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Sarah Palin has far more class than clueless MSNBC infobabe

As Lorie noted in her previous post, CBS is now realizing that David Letterman stepped in it -- big time -- with his jokes Monday night about Alaska governor Sarah Palin shopping in New York in order to "update her 'slutty flight attendant' look," and about "her daughter" being "knocked up" during the seventh inning of a Yankees baseball game by Alex Rodriguez. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, CBS decided to censor the transcript of Letterman's monologue that it distributes to various media outlets (including the New York Times) for publication the following day.

When the Times was called out by conservatives for omitting the joke, they responded, "The transcript we received omitted the joke referred to in the comments below, presumably for reasons of taste. Had the transcript included the joke, we would not have run it. Monologue jokes are routinely edited for taste and brevity." Oops.

Not a word yet about this from Democrats or the perpetually "outraged" feminist groups, of course -- but remember the stink they made last year when MSNBC's David Shuster asked if Chelsea Clinton was being "pimped out" by Hillary's presidential campaign?

And speaking of MSNBC, wait 'till you get a load of the four-minute slap-around that documentary film-maker and KGIL radio host John Ziegler unloaded on MSNBC's clueless Contessa Brewer. Brewer apparently doesn't understand why Palin "took offense" to Letterman's "comedy," yet toward the end of the interview she becomes visibly upset with Ziegler when he comments that Palin has "far more class than clearly most people on this network have." A visibly flustered Brewer then ends the interview and asks her producer to cut Ziegler's mic.

I don't believe that conservatives should engage in a "tit-for-tat" barrage of lies and propaganda against the liberal news media and entertainment industry that mirrors the crudeness and hatred that the liberal chattering class has expressed toward the Republican party. But I hope that some Republicans have finally learned their lesson about trying to be nice to a news organization (MSNBC) that has deliberately organized itself against the Republican party, and has essentially pledged its unwavering support to Democrats and to President Obama.


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Comments (9)

Ironic isnt it, ask them a ... (Below threshold)

Ironic isnt it, ask them a question, and they go all over the place spouting Soros's talking points, but when they ask questions, they only want you to answer it their way. If not, they cut the mic off.

Freedom of speech libbies? Dissent is patriotic?

Contessa hides from rationa... (Below threshold)

Contessa hides from rational thought and ignores facts so she can maintain the fixed political view enforced by her employer. What a freakin' coward. Contessa the coward bravely ran away.

In a urination contest, suc... (Below threshold)

In a urination contest, such as this, it is better to seen urinating upwards.

The Obamatards make the mistake of elevating there opponents, say Rush Limbaugh, to the level of the President. Here a governor is letting a local radio host urinate all over the network of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews.

If MSNBC sees fit to actually pay Olbermann they should be able to tolerate four minutes of John Zeigler.

Ok Zeigler was having fun at Brewer's expense and he showed it. Zeigler was still well within the bounds set by Olbermann.

Kept waiting for her to cov... (Below threshold)

Kept waiting for her to cover her ears and scream "NA NA NA" so she couldn't hear him!

And still nothing about the... (Below threshold)

And still nothing about the Holocaust Museum shooter, the uptick in anti-Obama, Right Wing violence, or the fact that perhaps, just perhaps the DHS report was correct after all.

I made the observation shortly before the site crash that the fact that the day of the Holocaust Museum shooting, all you guys were talking about was baseball spoke volumes...

Hey look is Contessa Brewer... (Below threshold)

Hey look is Contessa Brewer! I mean look its Jake changing the subject.

You are SOOO right Jake!.. ... (Below threshold)

You are SOOO right Jake!.. If I were you, I'd find another site to go to!..

Isn't the Holocaust Museum ... (Below threshold)
SER Author Profile Page:

Isn't the Holocaust Museum shooter on Jake's team?
He hated Bush, Bill O'Reilly, and the "neo-cons."


Oh, sure, SER. You want to... (Below threshold)

Oh, sure, SER. You want to talk about it now that you've found out the shooter was a lefty. Jake doesn't have to take that. In fact, I doubt he'll be back until he thinks everyone forgot what an ass he made of himself. Again, I mean.






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