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The "Two-State Solution"?

My depth of knowledge concerning the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is, I'm sorry to say, quite inadequate. I am old enough to remember from my early youth hearing and seeing the problems, hate, and death that has become synonymous with it.

That said, I am genuinely interested in what you have to say about the situation.

From my limited perspective, the Palestinians have been willing pawns in the never-ending regional brinkmanship played by the Arab states which surround Israel. Used as fodder for hatred directed at Israel, they too easily permit themselves to become perpetual victims used for Muslim outrage toward the Jewish state.

Electing Hamas more than proves this.

There is plenty of anti-Israeli sentiment to go around: From Muslims, to Europe, to the fetid halls of the United Nations, there is no lack of anti-Semitic invective oozing from these entities.

The popular, and seemingly only, resolution to this mess is the "two-state solution", whereby Israel is recognized as one state and the Palestinians are given control over the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

It is a confusing prospect. I understand Israel being a sovereign nation with clear borders and rights allowed, but, just how exactly would the Gaza Strip and the West Bank be recognized as one state? It would seem that they would exist terrestrially separate from each other, yet acting under one government, with Israel having to give up even more land, effectively splitting it into two parts to allow for transit between the two Palestinian territories. How this "one government" would be created is a riddle in itself, and would probably be the most difficult issue facing all parties involved.

It would also seem that Israel, no matter which scenario occurs, would have to be a willing, giving partner, relinquishing both land and treasure, to people who have given them no reason to deserve or warrant such support.

That would be a tough pill for Israel to swallow.

Considering both Egypt and Jordon border Gaza and the West Bank, respectively, the ideal answer would be for both countries to cede land to both populations, adding much needed living space, and contributing greater financial support, both in terms of monetary assistance and suitable,meaningful commerce.

Since this has not happened yet, it is doubtful this will occur at all.

Arab countries involved in the region have no desire to "solve" the plight of the Palestinians. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Anytime they want to attack the Jewish state, all they need do is perpetuate the myth that Israel is the root cause of all problems in the region, using the Palestinians as victims in their transparent attempts to demonize Israel.

The Obama Administration has a role to play in all of this. They have yet to give any indication that they are willing to be the staunch ally to which Israel has been accustomed. In April, Obama briefed key members of congress to expect a tougher line to be taken against Israel, while using the backdrop of his European apology tour to soften up our influence around the globe, offering olive branches to any and all who we may have offended, well, ever.

And Tuesday, Joe Biden delivered a scolding speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), telling the Jewish Americans, "Israel has to work for a two state-solution -- you're not going to like my saying this -- but not build more settlements, dismantle existing outposts and allow Palestinians freedom of movement ... and access to economic opportunity".

While, incredibly, he may have valid points on some issues, it is worth noting he said nothing of the same directed toward their Palestinian counterparts.

And as if to confuse our approach to the middle east even more he added:

"The United States will approach Iran initially in the spirit of mutual respect -- we want Iran to take its rightful place in the community of nations politically and economically".

Mutual respect? Rightful place? What planet is this man from?

It is clear the US is worried about the hard-line Netenyahu. But, as our only democratic ally in the entire middle-east, Obama's rhetoric toward Israel reeks of naiveté and arrogance, and just plain old indifference.

He said that the middle east peace process would be a top priority in his administration.

So far he's just been "present" on the whole issue.


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Comments (15)

There will be a '2 state' s... (Below threshold)

There will be a '2 state' solution when the Palestinians decide they no longer want to be losers. That 'victim' identity has got to be wearing thin after 50+ years.

Actually, Golda and Moshe' ... (Below threshold)

Actually, Golda and Moshe' came up with the best solution back in 1967. Looked like it was going to work out OK until Jimmy Carter decided to meddle.

I always loved the story of the exchange between Golda and Lyndon Johnson.

LBJ: I'd give any three of my generals for Moshe Dayan.

Golda: You're on! I'll take General Electric, General Motors and General Dynamics.

Wonder if she'd take that deal today?

The issue has never been a... (Below threshold)

The issue has never been about "two states", or whatever one wishes to call it. The agenda is the total destruction of Israel. The Palis are merely the cover.

That the rest of the world willfuly refuses to recognize this is to their detriment. It's simply astonishing that NONE of the neighboring Arab countries have ever offered to assist solving this problem. Much easier to give lip service and quietly hope for and covertly assist Hamas, etc in their pursuit of their stated agenda.

And one day, Israel will deal with it as she must.

Israel has been abandoned b... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

Israel has been abandoned by the Obamafraud, and this is going to be the obama downfall. Israel realizes it is on its own, and will do what is necessary to protect itself. "Strategic proactivity"?

If there is an independent ... (Below threshold)

If there is an independent Palestinian state, I assume that it will be used as a base of operations by the other Arab states to take offensive action against Israel. Israel will fight back, with justification, and pretty soon, the current status quo will return.

The one and only way the Palestinians get a home and keep it is if they really want to live in peace with the Israelis, and are willing to kick out the other factions. And ignore the rest of the Arab world - their great friends who have been using them as pawns for the last 60 years. I don't see that happening.

"But, as our only democrati... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

"But, as our only democratic ally in the entire middle-east..."

You forgot Iraq. Many do.

#1, Garandfan, I wish I cou... (Below threshold)

#1, Garandfan, I wish I could agree that the Palistinans would be getting tired of this after 50+ years.
If they actually had any type of media truth at work in their country, that might be true. However, when you indoctrinate hate during the earliest, most impressionable years of children, and there is no countervailing message of love or compassion, but only victimhood, there doesn't seem to be much hope for rational thought on the subject.
I am dismayed when I see clips of 3, 4 and 5 year olds being shown hate videos in that land. When you are raised on hate, anger, and the hopelessness of victimhood, there is only a slim chance you can survive it to grasp a different reality.

Why not call the "two state... (Below threshold)

Why not call the "two state solution" what it really is?



The choice we're being given is: apartheid or genocide--either the two state solution, or wiping Israel off the face of the Earth. And it's by no means clear that the Arabs won't go for genocide of the Jews as dessert after achieving a fully independent "Palestinian" state.

Show me the hard, unmistakable evidence that the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world can be trusted to allow Israel to continue to exist, and then AND ONLY THEN does a two-state solution become possible.

Apartheid, or genocide. What does the Arab world really want?

The "two-state" solution is... (Below threshold)

The "two-state" solution is merely a gateway to a "one-state" solution.

Shawn, a lot of people don'... (Below threshold)

Shawn, a lot of people don't know the real story behind this conflict. The only way to come to an objective opinion is to get information from independent news sources rather than just the mainstream. The pattern is always the same, though. The suggestion is that it's about territory, whose land is sacred and holy, and who has a right to it. Any military or monetary conflicts are generated from outside sources.

If you watch documentaries and listen to what the people are saying, not the ones involved in the politics, you will see there is no real desire for war. They are able to coexist and worship side by side as brother and sister, and have no grudges that are not politically and media-induced.

It is, unfortunately, the zionist movement that will be the destruction of Israel in the end. The corruption of the zionist Jewish mafia is what the mainstream is presenting under the guise of ethnic conflict. As Grace stated above, people don't hate unless they are taught. It's a never ending battle meant to generate revenue for the rich and powerful game players.

In smaller scales, we have this type of control all over the globe, but their origin remains the same. The goal is always the same, as well: To generate revenue, control, and depopulate with the influence of politics and propaganda. The microcosms people will believe exist, like the drug cartels and gang wars. But, for God only knows what reason, they don't believe it could be just one group with the same greedy and bloodthirsty idea behind the whole mess.

"But, as our only ... (Below threshold)
"But, as our only democratic ally in the entire middle-east..."

You forgot Iraq. Many do.

Good call, Steve.

As for the subject, I do not believe there can be a two state solution here. Mainly because, as others have mentioned, the object is not to have their own state, it's to destroy Israel.

The Palestinian people will continue to be the nail that the several other middle eastern countries use to hammer into Israel, framing them as endless victims of Israeli aggression, knowing they cannot win militarily they will win through the hearts of Europe, who seem to side against Isreal every chance they get.

If any of the Arab/Persian countries wished to solve this problem, any of them could have absorbed them and provided for them decades ago. Instead they wall them off and continue to pour fuel on the fire.

The Palestians are not people to Jordan, Egypt, and Iran, they are political fodder.

@Shawn The first 2/3 of you... (Below threshold)

@Shawn The first 2/3 of your article is so spot on that it reminds me that bloggers on this site can be quite insightful. Then the second part of your article comes with digs like the foolish "apology tour" meme and calling out Joe Biden for not addressing the Palestinians AT A JEWISH EVENT, and then winding up on the idiotic "present" meme.

Come on brother, you're clearly smarter than the meme silliness.

The entire problem rests wi... (Below threshold)

The entire problem rests with the establishment of a European zionist state in the middle of Araby just as the rest of the world had begun the process of decolonization.

Wrong state, wrong time, wrong place, for as the Arab saying goes (roughly) "It's easier to forget the killing of one's father than the theft of one's land. It's always there before your eyes."

So Israel can only hope for a two-state solution in place of war without marked advantage due to technological levelling in the 21st century.

War or not, Israel will plead No Mas due to politico-military pressures viz its indefensible geographic position, and will become a ward of NATO or the EU within several years.

If Israel ceases to be a Jewish state per se, a poor future could be averted, but the "quartering" infrastructure of Muslim cities might be to unpalatable a concept to consider in these days.

So, Israel will sell itself to the west and become a de jure housing project, and not just one de facto.

"The Palestians are not peo... (Below threshold)

"The Palestians are not people to Jordan, Egypt, and Iran, they are political fodder."

Also to Mahmoud Abbas, their "long suffering" leader.

I should point out that the... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

I should point out that the Jews are the only nationality to still be a cohesive whole after 2,000 years of exile from their original homeland. They are the only ones to have returned to their homeland and that they were careful to actually buy the land from their oppressors rather than trying to just "throw the rascals out". They are also the only ones to be denied the land that everyone has acknowledged was theirs after seeing it renamed to deny their history. The name "Palestine" was assigned by the Romans who picked it up from the "Philistines" (which means "invaders"). After the British took over after the First Worl War, the only ones called "Palestinian" were the Jewish "settlers" which included people whose families had continued to live there since Rome destroyed the last State of Israel and the second temple. The Arab newcomers from Syria and Egypt who moved in as the economy of the region improved under Jewish "settlement" absolutely refused the name "Palestinian" until long after the Israeli War of Independence.






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