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An Update on Conscience Protection

Early last month, I wrote a post wherein I linked to Katie Favazza's post which discussed how President Barack Obama was preparing to end the expanded conscience protection clause that former President George W. Bush implemented at the end of this presidency. Katie asked those who opposed Obama's decision to allow the clause to expire to voice their opinions to the Health and Human Services department. Today Katie has an important update that takes a look at what might happen next. If you are concerned about the conscience protection clause as I and many others are, you'll need to head on over and read the new information she has.


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When I think about this I t... (Below threshold)

When I think about this I think of couple who owned Elane Photography(NM).They were fined $6,000.00 for choosing not to photograph a lesbian *commitment ceremony*.

We live in times where choice is only meaningful when choice is a liberal view.

I believe that the above post will be impacting and will proceed because of the arrogant attitude we constantly hear from the president.(I won)

Abortions are still provided. The woman's right to choose is still permitted. Anywhere from 3,500 to 5,000 women daily seem to locate a place that will continue to perform abortions. For annual stats purposes, that is a pretty incredible number of abortions being performed.

Yet if we force institutions to abort babies then the line has been crossed. The choice becomes as I said before.. choice is only permitted by the liberal voice.






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