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Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we remember those men and women in uniform who died while in the military. My grandfather, Ret. Major Wilson M. Moon is interred in Arlington National Cemetery. My husband's cousin, Sgt. 1st Class James Priestap, was killed by a sniper in Iraq on November 23rd, 2006.

Several years ago before my husband and I had kids, we visited DC and went to Arlington to pay a visit to my grandfather's grave. Seeing the rows and rows of graves was overwhelming but the really emotional part for me was the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We watched it while we were there but didn't record it. I found a good video of the full ceremony at YouTube. The soldiers' dedication and discipline is truly awesome to watch.

Update: I'm adding this moving video tribute from Michael Sanders at Flopping Aces.

Update II: Rick Moran has a beautiful and poignant article at Pajamas Media in which he writes, "it is no accident then that so many of America's fallen hailed from towns with place names that are familiar only to those who live but a stone's throw from where these heroes grew up." Please take the time to read Rick's piece.


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Kim, thank you for honoring... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Kim, thank you for honoring the veterans as you did here.

Kim, I agree. Two years ago... (Below threshold)

Kim, I agree. Two years ago I was in DC for a meeting and went to Arlington and saw the changing of the guard. It is moving and even more so I think because of its simplicity and brevity. Interesting too was to see a group of fidgety kids all of a sudden sit so quietly completely mesmerized without any adult prompting when the ceremony began.

It is always a great sense ... (Below threshold)
Michael Hoxie:

It is always a great sense of pride that I am directly related to General Logan (on my mothers side). I even took my wife to see his statue here in Chicago, where it stands (he is on horseback) in Grant Park.

Yes, remember their sacrifi... (Below threshold)

Yes, remember their sacrifice, and be thankful that a country did and still does produce the likes of these men and women.

And as an aside, I would suggest you go read Hooson's tribute.

And find the tribute.






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