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Are Buchenwald and Dresden The Next Stops On The Apology Tour?

As President Obama heads to the Middle East there is perhaps reason for greater concern about another imminent Presidential destination: Dresden and Buchenwald. Having displayed appalling judgment, as I mentioned today, by apologizing to everyone, everywhere, every time he has gone abroad, John Hinderaker comments on some Obama observations last night by Charles Krauthammer:

Krauthammer thought the [trip to both Dresden and Buchenwald] showed unspeakably bad judgment, as everyone in Germany, and most in Europe, will see an implication of parity between the concentration camp and the city that was fire-bombed by the Allies. He said this would occur even if Obama doesn't mention the fire-bombing when he speaks in Dresden.

Similar comments have been offered up by Ted Bromund:

President Obama will be visiting two places in Germany on June 5: the concentration camp at Buchenwald and Dresden. It is hard for me to convey how tactless, bad, and wrong I think this juxtaposition is.

The fact that Obama accepted the Dresden location gives me the horrible feeling that he recognizes its symbolism and intends to do in Germany what he has already done in Strasbourg: apologize for the U.S. Except in this case, he will be apologizing for the Allied conduct of World War II. I hope I am wrong about this.

The Obama administration has exhibited a stunning degree of tone deafness in much of its domestic policy by manhandling large corporations in the private sector, profligate spending that is an order of magnitude worse than previous administrations and flip flopping on myriad campaign promises. These are issues well debated and handled within our own political economy. However, blundering about on foreign soil demeaning the sacrifice of our country on the anniversary of D Day would be another reminder to the world (and our enemies) that we are not to be taken seriously on national security matters. As one of our commenters (JLawson) said today, "(We live) in a perilous time - and Obama sees weakness as a negotiating point."


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Comments (32)

He really needs to apologiz... (Below threshold)

He really needs to apologize to the American people for doing such a miserable job.

I disagree that the problem... (Below threshold)

I disagree that the problem is tonedeafness.
He knows what he is doing and exactly how these gestures will be recieved

Barry is an empty suit from... (Below threshold)

Barry is an empty suit from Chicago politics. There's nothing 'new' in anything he has to say. He'll continue apologizing until people get tired of hearing from him. It will be interesting to see how he works himself into the narrative, seeing as he wasn't even alive at the time.

And he will gain approval a... (Below threshold)

And he will gain approval and kudos from the media for being a peace-maker.

This may be the first time ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

This may be the first time in her adult life that Michelle is proud of America, but I'm not particularly proud of America right now.

"And he will gain approval ... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:

"And he will gain approval and kudos...."

Yes he will, from the vast majority of Americans and pretty much most of the rest of the world.

It must be lonely rolling around in the muck in that dank, dark, bitter world you wingnuts reside in.

Unrepentant Democrat: "Y... (Below threshold)

Unrepentant Democrat: "Yes he will, from the vast majority of Americans and pretty much most of the rest of the world."

Of course, the few remaining non-radioactive Jews may not feel like thanking him!

I don't recall reading that the Czechoslovakians thanked Chamberlain for selling them out to Hitler either. But yes, Unrepentant Democrat, the WORLD did thank Neville Chamberlain for bringing them "Peace in Our Time".

12 months later they stopped thanking Chamberlain...and started cursing him.

12 monhts from now...

JustrandYou clearl... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:


You clearly are one of those residents who rolls around in the muck in the dank, dark, bitter world of Wingnutia.

Do you people ever read the sh*** you write here? Come on Justrand et al just admit you're wishing and hoping for Armageddon.

Have a nice day! Ooops, not possible for the citizenry of Wingnutia.

Unrepentant Democrat: "y... (Below threshold)

Unrepentant Democrat: "you're wishing and hoping for Armageddon."

"Armageddon"? Nope, I'm "wishing and hoping" for Americans to wake up and take their country back!

- Eric Holder today ordered the Georgia Voter Registration Law overturned.

- We find out that the 31 year old that Barry put in charge of Government Motors just sold "Hummer" to China (Hummer also makes our military vehicles, btw)

- the deficit went up another billion or so...keeping pace with unemployment

- Barry is heading off to praise Islam, "OK" the Iranian nukes and shun Israel (gonna be bizzy)

And that's just TODAY!

Obama is DOING what those inflicted with Bush Derangment Syndrome CLAIMED Bush was doing! But unlike where the media hounded Bush...the media is fawning over Obama!

welcome to 1984

the A/P headline currently ... (Below threshold)

the A/P headline currently up:
"Analysis: Obama gets tough with Israel by speaking from Egypt"

This is their latest trick, btw..couching ANYTHING they want to say as "analysis"

That said: "gets tough with Israel"?? Israel is SURROUNDED by hostile regimes, most of which STILL have written into their official State policy the DESTRUCTIUON OF ISRAEL!

Hamas and Hezbolluh have sworn to eradicate the Jews...and Iran is building the capability to do exactly that!

Damn right we better "talk tough with Israel"...and we better hurry...'cause if Obama has his way they won't be around much longer to talk tough TO!

I would like to take a time... (Below threshold)

I would like to take a time out from the Right vs Left hate fest and post a bit of the speech President Obama gave today with Nancy Reagan in attendance in honor of Ronald Reagan.

Is it bad wizbang edict to post and run?

Enjoy, this is what a class... (Below threshold)
"Come on Justrand et al jus... (Below threshold)

"Come on Justrand et al just admit you're wishing and hoping for Armageddon."

Funny how you would phrase it that way. No one in their right mind would wish or hope for armageddon, although it's inevitable. Unfortunately, the ones making it happen aren't in their right minds, either.

As far as what Obama is trying to accomplish over there, he also states: "In an interview with Laura Haim on Canal Plus, a French television station, Mr. Obama noted that the United States also could be considered as "one of the largest Muslim countries in the world." He sought to downplay the expectations of the speech, but he said he hoped the address would raise awareness about Muslims."


So are we to be humbled, sorry Muslims because we're not happy with the Feds latest takeovers, or is he doing a kumbaya tap dance until the cavalry shows up? I can almost here "Walk Like an Egyptian" playing when he comes off the plane in Cairo.

Enjoy, this is what a class... (Below threshold)

Enjoy, this is what a class act he is.--live

Well, that's it. I'm sold. Obama 2012 and beyond.

Raise awareness about musli... (Below threshold)

Raise awareness about muslims?

911 did that for me.

You're right, [email protected] Also... (Below threshold)

You're right, [email protected] Also classy was Obama's attempt at lying about Mrs. Reagan speaking with the dead. Of course, he was busted for it and had to apologize for his-uh-faux pas:

During his transition to the White House, Obama committed a faux pas at Mrs. Reagan's expense when he said he had received advice from all "living" former presidents, but joked that he "didn't want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any seances."

Obama apologized by telephone later that day. Mrs. Reagan had consulted with astrologers during her White House years, but she did not hold conversations with the dead.

Almost as classy as that Special Olympics remark. He's Mr. Faux Pas of the newly dubbed United States of Muslim Suck-ups, Inc.

Obama does nothing without ... (Below threshold)

Obama does nothing without expecting something in return. Why does he want to remember Reagan? why not somebody he actually respects? Stalin, Mussolini, etc.

dang. @13 *almost hear... (Below threshold)

dang. @13 *almost hear

My opinion on the worst pre... (Below threshold)

My opinion on the worst presidents (in my time) is L. Johnson, J. Carter, and now Obama. Look at all the problems we NOW face because of these two.
But,I think Obama will end up being worst than the other two. I fear for all the problems we will face with this clown.
How in God's name could the people of this country, in this time and place elect a fool like Obama. If the media was truthful, this man would have been run out of town the minute he said he was going to run for president. I try to be repectful to the office of the president, but with this man it is just not possible. Gosh, talking about putting the fox in charge of the hen house....
I am really pissed at the people who voted for him. Maybe we should have IQ test before voting????

unrepentent Democrat: Tell... (Below threshold)

unrepentent Democrat: Tell us all the great things Obama has done so far, and what he has planned for us to save our country and make us stronger and happier people. Tell us about his great judgment in choosing those who will help lead us into this future he has envisioned. After you give us that list I will give you a list of all the things he has done or will do to destroy our country. I'll bet those lists look very similar. Of course that will require some thinking, and if a real thought manages to complete its long and lonely journey through that vacuous pit you call a brain, please share it with us.

We all new (conservatives) ... (Below threshold)

We all new (conservatives) that Obama is and empty suit and day by day he proves it. When the press decides they are losing ratings, they will start exposing. At least Tapper and Garrett asked pertinent questions. ww

Does our wandering Presiden... (Below threshold)

Does our wandering President ever STAY HOME to govern as he swore he would do? Methinks he wants to go across the ocean because they adore him over there - not having to be jerked around by his abominable policies! This president is a complete and total disaster in every respect. He is totally devoid of actual knowledge of history and thus is doomed to stumble around making things worse instead of behaving in a statemanlike manner. He is a complete screw-up and even Joe Biden - the gaffe-king of D.C. would be preferable!

I couldn't agree more Gayle... (Below threshold)

I couldn't agree more Gayle. Actually, I think he realizes that being president is a much harder job than he wanted it to be and indeed uses these trips to do some glad handing in a more stress free environment. I think he realizes he is going to be a one termer and needs to do these trips to enhance his bona fides for a UN job.

Well, yes being president i... (Below threshold)

Well, yes being president is indeed harder then the job he never knew in the first place.

He would need to go dig ditches for a few years, sweat, and grow up some perspective on life besides sittin in the pews of Jeremiahville wasting away or shaker of salt.

"I think he realizes he is ... (Below threshold)

"I think he realizes he is going to be a one termer and needs to do these trips to enhance his bona fides for a UN job."

God help the UN, then. They've already got enough problems actually getting anything done.

NEXT STOP: Tomb of the unkn... (Below threshold)

NEXT STOP: Tomb of the unknown soldier... To apologize for Americas involvement and provacation of WW2...

Funny thing is, nobody in D... (Below threshold)

Funny thing is, nobody in Dresden sees it as an apology tour (guess where I am from), we are just happy he comes to visit us (albeit a bit short and walled of). Sure the bombing sucked big time, but hey, we started the war and there was military industry in Dresden, too. Using Dresden as "bad thing the allies did" is only used by the neo nazis ("bomb holocaust"), so guys, chill and relax and enjoy the show.

Dear Mr. Obama.I r... (Below threshold)

Dear Mr. Obama.

I realize this is some kind of a joke.
On the one hand you travel to Buchenwald, while on the other hand do not treat Iran.
Do me a favor, leave us to deal with grief in our history, and if you really care about, treat Iran.

Ofer, Israel.

UD, The more things ... (Below threshold)

The more things change, the more they stay
the same.


UD, What's this '... (Below threshold)


What's this 'you people' crap you're posting?
Put up your broad brush or you can exchange it
for a shovel.

Why should an american pres... (Below threshold)

Why should an american president stop apologizing for his country? Other countries like germany do not and will not stop to apologize for their historical felonies. I don't like to put germany's faults into perspecitve, but as the bible sais "let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone...". For international reconciliation and cooperation it is important to take notice of what's happened in the past and look forward.

The US did some terrible mistakes in the last years (war, contempts of human rights, Guantanamo which looks for most europeans like the Buchenwald concentration camp of the 21st century). Apologizing for that is the beginning of new and improved international cooperation.

Vali (Germany, city of Dresden)

This whole story is nothing... (Below threshold)

This whole story is nothing but BS from Limbaugh and you stupid saps are lapping it up. You are pathetic excuses for Americans, you are so blinded by right-wing propaganda that you want your country to fail to prove your bigotry and bias. Anyone with any brain can see this for what it is, a attempt to bring diplomacy back into our dealings with the world, after 8 years of miserable failure by the Bush Administration, and I know Republicans never apologize, no matter how much damage they have done to this country.






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