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Obama's New CAFE Standards Will Make Cars More Expensive and More Dangerous

Today Barack Obama announced new mandatory CAFE standards for cars sold in the United States. This means that the new cars available for purchase will cost about $1300 more and will kill about 800 more people a year. All in the name of supposed greenhouse gases that may or may not be hazardous to our health.

President Barack Obama is asking consumers to put their money -- up to $1,300 per new vehicle by 2016 -- behind his plan for higher efficiency standards for cars and trucks and tougher rules on their greenhouse gas emissions. n return, Obama said Tuesday in unveiling the plan, drivers would make up the higher cost of more fuel-efficient, cleaner vehicles by buying less gas at the pump.

It would take just three years to pay off the investment and would, over the life of a vehicle, save about $2,800 though better gas mileage, the president said.

Yeah, right. Pull the other one, Barack. The president is not factoring in the increased cost of gasoline should his massive cap and trade tax be implemented, something the Democrats are furiously trying to do while the American people aren't paying attention.


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Comments (34)

"new mandatory cafe standar... (Below threshold)

"new mandatory cafe standards?" That's interesting. I've never once seen an automobile in a cafe. What are these new standards -- maximum caffeine content in their espresso? limits on trans-fatty or sugary foods?

What you meant to say is CAFE standards -- an acronym for Corporate Average Fuel Economy. Acronyms are always all-uppercase.

Does anyone believe GM and ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone believe GM and Chrysler will produce a car anyone would want to buy? Obama is now ready to "forgive" GM their debt. Real nice asshole, like it's YOUR MONEY. Couple of car companies, banks; what else is he going to run into the ground? Anyone ready for government health care and education "reforms"?

This country is so screwed until this ass and his friend in Congress ARE GONE!

Thank you Bambi. My SUV, wh... (Below threshold)
John S:

Thank you Bambi. My SUV, which sits six passengers and can actually pull a utility trailer, just rose in value. I recently bought a new fuel efficient car. There isn't a single conventional auto on the market that meets the 39.5 mpg mandate. The little Honda Fit comes close. A few hybrids can do it. Do we really want to go that route? Does Obama plan to dump a billion tons of worn out nickle-cadium batteries in landfills each year? That's what going electric will mean.

The joke is, of course, that's there is millions of 2007, 2008, 2009 cars already sitting in car lots. No one needs to buy an Obamamobile.

You are right, Wolfwalker. ... (Below threshold)

You are right, Wolfwalker. My oven timer was binging so I wanted to get the post out and hurried a bit too much.

Certainly cars will be a li... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Certainly cars will be a little more expensive, about $1,300, however if fuel goes back to $3 or $4 a gallon, the savings to offset fuel costs are pretty good. As far as more dangerous, that's a difficult question, because more lightweight aluminum which is generally stronger than steel can be used to reduce weight and yet cars could be made safer and stronger. Aluminum cut hundreds of pounds of weight when it was used in engine components for example, yet safety didn't suffer at all.

I do know that vehicles with better fuel mileage do save lots of money. My Jeep gets just 10 miles per gallon and at $2.39 a gallon, costs me $148 to travel 620 miles. But my Benelli motor scooter gets 62 miles per gallon, works just fine for most light shopping duties, and costs just $23.90 to travel the same 620 miles as the Jeep. The scooter requires 10 gallons of gas to travel that distance. The Jeep requires 62 gallons of gas, If gas goes up to $3 or $4 a gallon once again, then the savings difference really adds up. Another scooter I owned got 94mpg, and saved even more. But I wanted a little more power, so was willing to trade a little gas savings. A 35mpg auto is at least an enclosed all weather vehicle with greater safety than any motorcycle or scooter, so that isn't a bad compromise either for those benefits. But just not as much fun as a two-wheeler.

Yes Paul, the honda express... (Below threshold)

Yes Paul, the honda express is great for shopping around town, but here in northern Minnesota its useless in Winter which is like 7 months out of the year.. Just as Obamas new useless solution of lightweight cars is..Most people around here drive SUVs and Pick ups.. They are great for driving in snow and hauling 4 wheelers and whatever else.

Obama needs to but out of things He has no knowledge about and stick to being a figurehead.

Thats "butt" I meant as in... (Below threshold)

Thats "butt" I meant as in go away.

A few things Mr. Hooson for... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

A few things Mr. Hooson forgets to mention:

1) Aluminum is a HELL of a lot more expensive to use than steel.

2) What's wrong with letting people CHOOSE to use more fuel-efficient vehicles? I thought CHOICE was a good thing.

But like John S, I own an SUV myself. And I expect it should get a little more valuable in years to come...


"I thought CHOICE was... (Below threshold)

"I thought CHOICE was a good thing."

Only if it's the CORRECT choice. If not, then the government is fully justified in making sure you make the 'correct' choice... for your own good.

I guess that whole argument... (Below threshold)

I guess that whole argument of "no blood for oil" is not appropriate when it comes to blood spilled on the highways. Sometimes it is difficult to keep the narrative straight.

Of course we'll "save" so m... (Below threshold)

Of course we'll "save" so much on gasoline that the government will be "forced" to raise taxes for highway maintenance. Unless Obama has a magic unicorn who will maintain roadways for free. Reminds me when we were encouraged to 'save' water during the last drought. We saved so much water, the water district raised rates. Ain't it wonderful how those things work out so well?

Europe has been under essen... (Below threshold)

Europe has been under essentially the same rules since the 1970s that Obama proposes now.

European cars are safer and much faster. Unless one wishes to go "budget". In which case European cars can be found cheaper than American equivalents.

These latter cars are unsafe viz NTSC, but STRICT European rules regarding travel on Das Autobahnen require adherance to the far right lane and prohibition against fast-travelling cars impinging upon that lane.

Obama's logical next step: western European draconian traffic laws, i.e. activate headlights to pass, 18-year-old learners' permit, lifetime ban for drunk drivers, etc.*

*Nevermind UK and Portugal. Special cases. :)

Does Obama plan to... (Below threshold)
Does Obama plan to dump a billion tons of worn out nickle-cadium batteries in landfills each year? That's what going electric will mean.
Better question, if the elec cars produced to meet these, or future standards use Lithium-ion batteries as seems probable how will that negate the "lets not support the middle east oil ticks" and compromise our national security argument?

Guess who has the largest reserves of Lithium?

Obmama's book-giving buddy hugo chavez.

Making fuel efficient cars ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Making fuel efficient cars is one thing, but light trucks and SUVs is another. If you need to tow or haul heavy loads you need something that has power, and that means it's going to burn more fuel.

The CAFE standards were first enacted under President Ford, so along comes Obama, the candidate of change, and the best he could come up with was to stretch an old big government solution over the current energy problem? Next he'll be bringing back Nixon's failed 55 mph national speed limit, but this time it will be 45 mph.

I can just see some rancher in Montana cursing 45 mph down interstate 90 in is Obama designed pickup pulling it's maximum 3,000 pound load knowing he has to make three trips to do the job he used to do in one trip. Where's the savings?

bryanD - "European cars... (Below threshold)

bryanD - "European cars are safer and much faster. Unless one wishes to go "budget". In which case European cars can be found cheaper than American equivalents."

Safer? Why is the question? - you either don't know the answer or ignore it.

Try the largest vehicles on EU roads are the lorrys that are about 60% the size of US 18-wheelers. It's that ages old thing called large mass meets a smaller mass and smaller loses, there's NO WAY around that.

Nearly everything else are of the shoe-box or slightly larger size. That is mandated by geography more than anything else.

The US is blessed with wide-open spaces and room for wide-open roads something the EU, and Japan for that matter, don't and never have had.

As for cheaper, yeah, to a point and not because of anything produced in the biggest EU countries - the cheap cars production are outsourced to Romania for one example.

"This means that the new ca... (Below threshold)

"This means that the new cars available for purchase will cost about $1300 more and will kill about 800 more people a year." -- Kim

And how many are killed by smog each year? Don't want to think about that, right, Kim? You know, the smog that is created by the air-polluting, global-warming vehicle that you drive?

"A 1994 study by Pope estimated 50,000 to 100,000 Americans died yearly from the effects of outdoor particulate air pollution." -- http://www.cancer.org/docroot/NWS/content/NWS_1_1x_Air_Pollution_Linked_to_Deaths_From_Lung_Cancer.asp

Everyday, I have to wage battle on my bike and on the road with the selfish air-polluters belching filth into the air for others to inhale. Are you one of them?

herman - "And how many ... (Below threshold)

herman - "And how many are killed by smog each year?"

I don't know, do you?

Damn sure can't tell anything of value - at least not as you claim it to be - from your source. In the VERY FIRST para it says: "Air pollution - mainly from vehicles, industry, and power plants - raises the chances of lung cancer and heart disease in people exposed to it long term, according to a report in the March 6 Journal of the American Medical Association

Nice try numbnuts.

"lorrys that are about 60% ... (Below threshold)

"lorrys that are about 60% the size of US 18-wheelers."-marc

True. But don't discount the double (and triple!) tractor trailer arrangements. But yes, historically, US "lorrys" are superior. The Red Army occupied Germany on the back of Dodge 6x6s.

BTW as a Europhile I must insist we all credit the amazing European full-size buses that maneuver through the narrow streets of ancient towns like Heidelberg via 4 wheel steering and accordion frame construction. Check it out. The buses bend! The pivot wheel locks!

Anyway, a Policy is what the USA needs. Nature abhores a vacuum. Since both parties are nags, why not force self-sufficiency. See "Alcohol Can Be A Gas". Alcohol: 106 octane native. Petroleum: 60 octane native, thus necessitating toluene, benzene additives. Winner: alcohol from cattails, etc. And cattails can double as water purifier.

Not a "good" GOP issue, this, all in all.

bryanD - "The buses ben... (Below threshold)

bryanD - "The buses bend!

They're not as bent as your brain.

Check out the US made buses that do the same AND "bend-down" to curb level AND run on propane among other things.

The EU has nothing via transport the US doesn't have, the difference being in large part the US does it voluntarily where the EU has been mandated into doing it and at a much higher cost.

Herman, You planning... (Below threshold)

You planning on buying groceries that are
delivered by bike, or by belching trucks?
And when you call 911 for an ambulance, will
it be human powered or a belching truck?
If you need a transplant, are they going to
deliver your new organ by bicycle or by
some belching oil fueled vehicle?
Or are you a hypocrite?

We all sit by and whine as ... (Below threshold)

We all sit by and whine as liberty is traded for what passes as "virtue". It's interesting that studies show buyers of the Prius do so for the image. Many have alternate vehicles for weekends, personal trips, and jaunts to the hardware store, but they commute the 3 miles to work, where everyone sees them, in their Prius. I suppose it's like buying a tweed jacket and pipe when you make professor.

That's the way. Let's impos... (Below threshold)

That's the way. Let's impose an even stricter CAFE standard on an already struggling and crippled auto industry, that makes a whole lot of sense to me, and I DON'T THINK!
The nations economy is in NO WAY fit, or capable, of sustaining the "green"programs that the left want to impose on us. This is not about the environment. It's about government control that has been implemented, and driven by the left since it's inception. The only way out of this is for the people to pull their heads from out of the sand and vote these people out of office!

Slowly it's starting to daw... (Below threshold)

Slowly it's starting to dawn on folks...

The "What the hell were we THINKING?!?!" realization that the smooth-talking con man not only got them to throw a party for him, but he then drained their bank accounts while promising them a dream house.

This is rapidly turning into a 'be careful what you wish for' scenario of the worst order. The Democratic Party may have control of Congress and the Presidency - but they're acting like binge drinkers with a case of the hard stuff. Nothing is too excessive for THEM to propose and US to pay for... whether we WANT it or not!

BHO is great, fired one of ... (Below threshold)

BHO is great, fired one of Auto Exec CEO and has taken over control of the other and has made it clear that he has the power to act outside of the standard law. yet the media talks about how the Industry supports him. Of course the Industry does not one to go against the one.

Thuggery the new Green.

"How many are killed by ... (Below threshold)
Ninety 9 and 14 luft liberals go by:

"How many are killed by smog each year"????????????????????????????

Far fewer than those killed by democrats while they slept in their mothers womb!

Safety? Of course the new c... (Below threshold)

Safety? Of course the new cars will be safe!

But please remember don't drop that new lightbulb......if you do please call hazmat.

On the <a href="http://www.... (Below threshold)

On the horizon?

I wouldn't doubt it one bit.

There may still be one opti... (Below threshold)

There may still be one option left for a reasonable vehicle--diesel. Until Obama takes THAT away, it is very viable. I own 2 diesel vehicles. I own a 8000# Dodge Ram with a Cummins diesel motor that can get 22 mpg on the highway and I can also pull 12,000# when I need to. My commuter car (VW Passat TDI) can get in excess of 45mpg on the highway, and it is not a little rollerskate. The German automakers are all bringing new diesels to the US (and I know VW is building a new plant in Chattanooga TN)that meet all current emission standards including California. This includes 7-passenger SUV's (such as VW Toureg, and Audi Q7) that can get up to 30 mpg highway. So despite Mr. Hope, all hope may not be lost!

There may still be... (Below threshold)
There may still be one option left for a reasonable vehicle--diesel. Until Obama takes THAT away, it is very viable. I own 2 diesel vehicles. I own a 8000# Dodge Ram with a Cummins diesel motor that can get 22 mpg on the highway and I can also pull 12,000# when I need to.
And so, the light truck standard will be 29mpg, your 22 is an epic pail.
The German automakers are all bringing new diesels to the US (and I know VW is building a new plant in Chattanooga TN)that meet all current emission standards including California. This includes 7-passenger SUV's (such as VW Toureg, and Audi Q7) that can get up to 30 mpg highway. So despite Mr. Hope, all hope may not be lost!
"Mr Hope" screws your plan again 30mpg fails to meet the new 39.5 standard.
First, my truck is currentl... (Below threshold)

First, my truck is currently not considered a "light" truck...it is currently in a different category. It is a 2003, and we can hope (there's that damn word again) some improvement can be made. I also believe there have been some half-ton prototype pickups with small V8 or V6 diesels that have approached Obamas magic number. I believe the SUV's are considered light trucks, so some of the diesels may fit under the new limit.

Come on give me a break...I'm trying to find the hope here!

In post #5 Paul Hooson made... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

In post #5 Paul Hooson made the statement aluminium is stronger than steel. Really? In what regard Paul? Certainly not tensile strength. Nor it it has hard. You can buy aluminium cars Paul. Porche, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Astin Martin to name a few. AC Cobras are clad in aluminium. Notice anything common among these marks? Paul, if aluminium is stronger than steel, why is it they use steel to built buildings? On a different note, since Obama will not always be President, can he be held responsible if a person suffers a loss traceable to this cafe standard? If we make politicians personally responsible for the laws they pass and the harm done, they might just think about what it is they are trying to do.

"We all sit by and whine as... (Below threshold)

"We all sit by and whine as liberty is traded for what passes as "virtue". "

Hehe, thought for a second there, you were talking about a President's rights to wiretap, disappear, torture citizens and non-citizens alike at the drop of a hat.

Then I remembered that's OK for Republicans, and realized you were talking about the OTHER places where "liberty is traded for what passes as 'virtue'".

Sounds like its going to do... (Below threshold)

Sounds like its going to do more harm than good.

I just watched the piece ab... (Below threshold)
Chas Everest:

I just watched the piece about Obama's 35mpg requirement meaning we would have to drive smaller, lighter more dangerous cars.

What utter nonsense this piece is. Of course smaller cars are not as safe as larger ones. You do not however have to have a small car in order to get 35mpg.

The Europeans drive a lot of turbo diesels. You can have a minivan, a full size or a mid size car with a clean burning turbo diesel engine that will cruise happily in excess of legal highway speed, be just as safe as anything else on the road and return over 50mpg highway.

Examples are Ford S Max (a Europe only Ford minivan that gets 58mpg)

VW Passat TDI again 55mpg (A nice big comfortable and very safe car)

VW Jetta TDI 58mpg

Volvo 1.8TDI 54mpg

Honda Accord diesel 52mpg

AUDI A4 2.0 TDI 51.4mpg

BMW 5 Series E60/E61 520d 55.4mpg

None of these are small cars. They are all the same size as 95% of cars on American roads today.
They are all very safe and are very clean burning cars, which would easily pass even the stringent CA CARB requirements.
They are all capable of over 100mph, making them more than freeway friendly. It is at the very least ill informed to say that we all have to drive Smart Cars or Microcars to get 35mpg, at worst it is a downright lie. I find it hard to believe that you are that ill informed, which only leaves one option.

The micro cars you are talking about such as Smart cars are for use in town at relatively low speeds. They suit narrow European streets, which is the main reason people in Europe buy them.

You don need a Smart to get 35mpg a Smart Diesel 84mpg and is also capable of 84mph. It is however built as a city car.

To suggest that under Obama's new requirements we would all be forced to drive microcars is just plain misleading at best. Now if he were requiring 70+ mpg then you might have a point, but he's not. 35mpg is very very easily achieved without any sacrifice to safety at all.

Chas Everest






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