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Netanyahu's Power Play

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's major policy speech at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan contained little surprise but drew expected responses.

His "major" policy concession was his support for a separate Palestinian state, thus, endorsing the much pushed "two-state solution."

Much of the media sees this as Netanyahu "caving into pressure" from the Obama administration's hard-line stance taken against the Israeli government. However, out of all the concessions Obama has asked of the Jewish state, this was the one which Netanyahu could support the most with the least amount of resistance from his party and population.

The condemnation from the Palestinians was swift and predictable. Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekart said of the speech that it "closed the door to permanent status negotiations." How surprising.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri called the speech "racist", prodding Arab states to form "stronger opposition" to Israel. Hamas does not recognize Israel's right to exist, let alone exist as a Jewish state.

Barak Obama, reacting to Netanyahu's speech, said he viewed it as "positive movement", though he gave no indication as to what that means.

Netanyahu played this perfectly. Agreeing to a "two-state solution" with security qualifiers attached. He has painted Obama into a corner, effectively knocking out one of his pressure tactics, while placing the momentum squarely on the shoulders of the Palestinians.

The ball is in the Palestinian court, now. We all know what will be done with it. It will be kicked around, spat upon, cursed at, deflated, and eventually tossed on the pile like all the others.

Obama can make all the conciliatory speeches he wants. Nothing but the destruction of Israel will ever be enough to placate the Palestinians and their rotten Arab cohorts.


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