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Just Go Away

From CongressDaily:

Powell Says Shrinking GOP Should Return To The Center

The Republican Party is in big trouble and needs to find a way to move back to the middle of the country, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Monday.

Powell said the GOP is "getting smaller and smaller" and "that's not good for the nation." He also said he hopes that emerging GOP leaders, such as House Minority Whip Cantor, will not keep repeating mantras of the far right.

"The Republican Party is in deep trouble," Powell told corporate security executives at a conference in Washington sponsored by Fortify Software Inc. The party must realize that the country has changed, he said. "Americans do want to pay taxes for services," he said. "Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less."

Oh really, Colin? Check your facts before belching up your opinion.

From recent Rasmussen polling:

59% of U.S. voters agreed with Ronald Reagan that "government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." Only 28% disagree, and 14% are not sure.

Sixty percent (60%) of Americans say the federal government has too much power and too much money.

Seventy-four percent (74%) of Mainstream Americans say tax increases hurt the economy.

Powell, secretary of State during the first term of former President George W. Bush, made waves last year when he came out for the Democratic presidential candidate, then-Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois. Powell described the 2008 GOP candidate, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, as "a beloved friend" but said he told him last summer that the party had developed a reputation for being mean-spirited and driven more by social conservatism than the economic problems that Americans faced.

Mr. Powell fails to acknowledge that John McCain is considered the most liberal, most "moderate" candidate the Republican party could have nominated. Under his logic, McCain should have been the ultimate Republican candidate.

Powell also criticized other GOP leaders, for bowing too much to the right.

He blasted radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, saying he does not believe that Limbaugh or conservative icon Ann Coulter serve the party well. He said the party lacks a "positive" spokesperson. "I think what Rush does as an entertainer diminishes the party and intrudes or inserts into our public life a kind of nastiness that we would be better to do without," Powell said.

OK. Stop right there. Rush has 22 million listeners. I don't care which party you're from, that's a pretty substantial voting block. How that "diminishes" the Republican party just doesn't hold water. Yes, Rush is an entertainer, but he's also an analyst who can dissect and explain issues like no other person I've heard. Just because the man is a staunch Conservative who disagrees with the left's ideological philosophy doesn't equate to "nastiness".

He also said that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain's running mate last year, is "a very accomplished person" but became "a very polarizing figure." He said the polarization was created by Palin's advisers.

Where is the proof to back up that last statement? Sarah Palin is a "polarizing figure" because that's how the media wants her to be viewed. Just like in 2004 the media proclaimed and created Obama as the next rising star of the Democratic party, they have succeeded in conjuring and perpetuating a very unflattering image of Sarah Palin because her charisma and beliefs scare the bejeebus out of them.

It sometimes seems as if Powell is constantly vying for a position in the administration. Maybe he's just too vain and can't imagine being irrelevent. Perhaps he's just too embarrassed that he, too, believed that Iraq had WMDs, and he can't take the fact that he went in front of the UN to lay out that case.

No matter the reason, this turncoat needs to fade away.


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Comments (31)

What can you do with a gene... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

What can you do with a general?
When he stops being a general?
Oh what can you do with a general who retires?
Who's got a job for a general?
When he stops being a general?

What are he and Arleane Spe... (Below threshold)

What are he and Arleane Spectacle rooming together or what?

Just another in a long line... (Below threshold)

Just another in a long line of moderates, that are afraid to take a stand, trying to tell the Republican party what it needs to do. While Obamalala slams left everyone else needs to be moderate? These so-called spokesmen need to stay on the porch.

He does make one good point... (Below threshold)

He does make one good point, albeit by accident. Palin was polarizing.

She took a listless, uninspired GOP and shook it up and polarized it and drew out the conservatives willing to stand up, volunteer to work for the party, get involved, attend rallies, donate, etc., separating them from the 'moderates' (aka 1960's Democrats) who were content to nominate the second coming of Bob Dole and pretend he had a chance.

And that might just have been intentional on the part of her advisors, also. Again, not at all in the way someone like Powell meant, but in a real way.

Hey Colin! How's 'engender... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Hey Colin! How's 'engendering the respect of the International Community' working now?


"Americans do want to pa... (Below threshold)

"Americans do want to pay taxes for services," he said. "Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less."

Wow, what a lying a-hole. Americans' taxes are not going to "services", and the last thing we need is more government.

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" Ronald Reagan

they have succeeded in c... (Below threshold)

they have succeeded in conjuring and perpetuating a very unflattering image of Sarah Palin because her charisma and beliefs scare the bejeebus out of them.

Please keep believing this is true.

"Americans do want... (Below threshold)
"Americans do want to pay taxes for services," he said. "Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less."

This statement confuses me. Not only do the polls suggest otherwise (not that I'm a big believer in polls), but I'm not sure the former of his statements really makes any true sense. Why would people want to pay more money for something they can pay less money for? Do these proponents of higher taxes have excess money they want to give to the government? If this is the case, they can pay my income tax if they like paying taxes so much. I'll keep all of my earned money.

The latter isn't as confusing, I know some prefer a bigger government they think will take care of everything in their lives and they can spend the rest of the time .. playing video games or something, I don't know. But it seems the drawbacks of a huge government or "nanny-state" don't really occur to these people. But the statement: "People are looking for more government in their lives" is worded perfectly. The bolded part I think states why most of us disagree with it and the concept so much.

And please keep believing t... (Below threshold)

And please keep believing the "MSM" is the source of all the GOPs problems.

And as long as we keep beli... (Below threshold)

And as long as we keep believing the MSM is the source of all the GOP's problems, we won't be noticing how in the tank they are for proliferating the world's dream state.

And, by all means, continue... (Below threshold)

And, by all means, continue driving out the moderates. You don't need them. You only want the purest of the pure Conservatives in the Republican party. That's the ticket.

What a confused human being... (Below threshold)

What a confused human being. If he truly was concerned about the party, he would involve himself in the process. He is just repeating liberal talking points. Again, a confused man. ww

max - "And, by all mean... (Below threshold)

max - "And, by all means, continue driving out the moderates. You don't need them. You only want the purest of the pure Conservatives in the Republican party. That's the ticket.

And by all means keep shitting on honorable party members like Lieberman for one single reason, he didn't toe the party line on Iraq.

By all means keep supporting pelosi who at times has gone out of her way to marginalize the blue dog dems.

WE'll see how cohesive the dems are when cap and trade is up for a vote, the blue dogs have already expressed doubt over that and even mainliner like Dingle has called it what it really is a TAX.

So max, the tale of the tape is.... you keep shitting on and laughing at the reps, the co-called far right and moderates, the game is plain to ass and nothing more than pointing at shiny objects in a concerted effort to distract.

Nice diversion marcy-marc. ... (Below threshold)

Nice diversion marcy-marc. The post is about the republican party.

Yep, just re-read it. Nothing in there about the Democratic party.

And what exactly does "the game is plain to ass" mean?

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
Shawn:May I ask wh... (Below threshold)
James H:


May I ask where you are from? And may I ask to what extent local political attitudes shape your own beliefs?

I don't have much respect f... (Below threshold)

I don't have much respect for a man that puts the color of his skin ahead of his other ideals.

I wish he would go away t... (Below threshold)

I wish he would go away too.
But hey I am sure Obama can find a position for him.

Rush, how did that Operatio... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

Rush, how did that Operation Chaos turn out?

GOPosaurs have the Midas touch, except everything turns to shit.

Your party really has a problem with black people in power. And to put a retarded one in charge of the RNC and take away his allowance is cruel and shameful.

max - "Yep, just re-rea... (Below threshold)

max - "Yep, just re-read it. Nothing in there about the Democratic party."

Nothing there about the "MSM" that you so willingly brought into the thread either. Pot meet Mr. Kettle.

And yes it's just terrible a typo gets thru isn't it? It should read "the game is plain to see"

dickman - "Your party r... (Below threshold)

dickman - "Your party really has a problem with black people in power. And to put a retarded one in charge of the RNC and take away his allowance is cruel and shameful.

And what's your excuse for calling the rep chair "retarded?" Sounds like some form of hate to me, be it against a black or the party it's still HATE.

Based on your history here that's about all you have to work with.

MarK,Hey, calm dow... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:


Hey, calm down. I called him retarded, not republican.

And MarK, when people call you retarded, it's not because they hate you. It just means that your IQ is deficient. I don't hate Michale Steele at all. He's a wonderful childlike man who can function in society had hold a job. He's con-trib-u-ting.

We ran the most moderate Re... (Below threshold)

We ran the most moderate Republican, and Powell still voted for the other guy.

Who the frick cares what he has to say at this point?

Max and Marc-I agr... (Below threshold)

Max and Marc-

I agree, lets drive out the "moderates"

Because in this case, moderates like Specter, Powell and the two Maine bimbos only totally confuse the message.

When we get rid of these types, we can get a GOP that stands for something, and then really make some progress. The right ideas are on our side. It's simply a matter of getting a party that will stand up for them and spread them.

I'm quite willing to trade short-term political setbacks to build a long-term foundation.

Powell was always useless t... (Below threshold)

Powell was always useless to the GOP. He was an Affirmative Action general (promoted by Reagan), GHW Bush pushed him higher, then Bush 2, made him Secretary of State. All three actions were big mistakes. He supported 0bama for one reason and one reason only, his race. Powell never had a history of supporting inexperienced young white candidates.

As for Palin, she was the best thing that happened to the lackluster McCain campaign. AFter naming her McCain took the lead in the polls for the very first time, and held that lead right up to the time he suspended his campaign to run back to DC and do nothing. McCain could not exploit 0bama's support for bankrupting the coal industry, because he supported the same thing, he couldn't exploit 0bama's support for amnesty for illeagl aliens, because McCain supports the same thing. Essentially McCain was running as: I'm a former POW, I'm Democrate Lite, and I don't have a clue. McCain lost 11 percent of white men compared to Bush in 2004, and lost just 4 percent of white women compared to Bush in 2004. The only reason he didn't loose white women at the same rate as the men was because of Sarah Palin. Thousands and even tens of thousands of people would wait for hours just to see her. On his own McCain rallies were tiny compared to hers.

Despite all that, it took a financial meltdown, anger by millions having lost lots of money from their 401K's, $750 million, and thousands of media cheerleaders to push 0bama over the finishline.

"It should read "the game i... (Below threshold)

"It should read "the game is plain to see."

If you say so. A typo is hitting the wrong key, or missing a space. Mistaking "ass" for "see" is just plain confusion.

What does Colin Powell know... (Below threshold)

What does Colin Powell know, anyway. He's the nominal "Republican" that endorsed Obama, then re-assured us all that he was "qualified to be Commander-in-Chief" the week before the Russians caught Obama completely asleep-at-the-wheel and nabbed the Krgyzstani air-base that we use to fly-in most of our supplies to Afghanistan.

I don't trust Powell an inch, he apparently feels guilty about promoting the Iraq war (but shouldn't) and is trying to make amends.

Powell's advice and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee at 7-11 (small). Who cares what he thinks, Obama's programs are a guaranteed fail- and that's all that matters in the end. There'll be no hiding the damage Obama is doing to the county in a year or two. I love how these critics of the GOP assume everything will just work out great with trillion dollar deficits and a pacifist foreign policy-

When their pork-n-welfare spending orgy fails to create any real economic gains -but stokes vicious inflation and crashes the dollar instead- the Democrats face a bloodbath in 2010.

Barack can kiss 2012 goodbye, no matter how hard he attacks the GOP and has the MSM plant BS stories and manufactured "scandals". His foreign policy is headed straight for an iceberg, as well.

Ironically, Powell and W did a lot of damage to the GOP brand... but Obama-Pelosi-Reid will be the ones to fix it all-up for us- already as good as done. Funny how life is.

He's a traitor not to his p... (Below threshold)

He's a traitor not to his party, but to his fellow soldiers, his President (Bush) and his country. He also helped keep Saddam in power after the first Gulf War. If not for him, we would not have needed the second one.

Benedict Arnold was a war hero, but still a traitor.

A squishy-soft RINO is not going to win any election. Dems already have a candidate. Giving them a second to choose from doesn't exactly motivate those who feel their country is being destroyed from the inside out.

How about this, Colin? Everybody who thinks we should be paying more taxes should pay more taxes. Everybdoy else can pay less.

You sicken me, you spineless sponge in a General costume. Begone!

Son of relatively well-to-d... (Below threshold)
Brian Richard Allen:

Son of relatively well-to-do British immigrants, Republican Party and Bush Family blind-spot occupant, definitive example of what's wrong with quota hiring and Peter Principle's permanent poster person, Ubambi-voter, Private Powell, never was other than a snake in wolf's clothes insofar as a relationship with Republicans was concerned.

And now the wretched creature wants to lecture us on what ails US?

Dear Mr Powell - on your way out, please don't let our door hit your arse.


Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles - CalifUBAMBIcated 90028
And the Far Abroad

All truly great leaders hav... (Below threshold)
Emerson C:

All truly great leaders have been "polarizer". Powell has inadvertantly complimented Governor Palin.

>Dear Mr Powell - on your w... (Below threshold)

>Dear Mr Powell - on your way out, please don't let our door hit your arse.

And if it does, somebody please get a big box of Clorox wipes.

I don't want any Obama DNA on my good door.






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