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CBS News calls Ahmadinejad Iran's George W. Bush

This is an outrage! CBS has a piece on their website that is so out of line it's one of the most agregious and disgusting examples of media malpractice I think I have ever seen. CBS News has this headline over the New Republic's article about Iran's election debacle: "Meet Iran's George W. Bush." Thanks to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit for not just bringing this to me but for capturing the screen cap so CBS can't take it down without people seeing their propaganda and lies in full color:


Ahmadinejad is an evil dictator who is killing his own citizens in the streets because they are expressing their outrage at how he rigged the election through massive voter fraud. This creep also has his goons beat women in public for showing their hair. He bans satallite television. He has young girls executed when it was they who were raped. Ahmandinejad has the soul of the devil, and CBS calls him Iran's George W. Bush. Disgraceful!

This is supposed to be a legitimate news organization but they've proven themselves to be nothing but a black hole in which truth, fairness, and decency are sucked in to never be seen or heard from again. No wonder mainstream media news outlets, especially CBS, are losing viewers, readers, and listeners when they are incapable of reporting anything but lies like this.


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Really now - they both "sto... (Below threshold)

Really now - they both "stole" an election, didn't they? Of course they are equal in the eyes of C-"BS". (Never mind the fact that the New York Times proved conclusively that Florida wasn't stolen in 2000, and that there was scant evidence of any kind of voter fraud both in 2000 and 2004.)

I think we'll start seeing a lot more of this kind of "but Bush was worse!!!" propaganda, especially when the economy starts to sag under the weight of the taxes, interest rate increases, and inflation that are sure to come from Obama's massive deficit spending.

- Michael Laprarie

Same old CeeBS. Still carr... (Below threshold)

Same old CeeBS. Still carrying water for Barry. Now let's see President Numb-nuts say or do something constructive about the situation. Or are we going to hear another string of apologies?
I'm sure CeeBS will back his play of doing nothing.

Wow! The MSM are sinking fa... (Below threshold)

Wow! The MSM are sinking faster then the economy. This makes sense. If your candidate cannot accomplish anything meaningful, you can always blame Bush. in the meantime, Obamas sinking faster then the Titanic.

No bias here. Move along, ... (Below threshold)

No bias here. Move along, now.

Just like the pope, <a href... (Below threshold)

Just like the pope, http://www.prophecycorner.theforeverfamily.com/Pope_Ratzinger_handsign2-20-09.jpg he's on the New World Order team, so he has to remain in office http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/7430/bushiranlc6.jpg in order to assist with the shift in power.

This is how the election was surmised: "It was just a movie. They were all just players in a movie."
HUSSEIN GHARIBI, of Tehran on the Iranian presidential election, which the opposition says was stolen.

The only thing keeping Ahma... (Below threshold)

The only thing keeping Ahmadinejad from being Irans Obama is a lack of funding for ACORN

I went to TNR, where the or... (Below threshold)

I went to TNR, where the original article is, just out of curiosity. I wondered if the title was the author's idea or CBS's. The author used pretty much the same title. While CBS used "Meet Iran's George Bush", the author had not used the word "meet". Nevertheless it's repugnant. Surprisingly, Bush's name does not even appear beyond the title.

She sets the tone with the title though and rather than offer any side-by-side facts to prove factual correlations between urban and rural voter turnout she instead implies there is some correlation between an Iranian conservative and an American conservative.

And finishes it off with declaring, unequivocally that Mousavi is certainly not Iran's Barack Obama. We wouldn't want to infer from this article that Obama is anything like an Iranian, now would we?

I think one of the commenters at TNR summed it up well for those who have taken issue with those of us who take issue:

"How would "Like Hitler, Obama came into office promising a clean break with the past" sit with you?"

Democrats are utterly Hobbe... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Democrats are utterly Hobbesian. Their sense of entitlement extends to all areas of life, now including elections. OF COURSE if they do not win an election it will have been stolen from them by definition. Worse than spoiled little brats.

It should probably be noted... (Below threshold)

It should probably be noted that the one(s) who write an article or story generally do NOT write the headline.

This difference has been attributed as the cause of several previous instances of grossly-slanted or otherwise inappropriate headlines in AP and other MSM stories/articles. That is, the "deed" was done back at AP (or other) not by the author(s).

jim2, you're right that som... (Below threshold)

jim2, you're right that someone else creates the title - in most cases. CBS took the liberty of adding the word "meet" adding more insult. Not only did they have no trouble with the title, apparently they felt it didn't go far enough.

When will one or more of th... (Below threshold)

When will one or more of the Right's much-vaunted Constitutional lawyers, F Lee Levin, for example, enroll a funding following and take the DNC and its uniformly Goebbelsesque propagandist, polemicist and pamphleteer mass-media hijackers to the FEC and to every court in the land on account of the Hundreds of Millions/maybe Billions of Dollars of free advertising that every major entertainment and/or media organization, every election cycle, provides its fellow fascist "Democrats?"

Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles Califobambicated 90028
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