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Rachel Alexandra Wins the Preakness

Rachel Alexandra, the filly won, but that's not really the exciting part of this race. Yes, she was the first filly in 85 years and the first Kentucky Oaks winner to take The Preakness, but she was favored to win. Mine That Bird, who won the Kentucky Derby, however, was 6 to 1. He started out in last place as he did at the Derby, and he came back big as he did in the Derby. He came back so big, in fact, that he came in a very close second, and if the Preakness had been just 1/10 of a mile longer, Mine That Bird would have won the Preakness, and then we'd really have some excitement going on in the world of horse racing.


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Love "Mine That Bird"!... (Below threshold)

Love "Mine That Bird"!

Woo Hoo!

that was a very good Preakn... (Below threshold)

that was a very good Preakness. The filly ran one hell of a race and Mine That Bird proved the derby was no fluke. I doubt if another 1/10 (or 1/8) of a mile would have made any difference though.

Great race.I shoul... (Below threshold)

Great race.

I should think that the MTB team feel vindicated; but the horse just feels like it was another day, another flake of hay. Maybe he will get a nice warm mash.

Rachel proved she can run with any of them. I wonder if Calvin Borel isn't getting a little carried away when he says she is the best horse he has ever ridden. She had a little racing luck today because MTB's run was impeded a little bit.

I hope they can both go in the Belmont. I expect we will see MTB for a few years because he is a gelding. Apparently Rachel has a date with Curlin before long; they are hoping for a super horse.

I am hoping to see Quality Road soon as he was bred here in beautiful Fauquier County, Virginia; known more for its timber racers, fox hunters, and show jumpers but great horse country.

Calvin Borel (jockey of Rac... (Below threshold)

Calvin Borel (jockey of Rachel Alexandra) believed that Rachel would have reacted to a horse catching up to her. Mine That Bird ran a huge race and he was slightly slowed during his stretch run due to traffic, and so this race proved that Mine That Bird is the standout 3 yo colt so far (and good for him and his underdog New Mexico connections).

Rachel Alexandra however is a very special filly and was the clear winner today -- if both these horses run the Belmont (which is quite a bit longer at 1 and 1/2 miles), we should be able to see an exciting race.

Mine That Bird is not a col... (Below threshold)

Mine That Bird is not a colt.
He's a gelding.

Exceller, Were you... (Below threshold)


Were you as shocked as I was that MTB was gelded? When I heard that I just about fell of my couch. What a shame.

I would be surprised if the... (Below threshold)

I would be surprised if they ran this Philly in the Belmont. I am not sure her talent for early speed gives her any advantage at that distance.

Mind That Bird....on to the... (Below threshold)

Mind That Bird....on to the Belmont!

Own it baby!!!!!!

Rachel Alexandra stated aft... (Below threshold)

Rachel Alexandra stated after the race "that marriage is between a Man and a Woman" Her 1st place finish is under review.

Two awesome horses. Shame ... (Below threshold)
MAJ Arkay:

Two awesome horses. Shame MTB is a gelding; would have been nice to see what kind of foals could have come from the pair.






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