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A Taste Of Bizzaro World

I don't know much about the relationship between India and Pakistan, or between Muslim and Hindu. I just know that it ain't good.

However, I find the Muslim sentiment concerning the horrific rape of two muslim women in the Kashmir region to be a bit on the hypocritical side.

From AFP:

Thirty protesters were hurt Tuesday when police fired shots in the air and teargas during fresh protests in Indian Kashmir over the alleged rape and murder of two Muslim women, police said.

Earlier in the day hundreds of Muslim students marched through the streets of Indian Kashmir's summer capital Srinagar.

Chanting "We want freedom" and "punish the killers", they later dispersed without violence.

Anger over the deaths last month of a 17-year-old girl and her 22-year-old sister-in-law has effectively shut down much of Kashmir valley, including Srinagar, for nearly two weeks.

Is this act contemptible? Of course, by almost anyone's standards. But when one looks at the way in which women, who have made an accusation of rape, are mis-treated in Muslim countries by muslims under Islamic law, the hypocrisy is pretty disgusting.

Usually, rape victims are automatically accused of adultery in Islamic courts. Rape can only be proved if the rapist actually confesses, or if there are four muslim males who are willing to testify that the rape took place.

If neither of these scenarios occur, then the woman is accused of having consensual sex. If either the man or woman is married, then it is automatically considered adultery by the woman.

Just sick.


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Comments (9)

It must have sucked being a... (Below threshold)

It must have sucked being a Woman in a muslim 12th century..Oh wait..........., Make that the 21st century.

Bizzaro World? Yeah, and t... (Below threshold)

Bizzaro World? Yeah, and the scary part is that they want to spread it!

They're just mad that they ... (Below threshold)

They're just mad that they didn't get to rape and kill the victims.

And thankfully the US is on... (Below threshold)

And thankfully the US is one of the largest Muslim countries.

SCOTUS just granted Obama t... (Below threshold)

SCOTUS just granted Obama the right to ignore any laws that they don't find "conventient".

Good-bye America!

#5Goodbye AMERICA.... (Below threshold)


Goodbye AMERICA...Hello SUDANICA..

Are you sure the police did... (Below threshold)

Are you sure the police did not fire tea bags into the crowd?

Ohhhhh, I thought all cultu... (Below threshold)

Ohhhhh, I thought all cultures were the same, no culture especially ours is better??? and we had no right to critize other nations how they do things....and especially islamic culture....and Christians are so much worst...

I just can not understand the stupidity of some people.

When Dylan said "eveybody m... (Below threshold)

When Dylan said "eveybody must get stoned" that part of the world misheard him.






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