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White House snags ABC prime time for ObamaCare infomercial

(perhaps the first honest MSM logo ...)

Drudge reported today:

On the night of June 24, the media and government become one, when ABC turns its programming over to President Obama and White House officials to push government run health care -- a move that has ignited an ethical firestorm!

Highlights on the agenda:

ABCNEWS anchor Charlie Gibson will deliver WORLD NEWS from the Blue Room of the White House.

The network plans a primetime special -- 'Prescription for America' -- originating from the East Room, exclude opposing voices on the debate.

The Director of Communications at the White House Office of Health Reform is Linda Douglass, who worked as a reporter for ABC News from 1998-2006.

Naturally Republicans are concerned -- apparently ABC News has not scheduled any time during the ObamaCare Specials for other points of view. Ken McKay, the RNC Chief of Staff, wrote ABC News:

President Obama does not hold a monopoly on health care reform ideas or on free airtime. The President has stated time and time again that he wants a bipartisan debate. Therefore, the Republican Party should be included in this primetime event, or the DNC should pay for your airtime.

In response, blogger Dan Riehl reflected on something that crossed my mind immediately after I first read this story -- would ABC News (or any other network) have given the Bush White House even an hour of prime-time TV to explain the decision to launch a military invasion of Iraq? For that matter, would they have given the Bush White House a full hour to explain and defend its proposal for the creation of private Social Security accounts? Or any other policy initiative?

Bill Clinton must be green with envy. Even with all the Bubba-love given by the mainstream press to Bill and Hillary during their first year in the White House, they never managed to snag hours of uninterrupted prime network TV in order to promote HillaryCare. And believe me, Bill Clinton and James Carville could have turned out one heck of a sob-story infomercial.

I have remarked many times in private conversations that the official White House sales pitch for ObamaCare will be a well-produced snake-oil show about "choices" and "savings," but with any real options effectively blocked or regulated into oblivion, so that the only functional system left is a nationalized single-payer health plan. My fellow WizBang bloggers and I have previously discussed the "savings" aspect at length: rationing of services, payments denied or physicians forced to accept mandated payment discounts, and denial of potentially life-saving or life-extending health care services when a patient's quality of life is not expected to meet mandatory government benchmarks.

It seems that the Obama Administration is prepared to bias the debate about single-payer health care not only with disinformation, but by working with the mainstream media in order to deliberately block efforts to present alternative solutions to our health care problems. Perhaps this is a lesson learned from the Clinton White House, which welcomed the debate over HillaryCare because they thought they would easily win it.

Obama also knows Alinsky's Rules for Radicals: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. Americans want relief from uncertainty and from the rising costs of health care, but they don't want rationing, or a massive, wasteful bureaucracy that lets patents die or suffer while they wait in queue for their turn at the hospital. That's what ObamaCare boils down to, and the only way to ensure its implementation is to prevent the discussion of constructive alternatives.


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ABC; A proud subsidiary of ... (Below threshold)

ABC; A proud subsidiary of The Ministry of Information.

The Obama doctrine continue... (Below threshold)

The Obama doctrine continues.

"On the night of June 24, t... (Below threshold)

"On the night of June 24, the media and government become one..."

Since it appears this statement will now become a part of recorded history, I question the accuracy of the date.

"ObamaCare"?Really... (Below threshold)



That's the BEST you can come up with? The faux indignation is pathetic in and off itself...but that's just lame...

That conservatives have no ideas, plans, or, seemingly, common sense...that's no shock to anyone.

But I never thought they would EVER get this boring.

There's plans being put for... (Below threshold)

There's plans being put forth by Republicans, Matthew - but who really cares about those? Obama's got the wheel, no alternatives are going to even be considered.

The American Spectator : The Republican Health Care Alternative

Today, the leading Republican health care reform alternative, The Patients' Choice Act, will be introduced in the Senate by Senators Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Richard Burr (R-NC), and in the House by Reps. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Devin Nunes (R-CA). The bill would assure essential health coverage and health care to every U.S. citizen, without increased federal spending and taxes, and without the federal government taking over your health care. For precisely those reasons, today's left wing Democrats will not support it.

Patient Power

The key to the bill is that it shifts the tax benefits for employer provided health insurance from corporations to all workers. As a result, every citizen not retired on Medicare will get a refundable tax credit of $2,300 per year for individual health insurance or $5,700 per year for family coverage. For workers who don't have insurance now or who pay for their own insurance, that is thousands of dollars a year they don't have today to help pay for health insurance. Workers with employer-provided coverage can keep that or use these credits to purchase their own preferred insurance instead. Obama doesn't see anything that doesn't spend billions we don't have and doesn't increase government 'help' to the citizen as being a viable plan.

So we're probably going to get 'hope and chance' - and it'll cost a hell of a lot more than we'll be able to afford.

Dang it! Kevin, could you ... (Below threshold)

Dang it! Kevin, could you PLEASE fix the damn BLOCKQUOTE function!

C'mon, media types are now ... (Below threshold)

C'mon, media types are now openly calling Obama 'god', we can stop pretending there's even a pretense of impartiality. The mainstream media is the White House propaganda wing...just another step down the road that the world has been down a few times before...always with the same result.

It appears the real problem... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

It appears the real problem is that "Naturally Republicans are concerned . . . "

Well then change that attitude! Get up on the other side of the bed in the mornings! Start a new exercise routine! Drive a new route into work! Make a new friend!

Try channelling your *concern* into something productive.

Good luck with your new, and happier, lifestyle!

ABC - All Barrack Channel<b... (Below threshold)
retired military:

ABC - All Barrack Channel
NBC - National Barrack Channel
CBS - Continuous Barrack Sycophancy
CNN - Communist Narration Network

Maybe the RNC should hire B... (Below threshold)

Maybe the RNC should hire Billy Mays to hawk its alternative plan on the AM infomercial channel that is usually ABC on our cable network? Sounds like the RNC kind of thing to do.

If I hadn't already written... (Below threshold)

If I hadn't already written off and stopped viewing ABC during the election, this would have done it.

As Michael alludes to...I'd love to know what the Clintons are saying to each other.

FOX - For Other eXplainatio... (Below threshold)

FOX - For Other eXplainations

I am disgusted with the ide... (Below threshold)

I am disgusted with the idea that mainstream media seems to be entitled to abuse their power in such a way. But, I am hopeful that as FOX news channel continues to gain viewership, the majority of Americans are becoming equally disgusted.

Who is going to tune in to watch all day, all Obama coverage on ABC??

Even his devotees will soon tire of the constant adulation and just use it as background noise to their regular lives of work, play, sports, kids, etc.

There is pushback happening even from within the Democratic party to this most recent massive plan.

We have seen too many of these "quick fixes" without input from many sources and without time to study and question and determine the long term effects.

The stimulus bill has proved to be full of unintended problems. I do hope that its failure to quickly improve the financial situation, as promised, has given pause to legislators about rushing into another program too quickly.

Day by day nailed it. "It'... (Below threshold)

Day by day nailed it. "It's about time they got a room" Live from blue room of the Whitehouse the ABC/Obama health care smooch'a'thon !!!

The very last vestiges of a... (Below threshold)

The very last vestiges of any pretense of "objectivity" is gone. And not one single lefty here seems to care that the media has become the fourth branch of government.

One day, not far down the road, you're going to wish you cared. Your children will curse you.

ABC wants Nielsen Company t... (Below threshold)

ABC wants Nielsen Company to recheck their last ratings. Appears that World News tanked at just over 4 million views last Friday. But then, so did the other liberal MSM stations. Are people beginning to wise up?

This would all be so much easier if Barry would just issue the Brown Shirts, declare himself Fuhrer and just start issuing executive orders to the nation. Once the re-education camps are open, he'll have no problem solving the 6 million unemployed. They'll either be in the camp, or guarding it.

Hey, jacksmith.... next tim... (Below threshold)

Hey, jacksmith.... next time you get a chain email.... keep it to your self.

'Cause when you search a key phrase of your cut & paste piece of dung it's found in the first three results.

Obviously original thought, or any thought, isn't one of your strong points.

Mental midget!

Well, at least Aluceo isn't... (Below threshold)

Well, at least Aluceo isn't the only C&P douche around here lately.

Equal time should be given ... (Below threshold)

Equal time should be given because when the pendulum swings back, you lefties will sream but it will be a moot point. ww

Marc (#18),Well pl... (Below threshold)
SER Author Profile Page:

Marc (#18),

Well played, sir! Well played!

So you guys are vehemently ... (Below threshold)
jim x:

So you guys are vehemently opposed to the pre-planned, screened and even *scripted* press conferences of the GW Bush administration, right?

And you think that was awful that Bush did that, and the news media involved in those were selling out the American people? Including Fox?

Just wanted to be sure where you are coming from.

I do not recall boosh being... (Below threshold)

I do not recall boosh being given air time by any minor network?

Jim x, if booosh did that? I would think it was disgusting. About Burroc Channel is just proving what a disgrace they are to pass themselves off as journalists or news anchors or whatever commies go by nowadays.


OK. Because Bush did that.<... (Below threshold)
jim x:

OK. Because Bush did that.

Here's the sad story of how well Bush was treated by Fox, in exactly the same way that the RNC is accusing ABC:


And keep in mind - what the RNC is complaining about is, at its core, that ABC didn't let the RNC pick audience members for ABC's program. Which I think we can both agree is rather extreme.






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