who are prolific but hopelessly petty and bitter for once showed the good sense to leave this one alone, so that nine eligible contestants posted their comments regarding the qualities of President Obama's policies and actions so far. I graded the submissions on clarity, internal logic, cited support, and breadth of perspective. The results in order of the submissions is as follows:

jennifer: Clarity A, Logic C, Support D, Breadth C, 9 points
hcddbz: Clarity A Logic A, Support A, Breadth C, 14 points
Heralder: Clarity A, Logic A, Support A, Breadth A, 16 points
steve sturm: Clarity A, Logic D, Support D, Breadth D, 8 points
Tony: Clarity D, Logic F, Support D, Breadth F, 2 points
James H: Clarity A, Logic C, Support C, Breadth A, 12 points
WildWillie: Clarity A, Logic B, Support B, Breadth B, 13 points
Stan25: Clarity A, Logic B, Support B, Breadth A, 14 points
hyperbolist: Clarity B, Logic C, Support D, Breadth D, 7 points

So from the points, fourth place goes to WildWillie, second place is a tie between hcddbz and Stan25, and first place goes to Heralder. Well done to everyone who took part, as this was a refreshing chance for people to present their case on the merits. Hope we can do this again soon, with more people partiicpating.


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Comments (14)

Im to petty and bitter to t... (Below threshold)

Im to petty and bitter to take part in anything.

drat...I didn't see the con... (Below threshold)

drat...I didn't see the contest! :(

I'll join the next one...but hope a "reasonable" amount of snark is permitted! (heck, what's a blog debate w/o snark?)

No fair!! I figure... (Below threshold)

No fair!!

I figured there would be many more than 9 posts, leaving my meaningless little 'comment' to go unnoticed. :grin:

Congrats to the winner(s)

Wow, thanks DJ!I w... (Below threshold)

Wow, thanks DJ!

I was hoping I could start a debate about the points I posted, but either people didn't disagree or it was too hard to respond without some sort of attack. :(

That I didn't win is proof ... (Below threshold)

That I didn't win is proof that DJ is consciously and deliberately biased against everything I say and ignores the Ivory snow perfection of my analysis and insight.

Oh, I didn't enter? Irrelevant.

Anyway, congrats to the winners.

I don't know what to say. I... (Below threshold)

I don't know what to say. I didn't think I would place. I am speechless. I thank my agent, cast and crew and most of all my wife. Oh! Nevermind.

DJ, that post of your was a lot of fun. It was refreshing to avoid the snark. ww

Whats life without a snark?... (Below threshold)

Whats life without a snark? boring and methodical.

ha ha

Well I was thinking of ente... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Well I was thinking of entering, but the subject I picked was "Why the left uses irrelevant personal attacks and insults and why that's an effective political tactic" However, the rule of not using "personal attacks and insults" prevented citing examples and linking to left wing sites as support. Kind of funny, but if conservatives don't find an effective counter then this cheap trick is going to continue to work for the left. Find a counter and the left will have nothing left but smugness.

DJ:A couple ways t... (Below threshold)
James H:


A couple ways to make your contest better the next time around:

1) Narrow the topic. You can do this by presenting a narrowly tailored thesis, phrased in the positive, and challenging commenters to debate it. For example:

Resolved: Releasing the torture memos will harm US interests abroad.


Resolved: A single-payer health system is the superior way to deliver services to patients.

Since we're not a junior-high debating society, commenters should be allowed to attack or defend the thesis from any angle rather than taking a simple binary yes/no position.

Second, you should challenge your Wizbang regulars to first make their normal arguments ... and then to argue the other side.

A true debatist should be able to approach an issue from any angle ... and challenging commenters to take on an opposing position may instill in them more sympathy for the opposite side of the debate.

If WildWillie beats hyperbo... (Below threshold)

If WildWillie beats hyperbolist in any category, let alone all 4 categories, then the whole rating system is completely idiotic.

... annnnnnd once ag... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

... annnnnnd once again Herman demonstrates just why we needed to emphasize those people who could make their case on the facts alone.

My goal was to be the first... (Below threshold)

My goal was to be the first reject and I won!

Nah Nah Nah to all my fellow liberal trolls.


Funny, this from the site t... (Below threshold)

Funny, this from the site that has bi-weekly fits in which the President is called a "fascist."

I know you believe you unde... (Below threshold)

I know you believe you understand what you think I said; but what you fail to realize is that what you heard is not what I meant.






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