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Top Ten Possible Letterman Reactions to Fallout Over Willow Palin Rape 'Joke'

John Nolte has a great top ten list at Big Hollywood. Here is a sampling from the list:

10. Listen, I didn't know Willow Palin was 14. She was born in 1995. I thought she was still 13.

9. Why's everyone so mad? I wasn't making fun of Barack...?

8. I understand some offense was taken over my remarks last night. If that's the case, I'd like to offer an apology to A-Rod. Tonight on the show, we have...

7. Careful buddy. You're criticizing the guy who almost got the "Tonight Show."

6. I'm a comedian and therefore not responsible for anything I say ... ask Jon Stewart.

5. See, you all spoiled it. The plan tonight was to come out and tell a similar joke about Barack Obama's daughters. But you can forget it now...

His commenters are submitting some funny stuff too. This one is from Mr. A:

10. Hey, did you really expect class from a guy who left his only son a bastard for the first four years of his life?

9. If you think these sex jokes about 14 year old Willow Palin are bad, just imagine all the creepy stuff in my head that I'm not saying out loud.

8. Don't blame me, Contessa Brewer says calling women sluts is back in style!

7. Now that Leno's gone I think I can get away with anything.

6. Oh come on, last night when I joked about Willow Palin and Elliot Spitzer I didn't mean to imply that Willow is a whore, it only sounded that way.

5. Willow, Piper, what's the difference? Turn them upside down....

4. Hey Willow, don't be upset, don't you know that when a creepy old man teases you it means he likes you - he really really likes you.

3. How can these jokes be perverse if someone as normal as Paul Shaffer is laughing?

2. I'm old, I'm miserable and deep down I hate myself, what do you want from me?

1. Hey, if Sarah Palin didn't want her children ridiculed in public she should have had them a aborted.

Check out the rest at Big Hollywood.

Update: I wonder who wrote the Letterman joke about Willow Palin? If it was Bill Scheft, Letterman's writer of 18 years, I wonder if this is now his proudest moment?

Update II: Letterman apologizes saying he meant to tell the ugly joke about the 18 year old Palin kid, not the 14 year old one. And I guess that makes it okay?


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Comments (62)

The words "class" and "Lett... (Below threshold)

The words "class" and "Letterman" are NEVER mentioned in the same sentence. I'm sure he'll use the defense "I was just joking". Always seems to work for them when they engage in tasteless comments. Look at Barry and the Special Olympics comment.

Alex Rodriguez is the one w... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Alex Rodriguez is the one whose reputation has been tarnished.

He can do better than a Palin.

Wow. Adrian just set the ba... (Below threshold)

Wow. Adrian just set the bar to a new low. Only snakes can play now. Or worms.

a brown - "He can do be... (Below threshold)

a brown - "He can do better than a Palin."

You mean like Rodriguez fiddling around with Madonna?

Yeah, Adrian Browne, I woul... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Adrian Browne, I would hope A-Rod could do better than a 14 year old girl. Is that really funny to you? What a disgusting comment. I guess Letterman isn't the only slimeball who thinks it is okay to make jokes like that about a 14 year old girl just because they don't like her mom's politics. Would it be just as funny if one of the Obama girls' names was used instead of a Palin's? Or would it only be okay when they reach the ripe old age of 14? Eeewww. I feel like I need a shower. With Clorox and a scrub brush.

Why is Letterman's speech t... (Below threshold)

Why is Letterman's speech tolerated, but Don Imus was kicked off the air? Letterman's speech is disgusting. We are experiencing a very sick society.

Sarah Palin is a beautiful ... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin is a beautiful Woman.

FU a Browne.

Lorie, no amount of Clorox ... (Below threshold)

Lorie, no amount of Clorox or scrubbing will get the phony outrage off you, that will take a lobotomy. He obviously believed it was the 18 year Palin girl in attendance at the game, you know, that one who got "knocked up"?

Zeety,So instead of ... (Below threshold)

So instead of just being a slim ball Letterman is a ignorant slim ball. I guess it is ok then.

Quite a "news" section you ... (Below threshold)

Quite a "news" section you have going on here...
notiz=If you don't like the news here, leave.

Is there any point to allow... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Is there any point to allowing a diseased mind like adrian browne to continue to post here? He never contributes anything, and he just demonstrated his complete lack of character for about the millionth time.

I'd say let him go brownnose Lee Ward, but since both of them have the heads firmly implanted in their colons, the logistics would be awkward.

Eh - Letterman had long ago... (Below threshold)

Eh - Letterman had long ago moved into the 'irrelevant douchebag' category of entertainers - I see Adrian Browne's followed suite.

Stay 'edgy,' Adrian.

Disgusting. Letterman used ... (Below threshold)

Disgusting. Letterman used to be funny way back when. Now he reminds me of a grouchy, cruel old man. ww

Adrian Browne, you just wen... (Below threshold)

Adrian Browne, you just went from moron to degenerate moron. FOAD...as soon as possible please.

I have already emailed several advertisers on the Letterman show, letting them know that I amd my family will completly boycott all products advertised there!

here's the deal, Adrian Browne, I would be just as outraged if Letterman HAD made similar jokes about Michelle Obama or one of her daughters. But Letterman only has vile for Republicans...and you, Adrian Browne, have NO moral foundation at all!

did I mention, Mr. Browne, that you should FOAD real soon! Painfully too!

Pa. GOP legislative ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Pa. GOP legislative staffer accused of child sex crime
Associated Press - May 29, 2009 4:33 PM ET

PITTSBURGH (AP) - The Pennsylvania attorney general says a GOP legislative staffer wanted to dress up in a panda costume and have sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Attorney General Tom Corbett says 40-year-old Alan David Berlin, Republican of Carlisle, was charged Thursday with attempted sexual exploitation of children and related crimes.



notiz=That's not the topic of this thread Mr.Browne

The difference between your... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

The difference between your ilk and decent people, brownie, is that we don't tolerate that kind of behavior no matter what the politics of the offender.

You'd give your leftist heroes a pass for anything. It's because you're a worthless tool, and nothing more.

Adrian, your last response ... (Below threshold)

Adrian, your last response shows quite clearly that as long as you can find a counter-example of a Republican abusing a child then it's OK for Letterman and his misbegotten ilk to abuse children!

you sicken me!

As a Liberal I don't unders... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

As a Liberal I don't understand what the whole panda costume-thing was about. Can one of you explain that?
notiz=Stay on topic.

Let me get this straight, g... (Below threshold)

Let me get this straight, guys like Adrian and Zeety are working overtime defending David Letterman on his verbal sexual assaults on Willow/Piper Palin??? I seriously hope neither of you have daughters because if you do and you can defend Letterman simply because these girls are the daughters of a Republican.........well, it makes my skin crawl.

Ok, so Zeety thinks it is o... (Below threshold)

Ok, so Zeety thinks it is okay for Letterman to make a nasty joke about an 18 year old, and since he didn't know she was only 14 then it's still okay. Letterman surely knows now that the girl he made the joke about is 14, but he has not offered any sort of apology, lame or otherwise.

And Adrian Browne cut and pasted a story about a Pennsylvania state legislative staffer who is a perverted attempted child molester. What does that have to do with anything? I denounce the GOP pervert Pennsylvania state legislative staffer with the Panda fetish who I'd never heard of before and hope he rots in jail. See, that is the difference between the GOP and the Dems. We don't defend child molesters and perverts, no matter what letter comes after their names. Why is it so many Dems want to circle the wagons and defend their slimeballs? I don't get that.

"As a Liberal I don't under... (Below threshold)

"As a Liberal I don't understand what the whole panda costume-thing was about. Can one of you explain that?" -- A Browne

Nope, I can't. But I guess that means that you do understand sex with a 15 year old boy?

When you point out that someone else did it--so it must be ok doesn't hold muster. Two wrongs still don't make a right.

Or it could be that Adrian ... (Below threshold)

Or it could be that Adrian and Zeety are misogynists-in-training.

3 points to cloudfish, net ... (Below threshold)

3 points to cloudfish, net only, no rim.

Has A-Rod made any statemen... (Below threshold)

Has A-Rod made any statement about Letterman using him in the 'joke'?

Hey, I just saw that Letter... (Below threshold)

Hey, I just saw that Letterman apologized. (link added at update) He cited the Zeety defense. He was telling the ugly joke about the 18 year old so that makes it okay. Oh, and he invited her on his show.

The "her" he invited was Sa... (Below threshold)

The "her" he invited was Sarah, not the daughter.

Keep talking Dems. Unapolog... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Keep talking Dems. Unapologetically slimy, there is no nastiness to which you not happily sink. This is the left's vision for Amerika.

Adrian is no doubt angling for the Obama brownshirt corp.

I find the Left's collectiv... (Below threshold)

I find the Left's collective "YAWN" at this to be repulsive!

If someone so much as hints that one of the Obama girls wore striped with plaids the Left will FILL THE STREETS!

But as long as the child's last name is P-A-L-I-N it is ok to call them a WHORE!

the revolution cannot come fast enough!!

Any chance she'll sue him f... (Below threshold)

Any chance she'll sue him for slander? I'd LOVE to see that happen.

The biggest problem here is... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

The biggest problem here is that David Letterman never told a joke about "rape" or specifically named Willow Palin either.

The joke was:

"One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game, during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez."

Certainly the joke was stupid, but it seemed more a joke about the Yankees, Alex Rodriquez and the past Palin pregnancy story than anything. Yet regrettably, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES writer Andrew Malcolm deliberately used an old photo of Letterman with a beard during the last writers strike and used a story to paint him as some dirty old man type. No wonder print journalism is a dying art form. Talented writers at the TIMES seem in short supply these days.

Certainly Letterman's joke was dumb. But Malcolm's story on Letterman was pure character assassination. Equally regrettable are the responses of the media hungry Palins to make this tiny mole hill into some great mountain, solely because it gives them a little more publicity. Far worse jokes are routinely told at those celebrity roast events.

The purpose of the late night comics is solely to make people laugh. They cannot operate if they have to live in fear of offending someone with every joke they tell. Ask Bill Clinton or George Bush how often they were joked about, yet probably either would appear on these programs if invited.

Letterman's faux apology ov... (Below threshold)

Letterman's faux apology overlooks the fact that the 18 year old daughter did NOT go to the game...and the joke was about Palin's daughter F**KING A-Rod at the game! Only the 14 year old went to the game.

But hey, kids and families are fair game now, per Adrian...right?

Did ya hear the one about the Obama girls doing a threesome for crack? It goes like this...

Paul Hoosen: ""One awkward ... (Below threshold)

Paul Hoosen: ""One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game, during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez."

Lettermen is IN New York...and his staff (who WRITES the jokes) knew (as did Letterman) that the 18 year old did NOT attend the game...but the 14 year old did.

but you, paul, side with Adrian in the "nothing and no family member regardless of age is sacred"!

where was I on the joke regarding the Obama girls 3-some???...

Justrand, do the late night... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Justrand, do the late night comics need your approval before they tell some stupid joke? C'mon fellow, lighten up a little here. BTW, you're the only one who's telling crack jokes about the Obama girls here, carrying this whole non-issue to a some new absurd level. Letterman's joke about A-rod and the Palin girl was dumb, but it's not the end of the world. Life still goes on. The sun will still rise tomorrow.

June 10, 2009David L... (Below threshold)
L. Carl:

June 10, 2009
David Letterman's recent sexually perverted slurs against Sarah Palin and her 14 year-old daughter were despicable! Imus' offensive remarks about the Rutgers' BB team drew outrage from hordes of liberal media; even Obama publically criticized him and got him fired! Has anyone seen their defense of Governor Palin's daughter's honor? Of course not! Sara Palin is a successful white conservative woman.
L Carl

Watch the scum bubble up to... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Watch the scum bubble up to defend Letterman.

Letterman has disgraced CBS... (Below threshold)

Letterman has disgraced CBS. Either he truly has hate in his heart or he's simply trying to garner ratings since he hasn't been relevant since the 1980s (or quite possibly both). The rape of a 14 year old child is never funny.

CBS needs to disassociate themselves from this has-been as quickly as possible. He has crossed the line with families all across America.


Jason Watach

bringing back America

Paul, I really think you're... (Below threshold)

Paul, I really think you're missing the point. How DARE he make such a slanderous joke about ANYONE'S daughter? Especially one that, for the most part, is getting the publicitiy just because of who she's related to?

More to the point, were he to say such things about EITHER of my daughters, they'd have to physically restrain me.


"One awkward moment for Sar... (Below threshold)

"One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game, during the seventh inning, her daughter was impregnated by Alex Rodriguez."

It was Palin's 14 year old daughter at the ballgame.

A-Rod is over 21 years old.

The age of consent in NY is 17.

According to Article 130 (Sexual Offenses) of the New York Penal Code, if the perpetrator is over 21 years old and the victim is under 17, this is known as third degree rape; if the perpetrator is 18 or older and the victim is under 15, then this is second degree rape; and, if the victim is younger than 11 years of age, then first degree rape has been committed.

Letterman 'joked' about A-Rod raping Palin's 14 year old daughter.

I wasn't half way through y... (Below threshold)

I wasn't half way through yet another rambling screed of nonsense from you Hooson when my fingers started itching to hit the keyboard. But I took the time to finish the comments before doing so. And in that interval I realized that I am mostly left speechless at your utter lack of comprehension. That you felt you had to weigh in, ramble about rhetorically, and somehow trumpet what I'm sure you in your ignorance consider a moral high tone in your "oh so reasonable tone" which in the end only bolsters the pervert Letterman's slimy take on life is so you.

And throwing in a gratuitous slam at Sarah Palin who is rightly shocked at a supposedly mature adult saying such things about her daughter, now that really does underline your own slimy character.

You people on the left simply have no morals whatsoever to relate to in your daily life and those of you who choose to post at this website, for yourself mostly because everyone here pretty much hates your presence, advertise clearly what is lacking in the liberal mind. You will never see it. Minds in the gutter look out on a flat landscape never knowing another world exists above them, that there are levels of existence beyond their putrid view that act with decency and do not subject one another's children to vile sexual suggestion.

Oh what the hell...it really is a waste of time trying to inform a liberal of anything. Only the conservatives here even have the intelligence to grasp my meaning. People like you only wait for others to cease speaking so you can spew out more of the bile within.

I applaud Todd Palin's rest... (Below threshold)

I applaud Todd Palin's restaint. As a father with two daughters I'd be VERY tempted to make the gap between this nutsack's front teeth even wider.....like two tooth-widths wider.

At one time, many years ago... (Below threshold)

At one time, many years ago, Letterman helped define what was hip and cool.

Now he's just an ugly old man desperately trying to appear hip and cool.

Sad that this is the story ... (Below threshold)

Sad that this is the story you're going to end today on. After a story about Astros baseball. No mention of the DHS report proving to be ABSOLUTELY spot on accurate. No discussion about THE story of the day.

I can't tell if the Wizbang bloggers just don't have interest in it since it doesn't have a direct connect to anti-Obamaism or if, like the faux outrage over the DHS report that generated SUPPORT for neo-nazis from the Right, you all just don't find much wrong with the shooting today.

Heck, I expected at least a connection to be attempted between the shootings and it being somehow Obama's fault.

It's hard to tell what is w... (Below threshold)

It's hard to tell what is worse.

The horny old man David Letterman who needs to pick on little girls to get his rocks off.

Or the Democrats who frequent this website and attempt to defend the indefensible.

So far, the best defense goes to Paul Hoosen:

"it's not the end of the world. Life still goes on. The sun will still rise tomorrow. "

Ha ha!

You see? David Letterman is a C-O-M-E-D-I-A-N.

Therefore, he can say the most dispicable things (If it's about Republicans anyway) and it's fine.

C'mon you backwoods, inbred Republican/Conservaties. It's a J-O-K-E!

Big Hollywood already covered this defense in #6 above.

As for Adrian, why does Wizbang allow such people post here? Aren't there standards? If not, well, it's not my website but hopefully the commentors will be wise enough to ignore such filth.

Dear Wizbang authors,... (Below threshold)

Dear Wizbang authors,

Once again, you have not met the standards Jake has set for you. You have not offered any commentary on "THE story of the day". He is unable to get information on "THE story of the day" anywhere else and relies solely on what he can find here. Please, get with the program. Oh, and try not to stray too far off the narrative or he might have to straighten you out depending on your opinion.

Start a blog.

They're free.

Jake, the guy was a univers... (Below threshold)

Jake, the guy was a universal hater.

He hated Jews.

He hated blacks.

He hated Christians.

He hated the government.

He served six years for attempting to kidnap the head of the Federal Reserve in 1980 or so, but still was out and managed to get his hands on guns.

He CLAIMED to be a World War II vet, but that is not yet proven.

This is yet another example of the old rule: "crazy people do crazy things."

And by the way, how the hell did this happen in Washington, DC, which has the strictest anti-gun laws in the nation? Didn't the nutcase know he was breaking the law?


Its one thing to make jokes... (Below threshold)

Its one thing to make jokes(heh) about the person whos in the lime light,but quite deferent when comes to family.It wasnt their choice to get involed in politics,that was the parents choice. so leave the kids OUT,R and D alike.shows how bright you are when you have to go after children. as far as letterman goes,hes a has been whos clinging on as long as he can before he falls in to obscurity(sp).

Letterman is ugly inside an... (Below threshold)

Letterman is ugly inside and out...just as I would imagine is Browne and Zeety.
Nothing is more vile than a far out lefty.

So I come in this morning t... (Below threshold)

So I come in this morning to check wizbang and come across this topic. Yeah, I'm still disgusted by Letterman. I simply could not believe his hatred is so deep that it permeates his so called jokes.

Then I read the second comment by A Browne.

Adrian, what the hell is wrong with you?
The fact you could think along those lines is worrisome enough. How the hell could you actually write those words publicly?

When politicians use their ... (Below threshold)

When politicians use their children as props for their political campaigns, they should expect that comedians will target them. If these politicians are not comfortable with that inevitability, they should leave their children at home.

Of COURSE it was funny! It... (Below threshold)

Of COURSE it was funny! It was ridiculing Sarah Palin and her family right? That's ALWAYS hilarious!
Now, on the other hand, if it was about the Obama family, then there would be a reason to get up in arms about it. But Palin? Let's not over react here, be reasonable people, we all know the Palin family is fair game for incest jokes, gang-rape jokes, child-rape jokes, any sexual scenario you can come up with, have at it! Where's your sense of humor?

What sticks in my craw abou... (Below threshold)

What sticks in my craw about this whole sordid mess, is that the state run media and late night comics left let Chelsea Clinton have a free ride. Now this same media picks on the Palin girls just to get a chuckle.

If some conservative commentator had made the same joke about Chelsea, the New York Slimes would have been leading the pack to get him/her off the airwaves -- ala Don Imus. Since the Palin girls are the daughters of one of the most hated people by the left, it is ok to ridicule and demean the girls. Talk about blatant hypocrisy

Palin is using this to stir... (Below threshold)

Palin is using this to stir up her "Tiller Killer" base, keeping them feeling all angry and violent and frothing at the chomps.

And it's not Lettermans fault her 18 year old got knocked up at home and now put herslef in the public eye as the spokesperson for virgins. Fair game. At least she doesn't dress like a slut like her mom.

1000 more Palin jokes are coming from this one... can't wait to hear Bill Mahrs take.

"When politicians use their... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"When politicians use their children as props for their political campaigns, they should expect that comedians will target them. If these politicians are not comfortable with that inevitability, they should leave their children at home."

So Step'n Fetchit and the First Tranny should expect the same for their little Sasquatches?

Palins knocked up daughter ... (Below threshold)
Wasilla Hillbilly Sluts:

Palins knocked up daughter put herself on the public stage, in magazines, on TV with Greta, her boyfriend, too. She's 18 and in the public eye. FAIR GAME. Blame her and her slutty mother. I love Letterman more than ever. You go Dave!

35. Posted by Paul Hooson</... (Below threshold)

35. Posted by Paul Hooson

"do the late night comics need your approval before they tell some stupid joke? C'mon fellow, lighten up a little here."

As the father of two young daughters, it's great to see that we have people in this world like Mr. Hooson in this world who think it is OK to joke about raping a 14 year old - hey "lighten up a little." Says a whole lot about YOU, Mr. Hooson.

This is a turning point for me. I see that we have people on this blog, like Mr. Hooson, who could care less about joking about the rape of a 14 year old, as as the "target" was of the appropriate political persuasion.

I hope everyone who reads this will take the time to write the advertisers of the Late Show and register their disgust. I, for one, will refuse to purchase any more products from these companies so long as they promote "comedians" such as Mr. Letterman who, like Mr. Hooson, think it's OK to joke about underage child rape.

No - I'm not going to "lighten up a little..."

"She's 18 and in the public... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"She's 18 and in the public eye. FAIR GAME. Blame her and her slutty mother."

We might use of this thinker that "he has excrement for brains" but that would unfairly denigrate feces attacking the thrower.

"And why did Todd (with the... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"And why did Todd (with the knocked up 18 year old daughter)think it was a joke about the 14 year old?"

Because the 14 year-old was the daughter accompanying her Mother, the other subject of sliming, at the game.

Moral equivalence as a life style?

Poon, they run you off at P... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Poon, they run you off at Patterico? They should. You, Palin is a slut and Wasilla Hillbilly Sluts are probably products of incest in your family therefore sex between you and a 14 year old are nothing unusual to you. I guess when you are raised by cretins you get more cretins. If you think there is humor in what Dave Letterman had to say about Sarah Palin, the elected Governor of Alaska and her 14 year old daughter, I suggest you should have the incident happen to you personally.

Spare me the fake outrage.<... (Below threshold)

Spare me the fake outrage.

Letterman's joke was about the older daughter. No one knows the younger one. It's a joke based on recognition.

Don't believe that? Well, there's a surprise. What exactly have you people believed in the past eight years that's been right?

Mr.Hoosan it might be bette... (Below threshold)

Mr.Hoosan it might be better if you ceased
making sick excuses for anyone making jokes about
RAPE and the female gender.
I am offended by Letterman and YOU.

Jake, Deliberately t... (Below threshold)

Deliberately twisting the facts about von
Brunn doesn't win you any points. The man
is not a right wing extremist, the hatreds he
listed prove this.
What's the matter you can't handle a hater who
isn't someone you can use to bludgeon the right

Oyster, Jake has a blog and... (Below threshold)

Oyster, Jake has a blog and its impressive mediocrity will keep your eyes open for a whole 10 seconds. He used to link to it, but oddly enough, stopped doing so...






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