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Americans are Waking up to Dangerous Government Spending

Lorie's newest column at American Issues Project is now up. Today she writes about how Americans are beginning to wake up to the dangerous government spending that will implode our economy and are reacting. Here's a portion:

There are many reasons to be depressed about the state of the economy, and even more regarding the "remedies" being put into place that promise greater government control, massive budget deficits and higher taxes. But there are signs of hope - and I am not talking about red, white and blue "O" rainbows on poster board.

Many citizens appear to be waking up to what is taking place. They recognize the dangers runaway spending and debt pose for their children and grandchildren. They are tired of seeing more and more of their taxes going to a government that is growing at an alarming rate, not only in size, but in scope of control over their everyday lives.

In February, thousands turned out across the country to oppose a massive "stimulus" bill that was filled with pork, but short on tax cuts. By April 15, those opposing big government held "tea parties" in over 500 cities, in all 50 states. The "Tax Day Tea Parties" composed the most widespread conservative political protest I've seen in my lifetime.

After the tax day tea party protests, many of those involved became active on the local and state level --working to effect change from the grassroots. Others are organizing future "tea party" protests to put pressure on federal lawmakers and to raise awareness, alerting the public to the dangers of continuing on the present tax and spend course.

This week in California, voters staged what some called a "tea party" of their own.

Read all of it. As is the case with all of Lorie's column's, it's a good one.


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Either a lot of Americans a... (Below threshold)

Either a lot of Americans are not tuned into politicians and their past voting records or are to stupid to figure this fool Obama out.

Im glad to see them finally waking up to this Hindenburg sized tax and spend our kids future ruling class.

I just hope there is time to reverse all of this.

Back during the April 15th ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Back during the April 15th Tea Parties the leftist press tried to attack and disparage the protestors and frequently their comments went something like this: "You're getting a tax cut, you should be happy." (Never mind were promised $1000 and will allegedly be getting $400.)

But as many should recall, the original Boston Tea Party was not about tax increases or government spending, but about taxation without representation. It has since occurred to me that is pretty much the exact same thing that is happening today. Let me explain:

Surveys taken after the election show that 99.5% of the people who voted for Obama were ignorant of at least some basic facts that every voter should have known. This was of course (Mantis' demented opinions about the state of the media in America not withstanding) because of media malpractice. The fact is the media deliberately kept a large protion of voters ignorant of basic facts and because of that the voters elected a President and Congress that did not represent the views, opinions, values and interests of the majority of the voters. In other words we have a government that is continuing to massively increases taxes (and fees and costs in general) on all of us without us having representation in that government.

Or to bumpersticker it:

Media malpractice IS Taxation without representaion.

Bunyan, sad but true. Reca... (Below threshold)

Bunyan, sad but true. Recall Brian Williams saying 'We really don't know much about he do we?' This from the MSM after Barry got elected. Well just maybe the folks didn't get told very much by the vaunted American press that was already in the bag for Barry. The same whores that now tell us, like Crazy Uncle Joey, that paying taxes is good for us.

Would you believe that they... (Below threshold)

Would you believe that they are now saying that the bankrupt CA is the fault of the voters?

Check this out:

California voters exercise their power -- and that's the problem

I think this news of voter revolt and CA bankruptcy is one of the items that drove down the stock market today frankly. Though I don't hear anyone else mentioning it. You know investors are thinking in the back of their minds, "Oh crud, now the FED is going to bail out California too. What's next?" Top that off with a host of foreign countries doing what they can to get out of the dollar and you can say good buy greenback.

Probably explains what happened to gold today. I just check the 24hour graph on the widget I use, ExactPrice, to track the precious metals and that's a pretty steep climb that started this morning.

Looks like people are looking to hedge against a dollar that's looking more like a zombie at this point.






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