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WizBang Exclusive - Scare Force One Photo Uncropped


Of course the exact nature of the mission still remains classified ...


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Comments (23)

Maybe the reason only one p... (Below threshold)

Maybe the reason only one photo has been released is because other photos show passengers mooning the statue of Liberty.

That's a crappy photo. (Th... (Below threshold)

That's a crappy photo. (The original, not the photoshopped one - that's pretty good.)

The angle's bad - there's a lot more open water to the south of Liberty Island, and the foreshortening of the statue is distracting, not to mention the position of AF1 above the island. It's not a 'clean' shot, you know?

It would have been better to have the photographer on the ground, (or the water) with AF1 flying above the statue. The above just looks like the F-16 pilot was taking pictures with a pocket camera from WalMart.

Thank goodness that Republi... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Thank goodness that Republicans only make small mistakes while in office by comparison like crashing the economy or Iraq.

Question:Is the flag... (Below threshold)

Is the flag on the tail of Air Force One displayed improperly? Shouldn't the union be to the observer's left?

Ya know, they could have wa... (Below threshold)

Ya know, they could have waited a month or two for the grass to green up and better weather. I agree this is a crappy photo. What's reassuring is the plane is flying from left to right.

BTW, its not uncommon for flights to be labeled "training" flights if they are not transporting people or things from one place to another (AMC) or actively dropping bombs and surveilling bad guys (ACC). Its just the politicos and news media that don't know Jack that are trying to make something of this label.

DaveDThe flag is cor... (Below threshold)

The flag is correct on the tail as displayed. It is always to appear as if it is "blowing in the wind" So, since aircraft move forward, on the right side of the tail it is painted as you see it in the photo, on the other side of the tail it looks more familiar with the field on the left.

I thought the Obama adminis... (Below threshold)

I thought the Obama administration would have flown the flag upside down.

Actually .... the trailing ... (Below threshold)

Actually .... the trailing banner should be this week's caption contest (natchrilly, I'll go foyst):

In case of hajj this plane will be unoccupied.

"Thank goodness that Republ... (Below threshold)

"Thank goodness that Republicans only make small mistakes while in office by comparison like crashing the economy or Iraq."


Shouldnt there be the prefi... (Below threshold)

Shouldnt there be the prefix "Sub" in front of Mission? Just sayin.

Well Done!... (Below threshold)

Well Done!

As long as you're photoshop... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

As long as you're photoshopping you should replace Liberty with Ms. California; preferably topless. The left will then post it all over to show that Carrie Prejean did pose semi-nude before the pageant.

The background for the sing... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

The background for the single photo released shows New Jersey. I am certain they took photos of the plane with the New York skyline in the backdrop. Why will they not show these pictures? I'll tell you why. If they did, people would notice that ground zero was front and center, reminding everyone of just how callous this entire operation was.

Hey Paul simple question. L... (Below threshold)

Hey Paul simple question. Let see if you can answer it,directly, no spin, no BS. Just give us the year, thats all.

When was last time a Dem controlled Congress gave the US a budget surplus?

Socialism Sucks,Th... (Below threshold)

Socialism Sucks,

Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

Clever! I love it. ... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

Clever! I love it.

That was a very foolish stu... (Below threshold)

That was a very foolish stunt and Obama's response was insensitive to say the least.



Thank goodness tha... (Below threshold)
Thank goodness that Republicans only make small mistakes while in office by comparison like crashing the economy or Iraq.

Lets' see, how was the economy in 2006 (last year of Republican leadership of Congress (who hold the purse strings, as an expert in civics such as yourself will undoubtedly acknowledge))? One of the longest periods of sustained growth even with a devastating terrorist attack. And how it is after 2.5 years of Democrat leadership? OOPS!

Let's see, how was Iraq in 2002? Despotic dictator and sons torturing people (the REAL kind, not the make-believe Democrat talking point). How is it now 2009 ? Free elections, most of the old guard dead or run off, despotic leader tracked down and killed? And you have some sort of a problem with that? What exactly would that problem be, not enough rape and murder?

Brilliant as always.

The stupidity of the stunt ... (Below threshold)

The stupidity of the stunt begs the question, "Where was Biden?"

Interesting angle.... (Below threshold)
Christina Viering:

Interesting angle.

Michael - here is some inte... (Below threshold)

Michael - here is some interesting speculation as to the exact nature of the flight. The author himself says he may be "jumping the shark". Who knows? Time may tell.


Guess Paul is still researc... (Below threshold)

Guess Paul is still researching the last time a Dem led Congress gave the US a budget surplus.

He wouldnt avoid a direct question, would he? would he?






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