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Government Lies

I took my daughter to the city pool today. Unfortunately, despite publishing that the pools would be open from 1 PM to 8 PM, neither of the two pools within driving distance of our house were open. Locked gates, empty pools, no staff at all. It was obvious that not only did the pool staff not show up, there was no intention of actually opening the pools. I could guess about why that happened, although with the City of Houston it's not really unusual for the city to make promises it does not even try to keep.

Not that the City of Houston is unique in that arena; local, county, state and national governments often say one thing and do something else. This is one important reason why mature people tend to mistrust government - governments are not often held accountable, and people in government tell a lot of lies to get what they want. Consider how many taxes were initially 'temporary measures' that somehow never ended. Consider how many pet projects were ushered in under the claim that they were necessary 'emergency' measures. Consider how seldom anyone in power ever accepts, really accepts, their responsibility for the consequences of their decisions.

Never judge government by its promises, only by what it actually does. Because the government lies, and will always lie if that gets it what it wants.


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I can certainly understand ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

I can certainly understand your disappointment here today, DJ. Your daughter must have felt pretty disappointed as well. It was probably a Memorial Day mix-up of some sort. Open government services are difficult to find on a holiday like this.

"It was probably a Memorial... (Below threshold)

"It was probably a Memorial Day mix-up of some sort."

Isn't it odd that 'ordinary people' don't get to give that excuse? Maybe next April 15th, I'll just tell the government that it was 'just a mix-up, and I'll pay my taxes next year'. Yeah, they'll buy that. Hey DJ! Call City Hall tomorrow and RAISE HELL!

"Open government services a... (Below threshold)

"Open government services are difficult to find on a holiday like this."

On a day like this, just like any other day. Open govt anything would be the utopia that just isn't going to happen.

That really sucks, DJ. Usually there is something to do on a holiday near where I live, but it's better just to stay home and barbeque.

Government is like the lege... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Government is like the legend of the jinn. Your fondest wishes are fulfilled in unexpected and horrific ways so that your last state is always worse than the first. Liberals are like the idiots who think they can outsmart the jinn by framing the next wish better.

According to the City of Ho... (Below threshold)

According to the City of Houston website, all city pools are always closed on Mondays.

Our Government at work!... (Below threshold)

Our Government at work!


Well, now you know how the ... (Below threshold)

Well, now you know how the CIA could have been lying to Nancy Pelosi. Of course, she's in government, too, so she also had to be lying. What to believe? It's like that Star Trek where Spock causes the robot to blow a fuse by telling him that everything he says is a lie.

"It's like that Star Trek w... (Below threshold)
Dr. Carlo Lombardi:

"It's like that Star Trek where Spock causes the robot to blow a fuse by telling him that everything he says is a lie."
I saw that episode.The Federation brought Spock up on charges of waterboarding the robot.

The robots name was "NOMAD"... (Below threshold)

The robots name was "NOMAD" Carol.. Not to be confused with "Norad" "Ahab" "the Presidents side kick "teleRehab" or an electric can opener for that matter.

My experience, including a ... (Below threshold)

My experience, including a very recent one, convinces me that a whole segment of our population including public officials, lawyers, and reporters will lie whenever it suits them. Especially if some decision went against them or a story has a narrative with which they agree.

Sorry Carol, I meant Carlo.... (Below threshold)

Sorry Carol, I meant Carlo... Or, sorry Carlo I meant Carol... Or,..... you get it.

When my kids were small we ... (Below threshold)

When my kids were small we looked forward in anticipation for the Memorial Day pool opening. I am sorry that your daughter missed out today.

I am betting many other families found the same disappointment as they arrived at the pool.

As to the day it is closed or not- everywhere I have lived(military family we moved often) the Memorial Day pool day was constant from the east coast to the west and in between.

Oh well I hope you and your daughter have many fun summer swim days in the future.

Quite the conspiracy theory... (Below threshold)

Quite the conspiracy theory there. Government lies because someone made a mistake about your local public pool?

Amusing rant in the first place, considering you're part of the party that, as I understand it, believes there should be no government activity or services other than defense.

So to follow- government lies because your pool was closed, and public pools and defense is the only appropriate government spending.

Got it.

Also, DJ: "Never judge gove... (Below threshold)

Also, DJ: "Never judge government by its promises, only by what it actually does. Because the government lies, and will always lie if that gets it what it wants."

While I think the word "lie" gets thrown around far too much (as I've been arguing for years about the "Bush lied us into war" meme... a mistake is not a lie), I completely agree with your core point. Which is why it wasn't surprising to me to hear Pelosi talking about being lied to by the CIA.

But hey, the local pool officials can't be trusted, but the organization that works in the shadows couldn't possibly lie. Especially considering they're not part of the government. But wait, they are part of the government, so they can lie.

Oh, I'm so confused!

Well, it could have been ru... (Below threshold)

Well, it could have been run by some community organizing volunteer types Jake.... But then the beauracrats and fake organizers like Hussein and the AmericanCommunistLiberalUnion would be cryin about separation of church and state and all that leftwing doodoo.
And the planet janet reno style libs would raid and tax all kool-aid stands within a 112 block radius to come up with the $696.78 needed to fund the rehabilitation of Elian Gonzalez because He needed to attend counseling to renounce the goodness of America and to praise the goodness of Castrol........motor oil

"Oh, I'm so confused!"... (Below threshold)

"Oh, I'm so confused!"

That's why you don't have any political blogs you link to. You can make money posting stupid comments and being confused, as opposed to handling your own blog and having to display acumen.

Never judge govern... (Below threshold)
Never judge government by its promises, only by what it actually does.

How true.
Recent examples under President Bush even though Spain, England and other Countries suffered attacks by Al Qaeda The US Military and Intelligence community kept us safe

TARP did it stop the slide in the stock market Nope Failure

Did the Auto Bailouts stop the automakers form declaring Bankruptcy ?

Strategic Missile Defense? Was the US able to shoot a down a High Altitude projectile with a changing trajectory ?
has using Lottery to fund schools reduced property taxes?
Nope Where is the Money.
I like let start having score card like this for all programs.

OK, time to reassert my Alp... (Below threshold)

OK, time to reassert my Alpha Geek status...

The robot blown up by paradox was Norman, the leader of the androids on Mudd's Planet. And it was Kirk and Harry Mudd who delivered the paradox, not Spock.

Nomad was destroyed by Kirk forcing it to admit its own errors -- and therefore had to be "sterilized" as it had destroyed anything else it had found imperfect.

References: "I, Mudd" and "The Changeling."



Jake being confused is not ... (Below threshold)

Jake being confused is not shocking.

Jake, do you know the difference between federal and state constitutions? Do you know what a city charter is? I don't think so.

DJ, Houston is my home but I am not shocked they didn't deliver on a promise. ww

Just out of curiosity, whic... (Below threshold)

Just out of curiosity, which two pools did you go to?

Why would you want to know ... (Below threshold)

Why would you want to know that, Rance?

Just curious to see if he r... (Below threshold)

Just curious to see if he read the fine print.

Just curious, Rance. Did y... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Just curious, Rance. Did you or did you not see the listing in bold that read

May 25 - Memorial Day
July 4 - Independence Day
September 7 - Labor Day

1:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m."


They made a point of advertising it. So not being open on a day specifically promised would, yes, clearly be a lie from the government.

Thanks for playing.

DJHalf the pools i... (Below threshold)


Half the pools in Houston weren't supposed to be open. Like I asked, did you read the fine print:

This summer HPARD will open 37 of its 39 pools for public use in a two phase process. The Hobart Taylor Pool, 8100 Kenton 77028, is closed due to park renovation and the Townwood Pool, 3403 Simsbrook, has been removed and is scheduled for replacement. These 2 pools will remain closed for the duration of the summer. Phase I begins on May 23 with the opening of 20 pools. Phase II begins on June 5 with the opening of 15 additional pools. Two pools Schwartz - 8203 Vogue, 77055 (scheduled opening June 9) and Sharpstown - 6600 Harbor Town, 77036 (scheduled opening June 16) will open later in June. Please consult the following listing to see when your neighborhood pool is scheduled to open.

Phase I
May 23rd Pools Opening for Weekend Use Only May 23 - May 25 and May 29 - May 31


Followed by a list of the pools that were open last weekend, and next.

The pools we went to, Rance... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

The pools we went to, Rance, were supposed to be open. These pools, however, also have a history of not always being open when they are scheduled. Four times in 2008, I took my daughter to those pools on scheduled days and found them closed. Saturday and Sunday afternoons, by the way. That does not mean those were the only times the pools were closed, but it was a common problem.

What set yesterday apart, was that the city specifically promised holiday hours at those pools - but once again the city's word was worthless.

I guess your problem was co... (Below threshold)

I guess your problem was counting on the government to provide you with services that you could provide yourself or that could be purchased from the private sector.

Rance, that could very well... (Below threshold)

Rance, that could very well be the future of healthcare if it becomes government controlled.






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