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The Rationing of Government Run Health Care

Last week in my column at American Issues Project, I wrote about the looming battle of health care rationing that would surely arise if we have a government run health care system like that in Canada and the UK. I presented the stories of several people who became ill and who suffered greatly at the hands of their government to illustrate how government run health care impacts real people.

Today Americans for Prosperity launched a new site called PatientsUnitedNow and has released a new video that tells us about Shona Holmes. She had a brain tumor that was so aggressive that she would have died while waiting to see a specialist in her home country of Canada. Thankfully, she was able to come to the US where she got her life saving treatment:

Shona is another example in a long line of examples that demonstrate how awful government run health care is. The Wall Street Journal writes about the conservative groups that are trying to push back against the moving tide toward a government run system by highlighting Shona's plight.


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From the WSJ article: "S... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

From the WSJ article: "Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D., Mont.) told reporters last week that he was trying to craft "a uniquely American solution" where people who like their health insurance can keep it."

Of course what Baucus fails to mention is that the Dems are also going to place so many regulations on "private" insurance that the costs will at least double if not go higher. Anyone who has insurance through their employers will lose it because the employers will be unable to pay the substancially increased premiums-- "but hey," they'll say, "it's o.k. that we're dropping your insurance coverage because you can get 'free' insurance coverage from the goverment."

In short order almost everyone but the rich will be on goverment-socialist healthcare (or lack thereof) and the cost will ballon to many times the $trillions its already projected to cost. But at least the rich "who like their health insurance can keep it", if they have have any money left over from the tax increases that will be necessary to cover everyone else.

Sooner or later, some polit... (Below threshold)

Sooner or later, some political party somewhere is going to get the bright idea of actually running on the promise that what Obama's done can be undone, and promise step by step to dismantle the garbage that's being put in place at the present time.

Why is the Govt. for... (Below threshold)
Robert L:

Why is the Govt. forcing Healthcare on those that do not need or want it?

If only 45 million in the US are without health care then let the Govt. allow them to apply for medicaid.

Why penalize the other 200 million?

Heathcare in the US is curr... (Below threshold)

Heathcare in the US is currently rationed. And, Medicaid has a very low income limit. So many people don't qualify for it but can't afford an individual or family plan that doesn't benefit from a group rate, like through an employer. Trust me as I've been on Medicaid in the past. They'd cover my son until age 5 but not me on a $20,800k yearly income which is hard enough to live on. My sis-in-law makes $25k/year...her and her 9yr old daughter do not qualify. The standard is very low.






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