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Barack Obama Channels Veruca Salt

Who can forget Veruca Salt, the selfish little brat who demanded her way in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. If you're unfamiliar, watch this:

In my latest American Issues Project column I argue that Barack Obama is the Veruca Salt president. He wants the world and don't you dare deny him. As Veruca sings in the video above, "I don't care how, I want it now!"

No one can forget Veruca Salt, the rude, selfish, and obnoxious child of a rich nut magnate in the 1971 film "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." Self-centered and uncompromising, Veruca insisted that she always get her way and demanded that her desires take precedence over everyone else's. As she and the other children toured Wonka's chocolate factory, they entered the room where geese laid golden eggs. Immediately she was enamored with the geese and ordered her father to buy one for her. When Wonka denied her father's checkbook, Veruca became enraged and destroyed everything could get her hands on as she sang the famous lyrics that embodied her character: "I want the world. I want the whole world. I want to lock it all up in my pocket. It's my bar of chocolate. Give it to me now."

In spite of Veruca's obnoxious behavior, she is a silly amateur compared to President Barack Obama and would be struck dumb with envy at all that he has accumulated in such a short time. Obama has only been in office for less than five months, yet he has managed to snatch up vast amounts of power and place huge swaths of the American economy under his control so he can fulfil his whims and desires. There isn't a Willie Wonka to say no this time. With a dutiful Democratic Congress, the president has control over the checkbook and with it he is seizing more and more control of the goose that lays the golden eggs, the American economy.

Shortly after winning the election, President Obama insisted we needed a colossal stimulus bill and launched a full-court press to get his way. It's been almost four months since Obama signed the stimulus bill into law, but it hasn't done anything to stop our economy's downward slide even though we were told there were countless numbers of shovel ready projects ready and waiting. But that's not all. Vice President Biden has acknowledged that some of the money will end up being wasted and that some people are being "scammed" already. Is this administration concerned about the waste and corruption of stimulus funds? Seemingly not. President Obama got what he wanted. The results appear to be inconsequential to him.

As I write in my piece, it's Obama's world. We just live in it. Welcome to America's Veruca Salt presidency.


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Comments (18)

That pretty much sums it up... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

That pretty much sums it up.

Yes, He is a self centered ... (Below threshold)

Yes, He is a self centered rotten egg.

Perfect!! Hopeful... (Below threshold)


Hopefully in 2012 he can wind up down the trash chute just like Veruca!

Der Fuhrer commands, we mus... (Below threshold)

Der Fuhrer commands, we must obey. HE will issue a statement shortly that all is well and the economy is thriving but for those malcontents who refuse to take jobs just to make him look bad. The MSM and the Obamabots will all agree that this is true because the Obamassiah has said so.

Polls are increasingly show... (Below threshold)

Polls are increasingly showing that people are not in favor of what's going on. Inexplicably, they still reflect support for Obama, though (I guess despite his constant taking credit for everything people assume he's just caught up in the wash??). Nevertheless, the more Congress rubber-stamps these plans (and they're running out of things to do except start hiking taxes it looks like, which won't be popular outside of Hollywood), the more I have to wonder if campaign season, which starts in about 6 months, will finally cause even the Dems to start wondering if maybe, just maybe, they shouldn't be doing some oversight of some of this. Any of it for that matter. At this point it's just "We don't know where he gets the authority to do any of it, but that's ok with us."

Falze -Obama's cha... (Below threshold)

Falze -

Obama's charismatic - that's clear. But that charisma only goes so far when it comes to support for the stuff he wants to bring about, and more and more people are looking at what he wants to do and realizing that he's not much more than a jumped-up snake-oil salesman, and they don't need (or particularly want) their snakes oiled... especially at the rates that they're going to be charged for the 'privelege'.

You have to admit that this... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:

You have to admit that this is either the funniest or most hypocritical piece of blogging in a long long time.

7 words from Little Lord Bush II: "You're either with us or against us."

Hurry now and you too can join the land of Wingnutia's hate brigade. Nazi references, Muslim bashing, xenophobia free for the reading. Righ here in the nut ball world of Wingnutia!
notiz=Where the law of disemvowelment reign supreme.

And, like your God-King, yo... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Dumbass:

And, like your God-King, you're against U.S. Shocking!

How typical, UD - that you ... (Below threshold)

How typical, UD - that you completely ignore the context of his statement. But then, you're not really interested in history or context, are you?

I certainly HOPE that the v... (Below threshold)

I certainly HOPE that the voters will see the looting of the treasury and intrusion into every aspect of life for what it is.. I hope that... but, the liberals have paid off a heck of a lot of people in order to buy their votes. After all, the members of Congress are all for sale, so they expect the voters to be just as rotten. The fact is, people voting on principle will have a tough time overcoming the bought-and-paid-for-with-tax-money constituency. When the citizens of a democracy discover they can vote for unlimited benefits... game over.

Roald Dahl wrote Charlie an... (Below threshold)

Roald Dahl wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and created Veruca Salt. The original Oompa Loompas were African Pygmies working for Cacao beans. Even in the late 60's this was politically incorrect enough that censors from NAACP and Canada motivated Dahl to rewrite his characters to avoid the African Negro reference. Its amazing how times haven't changed that much after all.

"Welcome to America's Veruc... (Below threshold)

"Welcome to America's Veruca Salt presidency."

If Obama is Verruca Salt, then Bush was Mike Teevee. Shhot'em up...Yee Hah...

Veruca Salt is obviously a ... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Veruca Salt is obviously a republican, just look at the red dress she's wearing. She throws tantrums with the same tenacity as Ann Coulter. Thanks to you Kim I now have 2 images I just can not get out of my head. I also can't stop laughing. Picture this, the 2 biggest right-wing tantrum throwers wearing little girl dresses and dancing around singing that obnoxious song. I told you who one was, can you guess the other?

I'll give you a hint, he jumps up and down when he dances.

This administration could u... (Below threshold)

This administration could use some oompa loompas to clean up the super duper messes they are creating.

What kind of chattel can th... (Below threshold)

What kind of chattel can they use to pay the Oomba's? Certainly not beans. May be ... ... GM stock?

The basic problem with Obam... (Below threshold)

The basic problem with Obama's and the Democrats' world view is that they do not recognize the limit of government power. Nor do they have the humility to see that neither the government nor themselves have the capability or wisdom to wield the power they usurped to create prosperity or protect and enhance our liberties and freedoms.

And that's the problem with having an inexperience president who has never been in an executive position. Obama does not recognize that the leadership position does not mean assuming control of everything. It means creating a stable framework so that others' creativity and exertions can be rewarding.

That's why Obama might seem so petulant - his lack of any executive experience means he has no understanding that he cannot force people to act and behave as he wishes them.

"...full court press..." In... (Below threshold)

"...full court press..." Interesting choice of words, considering the press is fully in his corner. Thinking people may see the man behind the curtain, but as long as the press runs interference for him, and continues to cover for him, the sheeple will continue to worship him.

Your Presidential compariso... (Below threshold)

Your Presidential comparison is one President too late.

"I'm the decider!"






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