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This Doesn't Instill a Whole Lot of Confidence

Our president went to a burger joint where he learned about one of our national security agencies for the first time. That he has no idea what it is and what it does is a bit unnerving. I'm sure the intelligence agent who spoke with Obama wasn't encouraged, either. The Politico has the details of the conversation:

Obama: What do you do Walter?

Walter: I work at, uh, NGA, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Obama: Outstanding, how long you been doing that?

Walter: About six years

Obama: Yea?

Walter: Yes.

Obama: You like it?

Walter: I do, keeps me...

Obama: So explain to me exactly what this National Geospatial...uh...

Walter: Uh, we work with, uh, satellite imagery..

Obama: Right

Walter: [unintelligible] ...support systems, so...

Obama: Sounds like good work.

Walter: Enjoy the weekend.

Obama: Appreciate it.

Oh boy.


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Comments (22)

I'm just a lowly Navy pilot... (Below threshold)

I'm just a lowly Navy pilot but dang, even I know what NGA does!

Most of the people that vot... (Below threshold)

Most of the people that voted for him don't know NGA from IGA.

Oh please. This is Obama ma... (Below threshold)

Oh please. This is Obama making the guy feel important, not some case for his own stupidity.

We know, we know, you hate the guy. But this isn't a very strong point for your case of why the rest of us should all hate him too.

Oh please, this is Jake emu... (Below threshold)

Oh please, this is Jake emulating Obama again.

Jake sounds like a broken r... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Jake sounds like a broken record...

No Jake, this is Obama exhi... (Below threshold)

No Jake, this is Obama exhibiting his utter ignorance of the government he now leads.

Reality, it has a way of biting you in the ass when you least expect it.

The mainstream media wouldn... (Below threshold)

The mainstream media wouldn't do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people.

Obama was, is and will be a... (Below threshold)

Obama was, is and will be an empty suit. I am not surprised he doesn't know the agencies, especially the important ones.

Jake, moan all you want, he is what he is. Empty. Teleprompter Kidd. ww

Although this video appears... (Below threshold)

Although this video appears to be somewhat staged in order to highlight what this guy does for a living, here is an "On the job" primer. This video includes a mini collage of how our govt *cough-uh-monitors and *cough-tracks everything we do, on a global scale: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rCoLMIb67A

I'm going with Jake on this... (Below threshold)

I'm going with Jake on this one. Lacking any other context, this is Obama the people-person working the crowd, making someone who was rather surprised at meeting the President feel a bit more comfortable.

I might be wrong - but that's what I'm reading into it.

I don't mind the un-scripte... (Below threshold)

I don't mind the un-scripted moments of Obama, like this one. I mind the SCRIPTED ones!

The scripted ones that are cutting our missile defense as the need for it grows.
The scripted ones that increase spending as our debt grows.
The scripted ones that turn General Motors into Government Motors.


THOSE I mind!

Most of the people... (Below threshold)
Most of the people that voted for him don't know NGA from IGA.

Even some of us that didn't vote for him don't know what the NGA is, and knowing what the acronym stands for doesn't really help either. I'm giving the prez a pass on this one.

This was not a surprise vis... (Below threshold)

This was not a surprise visit. It was all pretty much staged, and Obama asked a particular patron what he did for a living. As opposed to coming across an "average" office worker picking up a fast-food lunch before they head back to their mind-numbing, finger-drumming desk job, he happened by a man with a very specific govt job.

Well ENS, I guess its not s... (Below threshold)

Well ENS, I guess its not so important to have someone who understands where our intelligence comes from to provide us National Security when he's in charge of National Security. Is it?

Perhaps he doesn't consider himself an end-user.

Geez, how many times is Oba... (Below threshold)

Geez, how many times is Obama gonna snub his White House chef?

And I'm all for getting burgers, but for a man who complained about the price of arugula, this is nothing but theater.

Jake, It's getting t... (Below threshold)

It's getting tiresome of you accusing
others of hate because they criticize
or disagree with the president.
I will make the assumption you do hate
others who either disagree with you, or
the president.

Awesome. Palin/Bac... (Below threshold)


Palin/Bachmann 2012!!

I'd be inclined to also 'gi... (Below threshold)

I'd be inclined to also 'give him a pass' if he hadn't asked the guy what the agency he works for does, struggling to repeat the name, not just an acronym.

Too Harsh. I used to work ... (Below threshold)

Too Harsh. I used to work in Govt. intelligence (4 years Air Force (USAFSS), 1 year as a private contractor under NSA) and I couldn't tell you every single agency that was active at that time - there were a lot then and there are even more now. And NGA is one of the smaller ones.

And, to be clear, I think Obama is a catastrophe as President. But I'm not going to expect a President to memorize every single govt. agency.

What he does or doesn't kno... (Below threshold)

What he does or doesn't know about government agencies is irrelevant......he DOES KNOW however, what he is doing to this country and seems to relish in the moment.
Socialist egomaniac!

In Post Number 8, WildWilli... (Below threshold)

In Post Number 8, WildWillie say that (Zero) is an empty suit.

Beg to differ.

Zero was, is and ever will be an empty galabia.

Who hasn't a clue about what goes on in the race-hate-spewing Marxist "church" he says he's attended these past 20-odd years.

Let alone knows the feral agencies -- especially the important ones.

Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles - Califobambicated 90028
And the Far Abroad

Only time will tell.... (Below threshold)
Christina Viering:

Only time will tell.






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