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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This week's Weekend Caption Contest™ was a welcome break from another Obama contest. Interestingly we may have a first - the same caption in the winning entries two weeks in a row. In case you're wondering it's the "now if we only had some balls" caption that was also one of the winning entries last week. The assignment this week was to caption the following picture:

FILE- In this July 14, 2008 file photo, baseball players Manny Ramirez, left, and Alex Rodriguez share a laugh during batting practice at the Major League Baseball All-Star Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium in New York. Ramirez was suspended for 50 games by Major League Baseball on Thursday, May 7, 2009, becoming the latest high-profile player ensnared in the sport's drug scandals.

Here are the winning entries:

1) (fustian) - "When asked what legitimate reason he had to be taking a women's fertility drug, Manny said: 'I'm trying to get pregnant?'"

2) (Jeff) - "...now if we only had any balls..."

3) (geo) - "Yes, I will have your babies..I'm ready now."

4) (IowaRight) - "Just bowing to the master..."

5) (Peter F.) - "Two more asterisks."

6) (Vader06) - Manny to A-Rod: "Holy crap my balls just fell off"

The Readers Choice Award this week goes to:

(Spike) - "Steroids are to professional athletes, as teleprompters are to presidents."

That's all for this weekend. A new edition of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.


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Comments (4)

Congrats to Fustian<p... (Below threshold)

Congrats to Fustian

Thanks Kevin

Kevin, I am truly honored t... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I am truly honored to recorded as a Wizbangblog Weekend Caption Contest first!

Wow! Cool! Thanks!... (Below threshold)

Wow! Cool! Thanks!

Two strikes. No balls.... (Below threshold)

Two strikes. No balls.

A swing! A Miss!

You're OUT!






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