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Obama And His Disdain Of Israel

President Obama's foreign policy is getting bizarre.

His apology tour of Europe was a disgrace to the office. He insists on normalized relations with Cuba. He has exhibited uncannily hollow rhetoric toward North Korea regarding its blatant nuclear and missile ambitions. He has made a mockery of our relationship with Great Britain, treating Prime Minister Gordon Brown like a pariah, even taking swipes at the British media for (gasp!) voicing criticism of some policy decisions.

Next up will be his "long anticipated" speech from Cairo to our muslim friends.

If recent past is prologue, it will be nauseatingly conciliatory in nature.

Perhaps the most dangerous of his foreign policy maneuvers has been his treatment of Israel.

Picking one issue, the "freezing" of settlement building, which he knows is something Prime Minister Netanyahu has little room in which to negotiate, Obama has intentionally alienated our only true democratic ally in the Middle East. At the same time, he is playing the sympathy card with Palestinian Chief Mahmoud Abbas and other Arab states in the region, trying to appear as if he and his policy shifts are beneficial to their "cause".

His cold, tense meeting with Netanyahu was in stark contrast to the chum fest with the lame Abbas.

Abbas feels confident now that he has a new partner with which to align himself. Both he and Obama have latched, critically, to Israel's timid progress toward a "two-state solution" and her reluctance to abandon all settlement activity.

While it is clear that Israel has every right to be boldly cautious about any negotiations with the Palestinians and surrounding Arab countries (considering they refuse to even recognize Israel's right to exist), it once again falls solely to Israel to make further concessions if progress toward "peace" is to even be considered.

Abbas is not sincerely interested in living in peace with the Israeli people, nor to advance in having normalized relations with the Israeli government.

As quoted in the Washington Post (pointed out by PressTV), Abbas stated the following (emphasis mine):

"We cannot talk about normalization while Israel still rejects a two-state solution, and is on going with its settlement activities in the occupied territories,...(U)ntil Israel stops these activities, and until it accepts a two-state solutions, we will not hold talks with anybody."

Abbas added that he would not accept to make concessions such as recognizing Israel as a "Jewish State", especially since such recognition means giving up the right of return of Palestinian refugees, who were forced out of their homes by Zionists.

Abbas told his interviewers, "The Americans are the leaders of the world... They can use their weight with anyone around the world. Two years ago they used their weight on us. Now they should tell the Israelis, 'You have to comply with the conditions."

Recognizing Israel as a "Jewish state" is a concession?

This, from a "leader" who, as Jackson Diehl from the Washington Post points out (Hat tip: Ed Morrissey, HotAir), when former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was in office, rejected a peace proposal from Israel which gave Abbas everything but the kitchen sink:

"Abbas acknowledged that Olmert had shown him a map proposing a Palestinian state on 97 percent of the West Bank -- though he complained that the Israeli leader refused to give him a copy of the plan. He confirmed that Olmert "accepted the principle" of the "right of return" of Palestinian refugees -- something no previous Israeli prime minister had done -- and offered to resettle thousands in Israel.

In all, Olmert's peace offer was more generous to the Palestinians than either that of Bush or Bill Clinton; it's almost impossible to imagine Obama, or any Israeli government, going further.

Abbas turned it down. "The gaps were wide," he said."

Couple this with the fact that the Palestinians in the Gaza strip elected the terrorist organization Hamas as their official government, it is quite clear that there are no sincere partners for Israel to negotiate a true peace.

The only acceptable outcome of any "negotiations" is to have no outcome at all. The status quo is preferred by Israel's enemies. Any agreements would require them to dismiss their hatred of Israel and their want of its destruction. Their fear and loathing of Jews is too tempting to give up.

Instead of Obama demanding that both Jordan and Egypt give much needed land to the Palestinians in both the West Bank and Gaza, he expects Israel to halt any building on land which is rightfully theirs.

It has been clear for some time that Obama does not intend to recognize Israel as the important ally and friend of the United States that it has been for decades. This becomes more obvious as the administration bumbles on.

While Obama has time to get in a couple games of hoops every day, Netenyahu has to worry about the real possibility of his country being destroyed.

In Obama-land, reality be damned.


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Comments (29)

Mallow, you are shallow. T... (Below threshold)
US Objector:

Mallow, you are shallow. The reason Israel is insisting on being called a Jewish state is to circumvent the right of return for Palestinians. Moreover, it's patently racist. Is there any greater proof that the US and Israel's interests are completely polar-opposite? Man, imagine the outrage if Obama told the world to now refer to America as a "Christian nation." It's patently absurd. Israel doesn't "get" it because it's had a free run with George W Bush, the neo-cons and the rapture-wishers, but there's a new sheriff in town. Message to Israel: Please don't use my tax dollars to perpetuate a humanitarian crisis and apartheid in Palestine. Give back the land you stole. Stop AIPAC from bribing my elected officials.

If you match Obamalala's ac... (Below threshold)

If you match Obamalala's actions with the statements of his mentors and "heroes" he is truly in LaLa Land. I have no doubt Israel has "green lit" the attack on Iran's nuclear weapons facilities. They don't see committing suicide necessary just because Obamalala wants to help his friends the Palestinians. These are the same Palestinians that were celebrating in the streets on 9/11. I won't forget those scenes. No American should.

US Objector...you are serio... (Below threshold)

US Objector...you are seriously deranged!

US Objector,How wi... (Below threshold)

US Objector,

How witty of you to rhyme Mallow with shallow.

Very original.

The bogus right of return would destroy Israel. Arabs would flood the nation and turn the Jews into a minority.

Israel was created as a Jewish state. It didn't morph into it.

There is nothing racist about it.

Do you have a problem with muslim nations which rule Islam as the state religion?


Liberals and their revision... (Below threshold)

Liberals and their revisionist history about Israel's founding and wars of survival is tantamount to Awkmadianajad's(whatever) denial of the holocaust. Ignorant.

Israel is a secular nation... (Below threshold)
Warren Bonesteel:

Israel is a secular nation, recognized as such by most of the world.

In the recent past, the only thing inhibiting Israel from using more direct options against her enemies has been the United States.

Those limits have now been effectively removed and Israel stands alone.

...and Israel is in possession of at least two hundred nuclear weapons.

Warren Bonesteel: "In th... (Below threshold)

Warren Bonesteel: "In the recent past, the only thing inhibiting Israel from using more direct options against her enemies has been the United States."

It's sad that you're not kidding. Israel has had the ability to destroy her neighbors for decades...and has not done so. NOT because we "inhibited" them.

Would the Arabs surrounding them have exhibited ANY restraint had THEY had the ability to destroy Israel??

absolutely not!

Finally some sense is comin... (Below threshold)

Finally some sense is coming into our foreign policies. We were attacked because of Israel and now we don't want another 911. I was a supporter of Israel but after what they have done in Gaza and still doing I am fully supportive of Obama's policies.
Way to go Obama we support you.

John: "I was a supporter... (Below threshold)

John: "I was a supporter of Israel but after what they have done in Gaza and still doing I am fully supportive of Obama's policies."

Another comedian!

(a) you were a "supporter of Israel"? VERY funny!
(b) "after what they have done in Gaza"...you mean the Palestinians when they elected a thug regime and started firing rockets into Israel on a daily basis...after the Israelis GAVE Gaza back to them? Yup...that pissed me off too!

Christ almighty, John and U... (Below threshold)

Christ almighty, John and US Objector. Crack open a history book and LEARN.

Those idiots don't want to ... (Below threshold)

Those idiots don't want to learn a thing ExSubNuke. Just a couple of low IQ bomb throwers who dropped by to smell up the place and who think their talking point rhetoric is somehow impressive to us. Weird, that!

Land Israel stole???? They ... (Below threshold)

Land Israel stole???? They have occupied that land for 3,000 years! This is insanity and the backlash against Israel by American citizens is ludicrous. 3,000 thousand years!!!!!!! Even more evidence of a dumb downed people is evident in the turn against Israel. (1 more time) Israel has occupied that land for 3 thousand years!! Even more DISTURBING the land being fought over is 1/6th of 1% of middle eastern land!

US Objector isn't very obje... (Below threshold)

US Objector isn't very objective. He takes issue with Israel being called a Jewish state, yet nevertheless, there are numerous mosques and churches along with synagogues throughout Israel. Please, oh Objective One, point me to all the churches and synagogues in the Palestinian territory and tell me that "Palestine" won't be an Islamic State.

And here I thought BHO's ge... (Below threshold)

And here I thought BHO's genuflecting to the Saudi king was simply payback for his Harvard admission & education bills.

Whether you think Palestine... (Below threshold)

Whether you think Palestine or Israel has a right to the West Bank, having the US mediate the deal for them isn't going to do anyone any favors. Let them compete for the land. Otherwise even the winner will be reliant on US aid to hold it. As Newsy recently reported, "A 'settlement freeze' would not help Palestinians face today's problems or prepare for tomorrow's challenges..."

And then of course a settlement freeze would do Israel no favors either. But that seems fairly obvious.

Wake up Shawn Mallow, and a... (Below threshold)

Wake up Shawn Mallow, and all the staunch supporters of Israel. It is Pres. Obama and the AMETICAN PEOPLE that are tired of giving Israel 3 billion dollars annually of US taxpayer money, coupled with sophisticated weapons and intelligence, to maintain Israel's brutal occupation, land stealing, genocide, racism, and terrorism of the Palestinian people. Americans are also tired of the US using its veto power in the UN to prevent adverse action against Israel for its atrocities and war crimes against the Palestinian and Arab people.

Americans want Pres. Obama to put US interest above all other, and that means resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The US has numerous enemies because of its relationship with Israel, and is currently fighting 2 wars because of Israel. It is a must for US national security that Pres. Obama use all the leverage he has with Israel to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This includes suspending aid to Israel, divestment, and reframing from using US veto power to protect Israel in the UN.

The US and world take the appropriate action to force Israel to return stolen land back to the Palestinians. This will pave the way for Israel to live in peace with the Palestinians and arab neighbors.

Daniel, by compete, you of ... (Below threshold)

Daniel, by compete, you of course mean fight.
If Israel ever took off the kid gloves, their neighbors would be the ones pushed into the sea.

alicemarie...Tells u... (Below threshold)

Tells us how you really feel about the Joos.

A) There is no "Palestine" ... (Below threshold)
David ben Yaacov:

A) There is no "Palestine" and thus no "Palestinians" - its a term of the long dead Roman Empire applied in its ethnic cleansing of Israel after the Great Revolts of 66 and 132 CE. It is Latin for Philistia - Philistines. They disappeared back in the 6th century BCE.
B) There is only Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron), not this ridiculous term "West Bank". It is the core of the sacred homeland of the Jews. Read your history you left wing idiots.
C) The Arabs have never,ever wanted peace. Since 1947 (and before) the Arabs have continually attacked and waged war in one form or another against Israel and Jews in general.
D) 850,000 Mizrahi Jews from the Arab world who lived long before Islam were EXPELLED and forced into exile. Where is there compensation or right to return? And the world expects Israel to give up land to the Arab thieves? Give me a break.
E) It was the ARABS who told their occupying civilians to leave Israel during the War of Independence in 1947-8.
F) The conqueror dictates the fate of the vanquished. The Arabs lost the wars. Israel has reclaimed and taken what is rightfully hers.
G) The Arab world and Iran are committed to destroying Israel. Anyone who doesn't think that they don't mean what they say literally is an imbecile. They are not playing around.
H) Obama and the EU should stop interfering with Israel's right to exist, its pressure on Israel to give up Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.
H)The "settlements" (re-settling and reclaiming) are not negotiable. Judea and Samaria belongs to Israel, not to trespassing Arabs. Either the Arabs accept that fact or they should leave or be expelled.
I) The Arab states have used the "Filastines" as a political pawn for their own interests. They have never accepted them or absorbed them, instead leaving them second class citizens. They have enough land and do not have any right to Israel's
J) The UN (a uncredible, un-democratic, toothless racist organization) recognizes "Filastines" as the only refugees whose 2nd, 3rd, 4th generations are recognized. Thus 600,000 or so who left are now 2.5 million according to the Arab totalitarian fascist dominated UN.
I) Israel needs to stand up to the US and annex Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Wiping out Iran's nuclear weapon capability is completely legitimate. No one wants war, but Iran's mullah's are INSANE and want to destabilize and dominate the Middle East.
J) Israel is not racist or an "apartheid" state. That is ludicrous. Even Israel's non Jewish citizens have more rights and freedom than any of the Arab states. In any case Israel is a JEWISH state, so these delusional ideas of a binational state when the status quo is Israel is the ME's superpower and only true democracy are racist and idiotic. The left wing defeatists don't realize if that ever happens every Jew in Eretz Yisrael would be murdered, including themselves.
K)The Arab land thieves wouldn't even accept the concessions Israel made to that bloodthirsty murderer Arafat and his lackeys. Its too late, you rejected the deals and thus showed your true colors once again, they just want Israel to be eliminated. Not going to happen. They lost their right to any state whatsoever. Jordan and Egypt need to take their people back to them, instead of this corrupt and insane "PA" or Hamas.
L) The only permanent solution is the annexation of Judea, Samaria and Gaza and expulsion of the terrorist bloodthirsty Arabs who unlawfully dwell there. The Arabs don't understand their utter defeat and insanity. Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda etc. need to be WIPED OUT for all of the World's good.

"If Israel ever took off th... (Below threshold)

"If Israel ever took off the kid gloves, their neighbors would be the ones pushed into the sea."

Guess you were in a coma during Summer '06 when those brave and courageous Israeli Terrorist Forces were getting their asses handed to them by Iran's ragtag militia? Retreat after retreat it was. Truly LOL funny.. I remember seeing a front page photo in a newspaper.. bunch of em huddled together crying. Brilliant!

Israel has yet to settle the score on that one.. or maybe they couldn't so they decided to pick on Hez's little brother? (Hamas)

alicemarie.Another o... (Below threshold)

Another one who has never cracked open a
history book.

Tony, If Israel ever decid... (Below threshold)

Tony, If Israel ever decides that they need to defend themselves and decides to not show the incredible restraint they have up til now they will have no difficulty "winning".

If you think otherwise it simply shows how ignorant you are.

Having been brought up on "... (Below threshold)

Having been brought up on "never forget"
and "first they came for the Jews", I find the new anti-Semitism both strange and troubling.

What are Europe and the Left thinking of. What are the psychological roots of this hatred?? Why do 'da Joos' put up with it.
There seem to be a lot of people covering up their own inadequacies here.

What does this say about Europe.
What does this say about the Left.
what does this say about 'da Joos'.
What is this darkness left in the center of our political human nature?

One reading of history that intrigues me is that the Jews sparked the Renaissance. Where is the respect?

Will someone please explain?

"One reading of history tha... (Below threshold)

"One reading of history that intrigues me is that the Jews sparked the Renaissance. Where is the respect?"-rob

That's one reading, and the Jews have always been important, no doubt. They served the Muslim Fatamids, Omayyads, Atamans, etc, as well as the Italian princes and doges, simultaneously. A traffic in "ancient" manuscripts and copies was effected regarding philosophy, history, and maths and sciences. (The caretakers were Arab and Persian, the middlemen, Jews) But it was the breaking of the bonds of mental and civil and dogmatic servitude by the Protestant Reformation, before which Europe was prisoner to the Roman church, which allowed free rein to capitalism, humanism, and free enquiry. Free-thinking Catholics (Erasmus, especially) and Jews fled North to the "Lutherans" where the printing presses and the oil painters were. The High Renassaisance bled southward from there.

As for Early Renaissance? The Dark Ages were a myth. Three-dimensionality as object of 2-dimensional art in Italy (a "milestine" of delineation of Renassaince age: Giotto, Cimabue, Duccio, etc) can be traced clearly and unbroken from Roman-Gothic-Norman age, thus "early Renaissance" is a construct of the 18th century Classicist antiquarians. No skill in representational art was ever "lost" in a "dark age". It was the FREEDOM to express private visions across the board afforded by the break with Rome which was the spark that lit the Humanist-Scientific-Capitalist Revolution of the supposed 15th century, aka The Renaissance. And art, which was free and competitive with a suddenly broad market among the new middle class.

Of course, Jews were a fascination and an influence on everyone. Not inconsiderable! In fact, this great blossoming of science and the arts is best considered as part of the "International Style". And Jews were the ultimate Internationalists (and often incorrectly termed "gypsies" for that reason).

(Pre-Renaissaince French Books of Hours dating from the 14th century are formally termed International in style, book-ended by the style of music termed "High Baroque" nowadays, but known as "International" in its time (early-18th century). I see the Renaissance as a continuum via protestant Sturm und Drang. You'll find Hus a prophet of Luther in sync with my rough timeline.


In the 1880s Berlin Conference codifying the Imperialist division of Africa by the Great Powers, certain secular Jews in Central Europe wished to partake. Except they had no nation in which to sail in. So they called themselves "Of Zion" (Zionists) and convinced Britain to deed land belonging to the defeated Ottoman Empire to them, instead of giving the "mandate" autonomy.

Religious Jews then and now regard this as a grave error and "out of time", meaning impinging upon the Messiah's prerogative to establish the new kingdom Himself, but instead through the sufferance of a prince.

But (you might ask)"how would the Jews be there to recieve Him if "we" hadn't placed them?"

Answer: Because (per my digression at top), the Jews have ALWAYS been there. And here. And almost everywhere. So Zionism is seen as a self-inflicted curse (predicted/forewarned by Scripture). "Out of Time". All signs point to inevitable caretaker status for Israel viz Esau as technology and weak position bites Israel in butt through levelling process.

"Obama and his disdain f... (Below threshold)

"Obama and his disdain for Isreal"

You could of quilled that one to revelations.

Obamas disdain for Isreal is only to be outdone by his disdain for America.

I will pen that one for posterity. If We live beyond this presidency?

Thats Israel for rio lindan... (Below threshold)

Thats Israel for rio lindans out there

BryanD... Jack Chick withou... (Below threshold)

BryanD... Jack Chick without the pictures

Another one who has never c... (Below threshold)

Another one who has never cracked open a
history book!

Israel took control of the ... (Below threshold)
Joe American:

Israel took control of the west bank in 1967 and has slowly but steadily attempted to take over the land through "facts on the ground", i.e. settlements. Israel has been occupying the west bank illegally with American support and tax dollars. Finally, we have a president who is saying "enough is enough!"






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