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AmeriCorps inspector general sacked for doing his job

In a brazenly Nixonian move, the Obama Administration dismissed Gerald Walpin, the Inspector General charged with oversight of the financial affairs of AmeriCorps, the government-sponsored community service organization created by the Clinton Administration in 1993.

Michelle Obama allegedly had a hand in Walpin's dismissal, which came directly on the heels of two comprehensive and embarrassing reports by Walpin that detailed massive waste and fraud in two of Americorps' biggest projects -- St. HOPE Academy, and the Teaching Fellows Program, run by the Research Foundation of the City University of New York. Michelle Obama is also reported to be grooming candidates for chief executive officer of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), which is the organization that runs AmeriCorps.

It seems that Gerald Walpin was doing his job a little too well. I guess the Chicago Machine doesn't put up with that level of honesty. Apparently Americorps (or whatever it will become in the near future under an almost inevitable arranged marriage to ACORN or some other Democrat-controlled political organizing machine, thanks to the new Give/Serve Act) is too valuable to Obama's grand community service/political indoctrination scheme for it to be tainted by the whiff of scandal, particularly financial malfeasance. As a student of Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama knows that a villain can never be effective as an organizer.

(h/t Michelle Malkin, who has more on the story here, including excerpts of an interview with Gerald Walpin by Byron York.)

ADDED: More from Byron York:

In dismissing Walpin, the president seemed to trample on the law -- a law he himself had co-sponsored as a senator -- that protects inspectors general from political influence and retribution. In addition, it appears that at least part of the reason Walpin was fired was for the tenacity he showed in investigating misuse of AmeriCorps money by a friend and supporter of the president, Kevin Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento, California [and the director of St. HOPE Academy]. Walpin got the goods -- evidence of Johnson's serious misuse of federal dollars -- and the inspector general ended up getting fired for his troubles.

Read it all.


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Comments (13)

Well you see, it has the pa... (Below threshold)

Well you see, it has the partial word "Ameri" in it. And thats offensive to Typhoid Barrys main voting block, as it sounds too much like American and non inclusive to the rest of the third world little engines that could'nt.

And you see the MSM reporti... (Below threshold)
retired military:

And you see the MSM reporting on this umm where?

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ob... (Below threshold)

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Obama believes there is no real limit on his power. Unfortunately, he may be right.

Seems like Obama signed tha... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Seems like Obama signed that bill as a Senator. The one making it unlawful to fire an IG. Looks like the GOP has the grounds to impeach this bum. All they need is the numbers to do it. Maybe Obama can be a few more firsts. The first to be successfully impeached and the first President to go to prison.

Don't know why Americorp is... (Below threshold)

Don't know why Americorp is on the Walks on Water's hit list, but it is. This organization was set up by der Schlickmeister in the 90s to promote public service and it has turned out to be a cash cow for the libs. If the idiots in DC cut (like that is gonna happen) this and other programs, like job corps, there would be a huge savings

Stan Obama is protec... (Below threshold)

Obama is protecting Americorp by firing the IG inspector who uncovered fraud by them. Obama is not supposed to be able to fire an IG inspector without notifying Congress 30 days with a valid reason for the firing. Obama sent a letter to Congress stating he lost confidence in Walden. What type of reason is that? Will the State run MSM go often him for that? I doubt it.

Are we going to hear the sa... (Below threshold)

Are we going to hear the same caterwauling from the left that we heard when George W Bush legally fired 3 US attorneys, or the silence we heard from the left when Bill Clinton legally fired all of the US attorneys?

The latter Tim.... (Below threshold)

The latter Tim.

The lefty douchebag conting... (Below threshold)

The lefty douchebag contingent has been remarkably silent of late - could it be because The Won is turning out to be a remarkable combination of Jimmuh Cahtah and :"Tricky" Dick Nixon?

Apb,They're too busy... (Below threshold)

They're too busy proving that Letterman was justified in his comments and that the holocaust museum shooter is a right wing monster created by talk radio. They can only create so many false realities at a time.

Shakepeare on Barry O "....... (Below threshold)

Shakepeare on Barry O "....one may smile, and
smile, and be a villain......"

LOOK, up in the Whitehouse!... (Below threshold)

LOOK, up in the Whitehouse! Faster than a speeding stimulus bill. More powerful than
Pelosi's maintenance menopause cocktail.
Able to spread tall tales with a single
town hall TV spot. It's STUPORMAN!.....too
ethnically perfect to be challenged.

'Pubs gotta put their money in Kryptonite

Is this impeachable?... (Below threshold)

Is this impeachable?






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