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...And They're Off!

Well, let the race begin.

Republican Chris Christie won his primary fight against Steve Lonegan yesterday in New Jersey.

This is going to be a long, ugly trial for the former US Attorney.

He is up for election in a state which isn't called "Blue" Jersey for nothing. And his opponent, Governor Jon Corzine has a personal fortune in upwards of $300 million to spend on, or some would say buy, this election.

Corzine has bumbled his way through the Jersey political swamp as both a Senator and as Governor, paying for the political destruction of his opponents, reeking havoc with the state budget, and exploding the state's deficit to nearly $7 billion dollars.

Many claim that this will be a test of the strength in Obama's coattails. If Corzine wins despite all the wreckage he has left behind, it will speak to the power of Obama's win. This may be true.

Some claim it will be a huge win for Republicans, post Obama's election. The winning of a Governorship in a northeastern blue state will go a long way to bolster a battered Republican party.

Both are legitimate musings, but, they really don't matter. Not here.

A democratic win would be expected no matter who just won the presidency. A Republican win in New Jersey would be an upset by any standard, under any president.

If Christie wins, he will have a hell of a mess to clean up. This state has been under slimy, corrupt Democratic control for 50 years. One person can do only so much.

But the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

I wish Christie a good trip.


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Comments (7)

All depends on how stupid t... (Below threshold)

All depends on how stupid the people of Jersey are. They want 'more of the same', or are they finally tired of being screwed?

Yawn. A GOP win in New Jers... (Below threshold)

Yawn. A GOP win in New Jersey is like the People's Republic of Massachusetts electing a few republicans from time to time: it's an act of desperation by a liberal population whose standard of living is going down the drain after years of liberal (i.e. bad) policies. Even if the republicans manage to somewhat repair the damage, the state immediately gets rid of the republicans and goes back to letting liberals wreck the state.

The best solution for the GOP is to place signs at the border of all major highways:

You are entering a state controlled by Democrats.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

States like NJ and MA should be held up as examples of what happens when liberals run things. (The DNC is doing it on a national level, but at some point the GOP needs to emphasize the consequences of DNC policies.) And neighbors states should close their borders and not allow liberals to move to neighboring states (e.g. NH) and infect their state politics. Let them drown in the filth they've created.

BTW: Take a look at all of the big companies moving into new industrial parks in the rolling hills of PA. Many (most) are companies fleeing NJ. Huge numbers of great jobs leaving NJ, just like the companies that left CA for AZ and CO.

As long as the legislature ... (Below threshold)

As long as the legislature stays indigo blue, there isn't much a governor can do.

A seven billion dollar stat... (Below threshold)
Sean P (from California):

A seven billion dollar state deficit?

pffft. Amateur.

It's amazing how Conservati... (Below threshold)

It's amazing how Conservative states and municipalities, especially in the pro-business South, are doing so much better than their Liberal counter-parts in the Northeast and West Coast.

The population shifts to the more conservative South is one of the main reasons that Northeast Liberals are pushing for a survey census instead of an actual enumeration or counting as called for in the Constitution. Te increase in congressional seats and electoral votes is a real threat to their Facist agenda and one of the reasons they are working so hard to implement their agenda.

If only we had Conservative leadership, not Republican they are a joke, to hold them off long enough to straighten this mess out. Maybe we'll get lucky

Christie defeating Corzine ... (Below threshold)

Christie defeating Corzine would be akin to Hussein defeating Reid. One radical leftist, one somewhat more moderate leftist. Big deal.

Chris Christie is an absolu... (Below threshold)

Chris Christie is an absolute loser.

He considered running for Governor a few years back (2005), decided not to. He's part of the same tired group that includes Steve Lonergan, Doug Forrester, and Bret Schundler - all a bunch of morons who will try for this office again and again and again with no gain every single time. Forrester, for example, was independently wealthy and couldn't drum up real volunteers so he paid everyone, even the participants at some of his rallys.

I know because I was part of the campaign of one of the Republican Governor candidates back in 2005. They are all considered within the nj beltway as old news.

Good luck pushing this guy. Expect the same results as you've gotten recently. Take it from someone who actually knows and not people like yourselves who just comment.






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