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Quote Of The Month

The man's arrogance and narcissism knows no bounds:

We are excited, uh, to see, uh, what appears to be a ro-robust debate taking place in Iran.

And obviously after the speech that I, uh, made in Cairo we tried to send a clear message that we think there is the possibility of change, uhhh, aaaand -- ehhh, yuh-- oh -- Ultimately the election is for the Iranians to decide, uh, but, uh, just a-as has been true in Lebanon, what's, uh -- can be true in Iran as well is that you're seeing people looking at new possibilities. And, uh, whoever, uh, ends up winning, uh, the election in Iran, uh, the fact that there's been a robust debate hopefully will help, uh, advance our ability to engage them in new ways.

President Barak Obama on his impact on the Iranian and Lebanese elections.


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It's all about him. So, th... (Below threshold)

It's all about him. So, this is our so-called great communicator caught without his teleprompter?

It all sounds good (the sen... (Below threshold)

It all sounds good (the sentiment, not the clearly teleprompter-free delivery).

Right up until they start killing supporters of the reform candidate, of course.

"We are excited, uh, to ... (Below threshold)

"We are excited, uh, to see, uh, what appears to be a ro-robust debate taking place in Iran."

Dang. And people still believe we willingly elected this guy. Nothing like a POTUS so in touch with a political climate of riots and bloodshed. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8102007.stm Uh...

Sadly, no matter who was on... (Below threshold)

Sadly, no matter who was on the Iranian ballot, they're all bad to differing degrees. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't Mousavi the guy who jump started their nuclear program? Or do I have him confused with someone else?

Sounds like a fart in the b... (Below threshold)

Sounds like a fart in the bathtub......full
of sound and fury....signifying nothing. Actually it's little sound and no fury. But
boy!... can this guy guy knock it out of
the park when he speaks extemporaneouly.






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