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Stimulus Checks for Dead People and Wedding Food

Drudge now has a big honking headline about the social security stimulus checks going to many dead people. He linked the Fox report on it, but I saw this story somewhere else earlier because I incuded a link to it in the column I wrote for AIP this week. I was using it as another example of government failure, but edited it out because the column was borderline long. Now I can't find that other link and don't remember who I should have hat-tipped for it.

I will likely be offline through the weekend because my brother is getting married. Speaking of weddings and social security stimulus checks....My mom wanted to buy some additional specialty goodies to add to the reception spread. She told me Obama was paying for them -- she got her $250 social security stimulus check. I told her if she had gotten a Bush stimulus check she could have bought some new earrings to wear to the wedding.


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Let them eat cake!... (Below threshold)

Let them eat cake!

Have a great weekend!

The <a href="http://www.ss.... (Below threshold)

The SS.gov website has the details.

The NYC Fox affiliate also has the story.

Both stories have videos included.

Correction, the "ss.gov" li... (Below threshold)

Correction, the "ss.gov" link is not the official Social Security website.

Note the second story outlines a check to someone that has NEVER been part of the SS system.

Remind me again who is is that wants to run the health care system.

Has anyone reported this to... (Below threshold)

Has anyone reported this to "Sheriff Joe"? Wasn't it his job to make sure there was no 'waste'?






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