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"It's great to have a private jet"

That's what Oprah said in her commencement speech to Duke University's graduating class:

It's great to have a nice home. It's great to have nice homes! It's great to have a nice home that just escaped the fire in Santa Barbara," she told the students. "It's great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn't great is lying to you.

I understand the point she was trying to make. She is encouraging the graduates to work hard and take risks because the rewards will follow. But Oprah didn't tell these graduates the truth about their new reality. They live in Obama's world now. First, if you are not already rich, becoming rich will be very difficult as long as Obama has the White House. His spread the wealth, tax the rich, cap and trade, kill deferral policies will cripple the economy, making good jobs with the potential for advancement scarcer and scarcer. Second, even if you do make it rich, not just anyone can own a private jet or a few mansions in Obama's world. You have to be in The One's political favor to do that. If you are not, you will be maligned as evil and selfish and he will use the power of his bully pulpit to destroy you. Oprah should have told those kids the truth.

Update: On a related note, Barack Obama is taking Air Force One and flying to Las Vegas to raise money for Harry Reid, just months after declaring in February, "you can't get corporate jets, you can't go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer's dime."

Really? No taking trips to Las Vegas on the taxpayers' dime?


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Oprah was lying.Ms... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Oprah was lying.

Ms. Winfrey can't possibly believe that anyone will be able to accumulate wealth in the future unless you're a Liberal and pledge allegiance to Barack Obama. She's not that stupid is she? She knows it's over for the next generation. Those kids will never have a chance. It's re-education camps and then a life of toiling in a Obama's car factory or an organic farm.

Stupid. Utterly stupid. Eve... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:

Stupid. Utterly stupid. Every time I think you can't outdo your own idiocy you surprise me with another I Hate Obama screed.

OK, the update is a bit on ... (Below threshold)

OK, the update is a bit on the BS side. What president hasn't helped prominent party members raise cash, and since we've had an Air Force one what president hasn't used it as the primary way to get away from DC/Maryland/Virginia? Oh, yeah, none.

I may think that Pres. Obama is on track to be the worst President in my life time, but BS is BS, Kim.
Now I need to shower after coming this close to siding with UD and Adrian... I feel oily.

How long will it be before ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

How long will it be before Obama starts issuing Black Helicopters to his Comrades?

It's amazing how, in just a few months, America as we know it has dissolved like cotton candy in a rainstorm. Who knew it was that fragile?

Is there a too big to fail ... (Below threshold)

Is there a too big to fail joke in this post somewhere?

Don't fret Kim your new ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Don't fret Kim your new reality of Obama era politics is much the same as the old reality of Bush era politics, or even Clinton's, or haven't you looked at the stock market rally lately.

The Obama administration, under Larry Sumners, the Economics czar, who led the way in dismantling Glass-Steagall, as the Clinton Treasury Secretary and now Timothy Geithner the financial services friendly Obama Treasury Secretary are allowing crony capitalism, particularly in the financial sector, to continue to prosper. The top Wall Street barons executive salaries and jobs, irrespective of competency, seem fairly safe.

I'm not sure why you are always so worried about the enormous perks of the rich, being somehow at risk in this recession, but I'm sure they will survive. They have enough money to take care of themselves, when they are not heavily funding both parties.

Check with Hyper, Oyster - ... (Below threshold)

Check with Hyper, Oyster - he's got the soap...

Going off on a related tangent, since there's a fair bit of mention here re 'global warming', (which morphed into 'climate change' which has now morphed into 'climate chaos',) as sparking governmental means of 'influencing' our actions through regulation and preachifying -

You know - it's kind of odd that we're told that everything has to be modified in order to curb global warming. We've got to do cap and trade, throw massive amounts of corn into ethanol production, make cleaner cars, use approved 'green' products, use the correct light bulbs (which are so hazardous there's EPA guidelines for cleaning them up (AaAaaagh! MERCURY! Teh horrors!)) AND be good folks by going all green in our energy production, while Pelosi and Finestein encourage it on the one hand and block construction for it on the other, leaving a net loss re energy supply...

But the President can send his plane to NY for photo shoots. AlGore can fly his jet cross-country to make a speech about how bad CO2 is and how we need to 'downsize' our consumption - then goes home to his nicely powered mansion or his 'bio-powered' houseboat.

WE are apparently supposed to cut back so THEY can feel virtuous?

The folks on the left don't believe it's a crisis. They see it as a way to get press time, to get influence, to get humongous speaking fees - but it's not a 'crisis' to them or they'd be acting like it and DOING something about it!

Words don't equal action. Telling someone you're going to provide for more green energy isn't the same as actually getting the construction done and the power on-line. If Obama and crew want us to believe there's a crisis, they'd better be (A) working to alleviate it and (b) ACTING like there's a problem and cutting back themselves.

Now if Bush said that....</... (Below threshold)

Now if Bush said that....

As a student of law of attr... (Below threshold)

As a student of law of attraction and wealth consciousness, I have come to realize that outside circumstances have nothing to do with one's ability to attract wealth, and this includes the government. As long as we believe that other people have a say in how we live, we give up our power to create the lives we truly want. If you harness the power within, you will know that you can have whatever you want and it does not matter who the president is.

Just another example of Bar... (Below threshold)

Just another example of Barry's program of "Do as I say, not as I do."

A private Jet will be outsi... (Below threshold)

A private Jet will be outside the grasp of most people in terms of running costs, unless you want a nice ornament for the garden. I don't understand why these celebrities feel the need to brag whilst public speaking, i've seen it more and more these days. They need a bit of a reality check.

When Obama and Barney Frank... (Below threshold)

When Obama and Barney Frank were stirring up the "pitch fork ready mobs" over capping CEO pay, I couldn't help but wonder why, if you believe that the government should impose pay caps, why shouldn't celebrities see the same pay caps ?

(Note: Government should not cap anyone's pay. I'm simply attempting to apply the 'principal' consistently - i.e. 14th Amendment consistent)

Harpo and the punk from Chi... (Below threshold)

Harpo and the punk from Chicago would make quite a couple.

Did Oprah talk about Global... (Below threshold)

Did Oprah talk about Global Warming and the need for everyone (else) to reduce their carbon footprint?

When Oprah the ogre reduces... (Below threshold)

When Oprah the ogre reduces her yeti sized carbon output, I will consider the options.

Since airlines will be char... (Below threshold)

Since airlines will be charging extra for obese people Harpo will need that private jet. It's not a matter of money. It's a matter of having a seat large enough to accommodate her more than ample bottom. First class seats are probably too tight for that (insert your own yo' mama's so fat joke here) thing.

Fundraising trips such as t... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Fundraising trips such as this are not billed to the taxpayer, but to the campaign. Further Air Force One provides important security measures such as missile defenses not available in normal commercial jet travel.

Harpo and the punk... (Below threshold)
Harpo and the punk from Chicago would make quite a couple.

You're right, 914, but they're already a coupla somethin' that has yet to be identified. The words "media whores" does come to mind...

Oprah is a greedy joke. No ... (Below threshold)

Oprah is a greedy joke. No news there.

As far as the update... what would you suggest Obama do for personal travel? Take an American Airlines flight? Road trip with the kids in a minivan?

How do you think Bush went to Crawford? Bicycle?

Come on.

In his post # 4, Adrian Bro... (Below threshold)

In his post # 4, Adrian Browne noted that America as we've known it has been dissolved like cotton candy in a rainstorm and wondered as to who'd known it was that fragile?

The list is long but you might begin with the drafters of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

And then work on down the list, compiled during the ensuing couple of hundred or so years of the scores of millions of us who've also always known and know today that Freedom ain't free!

Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles - Califobambicated 90028
And the Far Abroad

Paul, you are naieve. ww</p... (Below threshold)

Paul, you are naieve. ww

Just last week, Oprah had a... (Below threshold)
Gary Michaels:

Just last week, Oprah had a show about the environment and how we all need to "reduce our carbon footprints". She was telling us all how we could, in our own little way, help the environment.

Here is the queen of hypocrites the next week BRAGGING about her "private jet", of which leaves an average of ONE TON of carbon emissions per flight.

Where is the media to call her to task? Nowhere, of course.






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