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We are back...

We are back online on a new server with all our data!!!

DNS has been updated and pointer will be updating through the day. I've imported all of the information from the backup site and redirected the backup site to the IP address of this server. That should ensure that everyone is reading the same page regardless of when the DNS records change at your ISP.

New posts coming shortly...


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Comments (12)

Well, they better be about ... (Below threshold)

Well, they better be about old news like the Simthsonian shooting which was already covered, By Gum.

Simthsonian? I guess this ... (Below threshold)

Simthsonian? I guess this site still isn't working right.

Thank you for all of your h... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Thank you for all of your hard work, Kevin. I think everyone on every facet of your Wizbang network sites owes you a great sense of gratitude and respect for all of your hard work to repair this major server problem.

This being one of the favor... (Below threshold)

This being one of the favorite sites on my daily reading list, I am very glad to see you guys back up and running.


Ah, so that's where you wer... (Below threshold)

Ah, so that's where you were. Welcome back!

Welcome back... (Below threshold)

Welcome back

Great filing category by th... (Below threshold)

Great filing category by the way. lol

WOO HOO YOU ARE BACK!!!!Mis... (Below threshold)

WOO HOO YOU ARE BACK!!!!Missed you all so glad that you are back on the air.

Thanks Kevin. I hope the s... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Thanks Kevin. I hope the site benefits you enough somehow to make it worth all the trouble you go to. If not, then a double thank you for your philanthropy to all us blowhards.

I cannot help but echo Mr. ... (Below threshold)

I cannot help but echo Mr. Lorry's observations, adding only that the absence for those few days of Wizbang Blog constituted a serious disruption to the orderly processes of my daily doings. This blog is a vital contribution to the mental well being of more folks than you might realize Kevin. Very glad to see the site up and running once more.

Yeehaw! ... (Below threshold)


bout time,i was starting to... (Below threshold)

bout time,i was starting to go through DT,s.. just kidding,welcome back,youwere missed. :)






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