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What Kind of Bird is This?

I found this bird wandering around my yard today but don't have any idea what it is. Any bird watchers or bird experts out there who might know?

Here's another angle:

Quail Visitor 007_1.jpg

It's got to be about 18 inches long I think.

Update: It is a Yellow Golden Pheasant. Thanks to Facebook friend Jackie who pointed me in the pheasant direction. The Yellow Golden Pheasant is a color mutation from the Golden Pheasant, which is native to Western China. In the US they are raised in captivity, so someone nearby must have been breeding them and this guy managed to get away.

I am going to contact the Michigan DNR to let them know he is out in the wild. I don't know if they will care or if they can even do anything now, but from what I read the DNR needs to know before this bird is released.


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Comments (12)

My brother's an avid birder... (Below threshold)

My brother's an avid birder...I've sent the photo to him for ID. Stay tuned...

chinese ditch parrot? Looks... (Below threshold)

chinese ditch parrot? Looks like some kind of yellow pheasant but the head is wrong. You don't live close to Cherynoble do you? Other than that I would say someone is going to be looking for some kind of exotic pet that went awol. mpw

I would guess a pink flamin... (Below threshold)

I would guess a pink flamingo chickenhawk?

The body is similar to a pa... (Below threshold)

The body is similar to a parrot.
This is similar but smaller.

Kim, You might send ... (Below threshold)

You might send an inquiry and photos to
That looks as though it might be a rare bird.

Kim, My husband say... (Below threshold)

My husband says the bird is some kind
of falcon.

Kim,<a href="http://... (Below threshold)
Pheasant huh, time to make ... (Below threshold)

Pheasant huh, time to make polenta.

It looks as clueless as the... (Below threshold)

It looks as clueless as the birdbrain in the oval office. Therefore it must be a CUCKOO bird?

In Texas non-native species... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

In Texas non-native species like that can be shot out of season with no limit. Like Eurasian collared dove, for example. We call them bonus birds.

Time to break out the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven.

Is this the caption of the ... (Below threshold)

Is this the caption of the week?

There is not enough meat on that bird to make a corndog. Put the Ronco back in storage Baron.

ha ha

No bird like the pheasant .... (Below threshold)
James H:

No bird like the pheasant ...






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