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Standing up for DC Kids

Mary Katharine Ham attended a rally yesterday to save DC Opportunity Scholarships and got some really good pictures of some adorable kids.

At least 1,300 school kids and several hundred adults (many of them single parents who had to get off work) gathered at Freedom Plaza to rally for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program in Washington Wednesday. Funding for the program was cut by Congress this spring, and it must now be reauthorized by the D.C. Council and a heavily Democratic Senate to continue. The political road looks very rough, but these kids and their supporters are prepared to "fight, fight" to "put children first," as the chants of the day indicated.

Former Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams, recording artists Ginuwine and Mya, council member Marion Barry, parents, students, and activist Virginia Walden-Ford were on hand to testify to what the program means to the District's underprivileged children.

This really tugs at my heartstrings, but emotion is not the reason to support this cause. Common sense is. Unlike so many of the trillions of taxpayer dollars being spent by the government, money invested in this program will yield an incredible return.


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Obama hates black people. ... (Below threshold)

Obama hates black people. You start giving them a chance at a real education, you might end up with people who are dependent on no one. Can't have that happening. Besides, just like taking care of the UAW, you've got the Teacher's unions to take care of.

The children will never win... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

The children will never win out over campaign contributions. Teachers' unions are big Democratic contributors. Anything that loosens their strangle hold on education will be eliminated. It's all about the cash.

According to the WaPo Obama... (Below threshold)

According to the WaPo Obama announced he would ask Congress to authorize funding to allow all of the kids currently in the program to graduate from their respective private schools but will not allow any more children to sign up for the D.C. vouchers.

Why do I get the distinct feeling this is a political/PR move vice one of compassion for kids and education.

He can swoop in and rebuff those that voted this program out and at the same time tamp down the
PR firestorm when Moms and kids were granted numerous TV interviews and a large rally in D.C.

Good thing huh? The kids get to finish the school year, including the two inner city kids in obama's own kids school.

But next year, after the bright and shiny spotlight has dimmed - not so much.

Oops, let me restate that, ... (Below threshold)

Oops, let me restate that, after all those kids enrolled graduate, then what?

Nothing, the program goes away in anther example of kissing the ass of a union vice doing what's RIGHT.

Why would my president want... (Below threshold)

Why would my president want our black youth contaminated by all the white kids at private skools?

A very impressive demonstra... (Below threshold)

A very impressive demonstration of caring. Lori must feel very good about herself.






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