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Moderate Conservative Discovers Too Late Obama is a Radical Tax and Spender

I have a hard time getting past my anger toward the supposedly smart conservatives who bought into the hopenchange propaganda Obama peddled as skillfully as the most oily snake oil salesman. Moderates voted for him believing he was a moderate like them even though he had the most liberal voting record in the Senate as documented by The National Journal. Sadly, people saw what they wanted to see. As the saying goes, elections have consequences, and we'll be feeling the consequences from this election for years because by the time 2012 arrives, America will be unrecognizable.

Today, though, a woman who describes herself as a moderate conservative (I'm not quite sure what that is) published a mea culpa in which she acknowledges she was wrong, oh so very wrong, to vote for Obama:

Admittedly, I was one of the moderate conservatives who was wooed by Obama during his PR campaign to become the country's next president. Sadly, even though I was still unsure of my vote until the week before the election, I know better now. I truly had no idea he would turn out to be the radical tax and spend liberal he's revealed. Since the beginning of his presidency, Obama seems more interested in making policies and decisions that grab headlines than those in the best interests of the country. The announcement of his whopping $3 trillion budget, trailing the $800 billion bank bailout, was shocking and yet the media seemed to rally around him. The president wants to do everything at one time, national healthcare, economy, taxes (wealth redistribution), clean energy, infrastructure, education and more. He acts very king-like, expecting Congress to endorse everything he floats their way, but his high octane PR strategy--loaded with smiles and good oratory may be fading.

Mr. Obama spends money like its coming out of his own piggy bank and expects Congress to rubber stamp his agenda at every turn, which they have been doing except when it came to the closing of Guantanamo Bay prison. This is when the pie in the sky headline grabbing Obama style of governing met reality. Mr. Obama asked Congress for $80 million to build a new prison (it's just more money to pile on the ginormous debt) but they paused, scratched their heads and couldn't just go along with this brazen request without more details from King Obama. Even more hilarious was when the administration said it would just relocate these terrorists to state prisons but governors stopped that bad idea --- "not in my back yard." Even FBI Director Mueller nixed the idea as highly risky because terrorists could easily plot attacks on the US from within prison, recruiting other terrorists, organizing, fundraising etc.

Now she knows better. Well, I'm glad she has finally seen the light but it really doesn't do us a whole lot of good now that Obama is safely ensconced in the White House and is taking our country deeper and deeper into the abyss. America has been the last best hope for all those seeking the freedom to live and work as they wish, but she is rapidly becoming a country ruled by a heavy handed oligargy determined to squander America's economy in order to pass the programs that will pay back their favored political groups and implement their redistributionist philosophy.


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Well, DUH!Obama's ... (Below threshold)

Well, DUH!

Obama's record as a far Left politican and activist was there for all to see. She preferred the hype as opposed to the facts. Those of us who warned people that Obama would govern from the far Left were laughed at and yes, called racists for daring to bring up his history.

Quit complaining. McCain wa... (Below threshold)

Quit complaining. McCain wasn't real special. A hero yes, but wasn't my first, second or third choice.

McCain wasn't special. Oba... (Below threshold)

McCain wasn't special. Obama is a nightmare. And you're a moron.

Wouldn't have been my first... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't have been my first choice either, Plainslow - but he at least had a record you could examine. Obama? Hell, once you get past the failure as a community organizer, his failure with the Annenburg Challenge, his hidden record at law school, his association with the Grove Parc fiasco as a State senator, his do-nothing record as a US senator - there was absolutely NOTHING indicating he WOULDN'T be an EXCEPTIONAL President!

But you know, 'exceptional' is a term that can fit more than one way... As in 'exceptionally bad', 'exceptionally stupid', 'exceptionally wasteful'....

Oh yeah, I too have had a f... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, I too have had a few encounters with some who had the nads to admit their transgression with their vote. Shocked they are, utterly shocked, to now learn that Mr. O is doing exactly what he campaigned on, plus even more. I'm also sure there are millions more out there that are just too damned embarrassed to make the admission. Following the Pied Piper they were. Did they really think he was NOT going to do anything he said he would? A little late to close the barn door after the cow is gone, as the old adage goes.

Wouldn't have been... (Below threshold)
Wouldn't have been my first choice either, Plainslow - but he at least had a record you could examine

So did Obama, actually. His US Senate voting record was THE most liberal of any senator. So the information was out there for those who cared to look. Basically what the author of this piece had to do was to shut her eyes and pretend it didn't exist. Her blindness is willful and she is culpable.

The media did a great job o... (Below threshold)

The media did a great job of making everyone think that anyone was better than Bush. People I spoke with thought they were going to have it better financially with Obama HA!...or any union person automattically goes for a democrat thinking their job will be secure. And let's face it if Obama was not a person of color with his record he would have not been elected. His color worked for him, not against him.
Everyone is so afraid of being called a racist. If you did not vote for him, you are racist....how stupid. Thanks again to the media. Damn them to hell.

Crystal Wright said: "Mr. O... (Below threshold)
AllenS Author Profile Page:

Crystal Wright said: "Mr. Obama spends money like its coming out of his own piggy bank". Well, I disagree. He's spending money like it's coming out of everyone's elses piggy bank. And it is.

OregonMuse -Obama'... (Below threshold)

OregonMuse -

Obama's record was essentially covered up (I was about to say 'whitewashed', but then thought of the racial connotations and changed my mind) by the MSM. It's hard to hear the voices going "Um, but what about..." over the group cheers for Obama's WonderFull Changy Hopeiness.

This woman could have writt... (Below threshold)

This woman could have written a much shorter piece:

"I am shocked, shocked to find massive tax-and-spending going on here!"

I think I'm almost angrier ... (Below threshold)

I think I'm almost angrier at the idiots who SHOULD have known better, but voted for this enemy of America anyway, than I am at Obama and the Dem pols in DC.


Good for this woman for fin... (Below threshold)

Good for this woman for finally seeing the light. As Mag points out, the media actively supported his candidacy. They still do.

Couple that with Obama's gift of being able to state one thing while actively doing another (while the media fails to call him on anything) and it's easy to see why a lot of folks think he's doing a great job.

But, I don't think it's going to be long before Obama's grand plan starts to blow up all over the place. At that point, this woman is going to have a lot of company.

The inheritance has a time limit.

I'm with you SAT. A vote f... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

I'm with you SAT. A vote for Obama was inherently irresponsible. He spent millions covering up his past. And I am not talking about the Birth certificate per-se, but the non release of college transcripts, and records; the non release of Illinois state senate records, the lack of curiosity by the press over Obama's past drug use; the lack of friends from his high school and college days; the lack of curiosity about his relationships with Ayers, Dorne, Wright, and Pleger, among others. A liberal president is one thing, we have had them before, and will probably have one again, but someone liberal or conservative that goes to the lengths that Obama did to hide who he is is another. Any other candidate, right or left would still be a long ways from the White House if they had pulled this nonsense.

Sure, call me prejudiced, b... (Below threshold)

Sure, call me prejudiced, but this is why I don't think anyone with an IQ of under 130 should be allowed to vote. Also, I'm not so sure we shouldn't be made to pass an American History exam every 4 years before being allowed to vote. It would definitely weed out the riff-raff.

I would just like to say th... (Below threshold)
Sean P:

I would just like to say this to all of the moderates who jumped ship in 2008 and are starting to see the light:

If any of you even THINK of complainng about the eventual 2012 GOP nominee being too rightwing/extremist/whatever and why can't the GOP nominate a more "mainstream" candidate like McCain, I will personally supply the tar and feathers. McCain wasn't a RINO, but he was a hell of a lot more moderate than any GOP nominee of the last 30 years and you fools were too stupid to know when to claim victory and decided to bolt the GOP anyway.

Here is another one that I ... (Below threshold)

Here is another one that I just don't trust. I think he is going to just jump on the winning bandwagon since the Dems have done enough damage to put themselves out of the running for 100 years forward:


I don't trust anyone who says they were fooled by Obama.. good grief, the writing was on the wall.

Tax and spend, racism, big government vs private sector, community organizing, drug usage, lack of experience or accomplishments, and radical and criminal ties in Chicago -- what more could one need?

The only conservatives who ... (Below threshold)

The only conservatives who thought that President Obama wasn't going to institute left leaning policies were those who knew McCain was going to lose. So, they desperately tried to convince themselves (and/or cynically attempted to dictate the new administration's agenda) by claiming he was running as a "center right" candidate.

Wait until hyperinflation h... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Wait until hyperinflation hits. Then about half the people that made under 250k (or was it 225k or was it 200k. depends on which version you listen to) will be making over that amount and their taxes will rise dramatically. They will cry and wail and gnash their teeth and Obama will say "hey I said 250k didnt I"






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