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Ted Kennedy's Cancer is in Remission; Updated: No He Isn't

That is wonderful news, and I'm truly happy for him.

Sen. Edward Kennedy's brain cancer is in remission and he is expected back in the Senate after the Memorial Day recess to spearhead healthcare reform, according to Democratic colleagues.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Tuesday that he spoke with Kennedy's wife, Vicki, in the past few days and was told the 77-year-old lawmaker is "doing fine."

Senator Kennedy is in remission because of America's health care system, which is the best in the world. Unfortunately, Kennedy is coming back to the Senate intent on destroying this life saving system for the rest of us. Sadly, that irony is lost on Senator Kennedy, I'm sure.

See, he wants to bring a UK and Canadian style health care system here to America, yet if he took a look at the cancer survival rates in the UK and Canada and compared them to the survival rates in America, he would see that his chances of entering into remission had he lived in the UK would have dropped significantly. They would have been a little better in Canada but they still would not have been as high as they are in the US.

If the US implements the same style health care system as that in the UK or Canada, cancer survival rates will begin to drop here as well. Unfortunately, the colon cancer survival rates among Medicare recipients may begin declining now that government bureaucrats have decided to deny covering new and cutting edge technology that could detect cancerous lesions in the colon much sooner.

Update: The news that Ted Kennedy is in remission came from Harry Reid, and as is often the case with him, he didn't know what the hell he was talking about. From Fox News:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid became the latest Democrat to stray into rhetorical trouble Tuesday, botching statements on three subjects in one news conference -- including the fragile health of the chamber's most senior members.

The Nevada Democrat reported that one of them, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., was absent because he was receiving a new round of treatment for his brain cancer. Asked if the cancer was in remission, Reid replied, "As far as I know, it is, yes."

Kennedy's office refused to confirm Reid's comments or make any statement in response, the public silence a classic Washington disavowal.

Reid's spokesman Jim Manley had to retract his statement that Kennedy is in remission. I guess I should have been suspicious of the news since it was coming from Reid.


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Comments (26)

I wish him well. ww... (Below threshold)

I wish him well. ww

Mary Jo Kopechne was unavai... (Below threshold)

Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment. Another limousine liberal, 'do as I say, not as I do'.

Couldn't happen to a nicer ... (Below threshold)

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy,gosh darn it!

Kennedy, as a member of the... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

Kennedy, as a member of the "club", gets "congressional healthcare" till death, as do all congresscritters who serve 4 or more years TOTAL. You think they will be required to get the "Canada Lite" version?????

Gee, that's swell for him. ... (Below threshold)

Gee, that's swell for him. I have a Senior Chief in the Navy who had the same thing as Ted and guess what, he died under Government Health Care. I guess it pays to be a politician.

Did the drunken murdering l... (Below threshold)

Did the drunken murdering liberal go to Canada for the health care he wants everyone else to have, or did he get the best health care available, paid for by fed govt, and some of his dirty money, either stashed offshore, or hidden from estate taxes when his Mom died?

This is indeed a weird boar... (Below threshold)

This is indeed a weird board.

Teddy Bare is a horrible hu-man raised by two bona fide nut jobs. He killed a woman and then attempted a dual Oscar performance the next morning at the landing from Martha's Vineyard and the night before with the motel clerk, i.e. "Could you tell me what time it is. And please notice *I'm* here and nowhere near that lady clear across the straight asphixiating against the footboard of my Olds Toronado on Chappawatzit Island."

But other than that, God Bless(tm).

Wonder if his doc operated ... (Below threshold)

Wonder if his doc operated with Skakel's 7 iron?

Now if only they could find... (Below threshold)

Now if only they could find a cure for His liberalism.

Mary Jo.. We love You...We miss You... We will never forget You..Get well soon...

You see, Ted Kennedy doesn'... (Below threshold)

You see, Ted Kennedy doesn't hesitate to destroy our health system since the system for him and others in those protected elevated positions would still be just swell. It's only us, the unwashed masses who would be thrown off the bus... or left to die and purge the social security system.

Hopefully, following the ne... (Below threshold)

Hopefully, following the next election, Reid will be "in remission". heh

You know, "ain't none of us... (Below threshold)

You know, "ain't none of us gettin' out of this life alive"...and Teddy is hurryin' and scurryin'... Teddy needs to have a serious conversation with His Maker before he reaches the pearly gates..

And I am not just talking about that Mary Jo Kopechne (whose family sold out to the Kennedys'), I am talking about his many anti-life (anti-Catholic) votes in the Senate. Perhaps Teddy Kennedy's survival is directly proportional to his support for abortion. As Teddy voted for innocent babies TO DIE, thus should his eminent demise be determined............ buh bye.

HA HA HA HA HA... (Below threshold)


Harry Reid made a mistake w... (Below threshold)

Harry Reid made a mistake with his pronouncement??? What are the (Vegas) odds???

Can't believe anyone would ... (Below threshold)

Can't believe anyone would use Harry Reid for a source of info for anything other than Nevada real estate. The man is a FOOL.

Maybe he and Pelosi can sha... (Below threshold)

Maybe he and Pelosi can share a room in the Dementia wing of Congress...

Seriously, are we going to keep figureheads like Reid and Pelosi going in government until they have to be dusted daily and the drool wiped from their mouths before they're allowed near the podium?

Please recall these people are RUNNING THE FRIGGIN' COUNTRY - and if they can't keep straight the state of a fellow kleptocrat's cancer, how in hell are they supposed to keep track of the lies they're telling and the promises they're making?

It's just plain crazy. Let's set the retirement age for Congress at the same age for professional pilots. It's pretty clear that after about 65 their judgement and reactions are impaired!

Reid isn't in the Senate be... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Reid isn't in the Senate because of his intellect - as if that isn't made painfully obvious every time he opens his mouth.

He is in the Senate because he best served the interests of the Vegas mob.

My prayers for Senator Kennedy in this difficult time.

My prayers for all of us du... (Below threshold)

My prayers for all of us during this awful time of hardship with you know who in the White House and ruining our economy.

And JLawson is correct. We are being led around by a bunch of fuddy duddy caddyshack old timers that cant even find their dentures without their bifocals..Set the age limit at 59 so I can still get in..

Classy bunch here. <p... (Below threshold)

Classy bunch here.

Personally I am waiting for a diagnosis from Video Doctor Frist.

Video killed the radio star... (Below threshold)

Video killed the radio star jp2.

The diagnosis from Frist is: That uncle fall down and swim drunk has an incurable case of Liberalitit ssss ....

As for Harry ( the mortician )Greed, he can barely manage the corrupt land deals He screwed Nevadians out of, let alone read a teleprompter with the same lack of eloquence as the fresh prince of stale air Obama.

I wish him hell to ww.... (Below threshold)
help find obamas birth certificate?:

I wish him hell to ww.

That can't be all you're wa... (Below threshold)

That can't be all you're waiting for, jp2, you being "hacking e-mail is not a crime" classiest. I wish Ted well, but I also wish he would retire quietly and sit in a recliner in front of the TV with Jimmy.

jp2 The diagnosis ... (Below threshold)
could u help me find obamas birth certificate?:


The diagnosis is in.... u are brain dead jp2... What do you do's? Sign up for PTA, Puke, refuse to bus illegals to Obamas next attempt at socialism? Or get in line like your hero and kiss booshes ass and wash your brownshirt and remove them tattoos on the back of your head?

This thread could be about ... (Below threshold)

This thread could be about what nincompoops Reid and Pelosi are, the horrors of socialized medicine, the hypocrisy of Senator Kennedy's position on socialized medicine and his own health care, but instead it seems to have degenerated into a series of comments more appropriate on Kos than here.

Sad but becoming more and more common.

"...the hypocrisy of Sen... (Below threshold)

"...the hypocrisy of Senator Kennedy's position on socialized medicine and his own health care,..."

Exactly. Watch Kennedy, or rather listen to him, when he gets back in front of a microphone and tells us all that he wants everyone to have the same care he got.

The fact is, Kennedy's care was not government run. It was government insured. There's a huge difference. No doubt he got the best of care - and thank goodness for that. But his care was not a result of government bureaucrats determining what was best for him.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to say that. Allow me to rephrase it: His care was not a result of government bureaucrats "guiding" his doctors on the best course of action.

Kennedy's care was the result of free markets; something government run health care will slowly, but surely, strangle.

well said oyster.my thought... (Below threshold)

well said oyster.my thoughts exactly.






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