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Ika Von Ottomatic

I hope everyone is having a happy Friday. Sorry for being a bit scarce lately, but I've recently welcomed a new member to the Von Ottomatic household. Allow me to present Ika (pronounced "eek-uh") - my three month old German Shorthaired Pointer. Like all puppies she's cute as can be...and being the spawn of two hunt trial champions a holy freaking terror.


Nothing says pure, hyperactive energy like a bird dog pup. Quick as a cat, smart as a whip, and stubborn as a mule. So I've been quite busy with housebreaking and some basic obedience training the past week.

Enjoy more adorable puppy pics below the fold.





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Comments (17)

Going to have your hands fu... (Below threshold)

Going to have your hands full with that one!

Very cute! ... (Below threshold)

Very cute!

Best breed evuh. I knew on... (Below threshold)
Duane Dostie:

Best breed evuh. I knew one. His name was Bucky. Great bird dog a gentle fun-loving friend.


Will you be hunting with VP... (Below threshold)

Will you be hunting with VP Cheney?

18 months of chewing on any... (Below threshold)

18 months of chewing on anything and everything.

Aw! Reminds me much of a b... (Below threshold)

Aw! Reminds me much of a blue tick hound we had many years ago.

Lucky Dog! He needs a Jack ... (Below threshold)

Lucky Dog! He needs a Jack Russell terrier to exercise with.

Is he going to be a hunting... (Below threshold)

Is he going to be a hunting dog or just another family member?

Its so rare people know how... (Below threshold)

Its so rare people know how to and take the time to train a dog (and themselves) to be a safe and happy member of society. And congratulations on the extraordinary new member of your family.

I have never had a German S... (Below threshold)

I have never had a German Shorthaired Pointer but I do know they are very active, too active for the Priestap household. :) But I hear they are sweet and loyal dogs. Congratulations on Ika.

We have a 13 month old Great Dane. We got her at 8 weeks and she grew so ungodly fast I swear I could see her growing as she stood in front of me.

I have a 9 year old GSP, Mi... (Below threshold)

I have a 9 year old GSP, Miss Molly. She's mellowed out a bit, but she is still very territorial and must be the boss of other dogs. Always need to show her that my wife and I are higher in the pack... give her an inch and she thinks she's a ruler. Almost as bad as Collies for trying to enforce how things ought to be, like bed time and dinner time.
Luckily our pit bull, Fibber McGee (11), is still big enough and active enough to keep her in line when she gets to rammy.

RFA,She'll be a do... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:


She'll be a dove dog more than anything, although I'm finding out that I have more friends with quail land than I thought now that they know I've got a pointer. Plus the gent I got her from hunts/trials his dogs every weekend and invited me to tag along anytime.

But job #1 for now is to drag my fat ass around the neighborhood and get me into shape. In two or three months we'll be up to ~ 6-8 miles a day...

I used to work with a girl who had a Jack Russell and she was always going on about how "they're not for everyone, they're just so active". Cracked me up since the GSP I had at the time was bred to run 40 miles a day. My arm got tired from throwing bumpers before she did, so I used to take her to a softball diamond and smack line drives deep into the outfield for an hour and she still never slowed down.

So I do indeed have my hands full. Luck for her I'm a lot more patient than I was sixteen years ago when I got my first GSP.

Congrats on the great looki... (Below threshold)

Congrats on the great looking pup, Baron.

We too are busy with two black lab puppies.
Got them when 9 months old.

Oops! Got them when 9 weeks old.

I have two GSPs that I hunt... (Below threshold)

I have two GSPs that I hunt with. My Male is 4 and my female 3. I use them to hunt dove, quail, pheasants and ducks. They are also trained as blood trackers. Very, very versatile breed.

Should have named him Downd... (Below threshold)

Should have named him Downdammit. Puppies are a handful until they settle down, but a lot of fun.

Good dog for getting back i... (Below threshold)

Good dog for getting back into shape with. Will also work its brains out for grouse, woodcock, duck or anything that flies and dies when shot. My brother has had three and they were fair to excellent but always good dogs. As to being a boss, they are german aren't they?

She's adorable! I would lo... (Below threshold)

She's adorable! I would love to have a blue tick or a GSP. Of course, I never meet a dog I don't love.






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