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Honoring Their Commitment

I didn't do a Memorial Day post yesterday, but in my column at Townhall today I honor not only those who made the ultimate sacrifice, but all who made the commitment to serve in our armed forces. Here is an excerpt:

One thing most anti-war protesters learned from Vietnam is that Americans do not like it when those who fight wars on their behalf are disrespected. As a result, for the most part, returning heroes from Afghanistan and Iraq were spared the treatment their brothers who fought in Vietnam received. Thankfully those returning home have not been called baby killers or been spat upon by opponents of the war.

What has happened in many instances, however, is instead of making war heroes into villains, as happened during the Vietnam era, opponents (particularly of the war in Iraq) have made them into victims or they have simply ignored them.

...A couple of years ago I wrote that those in our armed forces don't want pity, which is what they have been getting a good bit of over the past few years. They do not want to be portrayed as victims, because they are not victims. They want our respect and support. More important, they deserve our respect and support.


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Comments (29)

Seems like I remember a pro... (Below threshold)

Seems like I remember a pronouncement to state and local police agencies from Janet Napolitano at Homeland Security warning about how dangerous returning vets might be prime targets for radical militia groups.

Use extra caution when pulling these guys over. They're all probably crazy, you know.

If that's not spitting on returning vets, I'm not sure I know what is.

I grew up around the milita... (Below threshold)

I grew up around the military(father,US Navy 25yrs) &served US Army and never asked anybody for anything,but,my deepest respect gos to all the men & women who served before me, with me and after me.

Kim, there is no record of ... (Below threshold)

Kim, there is no record of returning Vietnam vets ever being spat upon. It's an urban myth. Probably the figurative use of the term as a synonymous expression for "disrepected" or "unappreciated" (see bobdog's usage in comment 1) feeds yours and others' misinvention of a meme.

BryanD -Liar. </p... (Below threshold)

BryanD -


There may be no 'record' as in media reports - but I shared an apartment with an EOD specialist that did two tours in Viet Nam, and in his two returns to the US there were plenty of incidents of such moist 'disrespect' to himself and the guys on the plane.

It's not an urban myth, much as you would love to believe. It certainly doesn't fit the meme shoved by people at Commondreams.org - that it never happened.

But it did. Try reading in the comments on this particular book.

In this case, I'm taking a binary view. YOU insist it never happened. From my roommate, from others - it did. That means either you're a liar, pushing a story you know is false, or you're mistaken and pushing a story you THOUGHT was true, but you'll admit was false.

Which is it, BryanD?

Sadly, JL, it doesn't matte... (Below threshold)

Sadly, JL, it doesn't matter.

Kim, there is no r... (Below threshold)
Kim, there is no record of returning Vietnam vets ever being spat upon.

bryan, at least figure out who the blogger is, then go from there. No "record"? How the hell do you know?

Well, now we know that ther... (Below threshold)

Well, now we know that there is something people call a myth that Bryan won't buy into. Too bad it isn't a real myth.

Just curious BD, how were you treated when you got back to civilian life?

BryanDScrew U a h... (Below threshold)


Screw U a hole

It pleases me no end to se... (Below threshold)

It pleases me no end to see the reception our military receives upon their return, as opposed to my reception.

No one spit on me (since I'm writing this a free man)there was only an incident at the Greyhound Bus Station where I made what I considered an apropriate response. The police officer concluded it was proper, also.

Did spitting on vets actually happen? Damn straight it did.

SCSIwuzzy....... BryanDD214... (Below threshold)

SCSIwuzzy....... BryanDD214 was NEVER IN COMBAT!.. he's what we call a REMF! smoked dope on the beach didn't you say last year Bryan? waiting for your discharge? He was in the Marines, but wasn't one... Oh, and yes BryanDD214.. we were spat upon!.. Being transported to Letterman hospital in San Francisco in a bus loaded 4 levels with stretchers of wounded, (and yes, Marines included)we were greeted with flipping us the bird, called "Baby Killers" and applauded our being wounded... stay outta the "Vet" thing DD214.. you're a "Poser"

bryanD You're wrong,... (Below threshold)

You're wrong, it's not a myth. My husband
is a Vietnam era veteran, and he knows
soldiers who were spit on. Would you like to
call him or me a liar?

The media and a few like Br... (Below threshold)

The media and a few like BryanD, that think that the service personal should be shunned. This people report with glee whenever a serviceman is sent to prison for defending himself and what is his. They say good riddance. My question to these cowards is who is going to protect you when Kim Jung IL, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and the idiot that runs Iran decides to go on a rampage? It sure as hell not going be any damn lawyer or judge. It will the combat soldier that does that.

Ran,I was hoping for... (Below threshold)

I was hoping for BD to explain it again. I seem to recall, but am too lazy to look in the archives, that he was in service after Vietnam but I could be wrong.

No SCSIwuzzy.. he talks the... (Below threshold)

No SCSIwuzzy.. he talks the talk.. but NEVER walked the walk.. His head's so far up his A$$ he has to walk backward to see where he's going... "Devil Dog" my butt.. he was a "Devil Puppy".. Summer program for kids..

"...that he was in service ... (Below threshold)

"...that he was in service after Vietnam but I could be wrong."
13. Posted by SCSIwuzzy

I was in the marines (active) from 1979 to 1982, so no, I never saw combat. Sue me.

I will mention that I met a recruiter the day after my 18th birthday (July 25), volunteered for the infantry, and was sworn-in/ activated the next day and put on a plane from Oklahoma City to San Diego during the dog days of the Jimmy Carter administration. No glamour hound, me. Can anyone say "Vietnam Syndrome"? But, hey. It's what Real Americans(tm) with a martial heritage do. Hippy one day, standing on footprints at MCRD the next.

BTW there were so few volunteers at the time that the 72 day training regime lasted almost 90 days because a "series" had to be "company strength" (4 platoons) before 1st Phase could even begin. And there we were thinking "This isn't so bad." But then the DIs in their smokies arrived, the Babysitters handed us off, and a mild version of hell commenced. I found out that I didn't care for running 3 to 5 miles every day. Good times, good times!

But enough about me. Hearsay for y'all's comments are no substitute for links. Of dozens of Vietnam vets (including my dad and six cousins) that have reminisced, none has taken up the old saw that spit rained down. The spitter would have been thrashed, anyway.

The last promotion of the myth that I've read from a "professional" was via an online neocon webpage. I think during the time of that mosque bombing in 2006 as a way of diverting attention from the outbreak of sectarian violence, Sunni-Shiia, which the same websource had been denying.

You're wrong, it's not a myth. My husband
is a Vietnam era veteran, and he knows
soldiers who were spit on. Would you like to
call him or me a liar?
11. Posted by maggie

Your husband was definitly NOT lying when he declared that table bird was a "hawk" at Wizbang last week.

Otherwise, hearsay.

Actually, BD, while I may h... (Below threshold)

Actually, BD, while I may have said many times in the past that you were:
A racist
A xenophobe
An anti-semite
A troofer
and Bat shit crazy

But I've never commented on whether you saw combat. That would be Ran.
That is why I commented that I believed you claimed you were in service after Vietnam; being a REMF was a "feature not a bug" at this time. A lot of my friends left the Corps in this period because they felt things were getting soft (something about things turning into the Army etc), or they wanted to raise a family that didn't get moved every other year. Some stayed in, others went to reserves. One of them was a CO at GITMO when KSM was checked in.

Here is but one source to p... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here is but one source to prove veterans were spit on which lists several sources.


I am sure that nothing will pass muster with bryand unless of course JOhn Kerry stated it happened.

Your so full of shit BryanD... (Below threshold)

Your so full of shit BryanD

Just like the jurymandering psychopath in Chief You admire.

Next up, BryanD will state ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Next up, BryanD will state that no Iraqi veteran was ever called a baby killer.

another source ref the spitting.


bryanD Hearsay = lie... (Below threshold)

Hearsay = lies. Right bryan?
I'm giving you one chance at a sincere apology
or I'm going to shovel your *** right out the door. How do you say buh bye in silence?

Said it before Maggie.. I'l... (Below threshold)

Said it before Maggie.. I'll say it again.. boot the Bas**rd!

NoGive Him a chanc... (Below threshold)


Give Him a chance to repent..? You know what lies ahead.

"A couple of years ago I wr... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"A couple of years ago I wrote that those in our armed forces don't want pity, which is what they have been getting a good bit of over the past few years. They do not want to be portrayed as victims, because they are not victims. They want our respect and support. More important, they deserve our respect and support."

Well if Bruce Henry had his way then that sentence will read that service members want his tax dollars so they can improve their resumes in civilian life.

For what it's worth, Maggie... (Below threshold)

For what it's worth, Maggie - don't boot him yet.

Yes, he's annoying. He and truth don't have even a nodding acquaintance at times, and he and reality don't even get into the same hemisphere on some subjects. But he does perform a relatively valuable service.

Think of a canary, in a coal mine.

He provides valuable insight into 'progressive' thinking, as well as warning about what the meme of the day is. I'm sure he thinks of himself as a real free-thinker, and would object strenuously to the idea he ever takes his cues from current talking points.

He is what he is. We should use that, and learn from him. But if you feel he's of no real use... shovel him out.

JLawson, He's not ... (Below threshold)


He's not shoveled out, yet. I think he will
be an apt example of what gutted looks like. :)

IF you ban BryanD, where wi... (Below threshold)

IF you ban BryanD, where will I learn what goes on in the mind of Jack Chick readers?

My son, infantryman SGT Fas... (Below threshold)

My son, infantryman SGT FastLaneFlash, a two tour Iraq war veteran, WAS SPIT ON by an anti-war protester while home on leave in Atlanta. One punch to the face left the disrepectful fool bleeding and crying on the sidewalk, the nearby policeman smiling broadly as he pretended not to see, and the crowd around shouting a loud "Go ARMY!". The hater kept spitting, his own blood. There's nothing to stop people from spitting on the military, but consequences may vary with the user.

SCSIwuzzy He's no... (Below threshold)


He's not banned, yet. Has anyone seen him
pop up his head today?

Was it my turn to watch him... (Below threshold)

Was it my turn to watch him? Sorry.

I'd look over at Blue for him, but then I'd need a dip in bactine.






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