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Friday Afternoon Means It's Time To Haul Out The Trash

Update: Drudge has linked a report. There is much more to this story.

It's Friday afternoon so that means it's time for the Obama administration to move its trash out the back door. This week the President had the embarrassing Scare Force One episode dispensed with when Louis Caldera submitted his resignation.

Louis Caldera, who served as the secretary of the Army in the Clinton administration, apologized for the "distraction" that approving the flyover caused. He said in a brief letter to President Obama on Friday that it "has made it impossible for me to effectively lead the White House Military Office."

It would be interesting to know who was really at the center of this exercise in vanity.


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Comments (24)

More interesting is why?</p... (Below threshold)

More interesting is why?

They claimed it was a publicity photo shoot, then said no images would be released. That quickly changed to well... we'll give the taxpayer ONE image.

Something stinks to high Heaven.

Hey Louie, thanks for cover... (Below threshold)

Hey Louie, thanks for covering it up, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Maybe in a year, after this blows over, we'll find another spot for you. You'd think for $357K we taxpayers would each have received an 8x10 glossy and a couple wallet size. But then, THE ONE has already proven how cheap he is about giving.....unless it's someone else's money.

He threw his grandma and sp... (Below threshold)

He threw his grandma and spiritual advisor under the bus, why not Louis Caldera?

This was another example of... (Below threshold)

This was another example of how this administration is less about substance and more about flashy B.S.

That only took, what, 12 da... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

That only took, what, 12 days?

Now if this had occured under Bush or a Republican, then (insert spittle-filled, foaming rants here).

I would be exceedingly inte... (Below threshold)

I would be exceedingly interested to see who, besides the air crew, was on the plane. I'd also like to know who the halfwit was that decided it would be 'ok' to do something as assinine.

Yeah, it's a big screw-up, ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it's a big screw-up, somebody fell on his sword, everybody's sorry.
In the interim, the country is being shoved into socialism. The dollar is headed south on horseback. The next Supreme Court Justice will be appointed based on whether he/she likes boys or girls. Our foreign policy is being flushed down the toilet.
If this were Barry's biggest mistake, I'd light a candle. It will all be forgotten by July.

I for one am happy he is go... (Below threshold)

I for one am happy he is gone. I'm pleasantly surprised he was made to resign, I figured he would remain in his position and hunker down, waiting for it to blow over.

But seriously, if you're going to reign over it, don't call it a "distraction", that's just asinine. Everyone knows it scared the life out of thousands of people, he's not fooling anyone, and to say he resigned over a distraction actually makes him look like a buffoon.

Hey Gibbs! Release the fli... (Below threshold)

Hey Gibbs! Release the flight manifest! We all know that The One really digs "His ride". WHO WAS HE SHARING THE THRILL WITH? George Soros?

Hey, don't release the mani... (Below threshold)

Hey, don't release the manifest, maybe there was a Flight Surgeon racking up some hours in the back, ya never know. Don't penalize him or her for trying for some easy hours to keep that flight pay coming in.

But seriously, folks, he never was qualified for the job, he never was capable of performing his duties, and this episode was an example, not the cause, of why he had to resign. It is another example of the absolute ineptitude of this administration to put together competent people doing highly sensitive jobs effectively.

Looks like Louis C... (Below threshold)

Looks like Louis Caldera got tossed in one.

Conspiracy Theory: George ... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

Conspiracy Theory: George Lucas is making a movie about the Tuskeegee Airmen. The name of his movie is "RED TAILS". Their planes had "RED TAILS" The only planes in the USAF inventory right now that have RED TAILS are from the Tuskeegee Airmens' old squadron. In Alabama. How interesting that the only F-16's they could find to fly to NY are from Alabama, and have RED TAILS.
Interesting, no? (This isn't my idea, I did read it on a blog, but I don't recall where. anyone who can attribute it to the rightful creator, please do)

In my opinion the stink tra... (Below threshold)

In my opinion the stink trail would lead directly to Axelrod. You know, Obama's brain.

Maybe Obama was giving Osam... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Maybe Obama was giving Osama Bin Laden a test run so that the next wave of suicide bombers dont have to work so hard.

Also under Friday's radar: ... (Below threshold)

Also under Friday's radar: "The Obama administration on Friday let stand a Bush-era regulation that limits protection of the polar bear from global warming, saying that a law protecting endangered species shouldn't be used to take on the much broader issue of climate change."

That should send the ecco-weenies into fits of delusion.

Codekeyguy, I spoke of the ... (Below threshold)

Codekeyguy, I spoke of the George Lucas. I found a commerative photo of a Tuskegee Airman replica P-51 with its red tail, flying in formation with an Alabama ANG F-16 (bright red tail). The Alabama ANG F-16 squadron has the same designation as the old Tuskegee Airman squadron,( I think it is the 100th TFS) and that is why they have red tailed airplanes.

In the NY Post photo of the fly-over the bright red tail on the F-16 stands out like a sore thumb.

I sent all of this, including the photos, to various blog sites and news organizations, but no one was interested in making a connection to the upcoming Lucas documentary about the Tuskegee Airmen Red Tail squadron.

I did not originate the theory, but tried to pull some of the elements together and get them noticed.

Impeach the fascist? ... (Below threshold)

Impeach the fascist?

"Impeach the fascist... (Below threshold)

"Impeach the fascist"

No , just send him and Abdullah the bill and next time you bow down dont promise any air rides over new york.

What bothers me the most ab... (Below threshold)
George Pankey:

What bothers me the most about this whole flyover is that the Secret Service has control over the Presidential aircraft. They give the President a daily briefing about there availability in the case of emergency, this includes both of the 747-700. It is laughable that the President did not know or did not sign off on the flyover. Louis Caldera is being thrown under the bus, and the press is eating it up.

The memo from the counsel's... (Below threshold)

The memo from the counsel's office:


is scary in its own right. I wrote better Tab Y's after a mishap investigation. The story as it unfolds suggests that everyone from the ANG to WH staff are absolutely unimaginative and unaware of the consequences of their actions. I'd fault the AF O-6 for letting this fly without waving red flags all over the place.

This does not make me feel safe.

Oldflyer:I checked b... (Below threshold)

I checked back and found the reference on the BLACKFIVE blog, so the milbloggers (at least 1, anyway) picked up on it.

So they used F-16's from Al... (Below threshold)

So they used F-16's from Alabama, and D-Model(maybe both) so they could have a photographer on at least one of the lawn darts. So were the nearest working D-models in Alabama ANG or did they select these aircraft because of the Red Tails? Hmmmm.

The Alabama ANG has only "C... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

The Alabama ANG has only "C" model, single seat, F-16's. No room for a photog.

Well, that's interesting co... (Below threshold)

Well, that's interesting codekeyguy. Some of the press reports talk about having the photographer "fit" into the VIper. I doubt one was sitting in the pilot's lap. Hmmmm... I guess I made the mistake of assuming the reports I were reading were accurate, LOL.






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