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A Kos Kiddie Hates Me!


Seems your humble right-wing correspondent has gotten under the thin, ugly skin of one "verbalpaintball", again. He's got his own blog as well as being a regular contributor to , surprise, the Daily Kos.

His latest attempt (today) to tarnish my good name is here.

He asserts that he NEVER called me a "scumbag". Which is true.

However, on June 5th, in one of his articles, he found it acceptable to belch up the following in response to one of my quotes:

"and another one from a second pathetic loser, Shawn Mallow".

He has also besmirched our own HughS, a number of our commenters, and Wizbang, in general.

And now, he's seen fit to write another article lambasting me.

Is this some sort of fatal attraction?

A small little man named Shawn Mallow at Wizbangblog recently wrote the following about me when a commenter supported my opinion in their blog (thanks, SteveP):

"Verbalpaintball" is a well known scumbag around here. He's an "author" over at Kos and he has his own vitriolic blog. His reputation speaks for itself.

He's attempted to excoriate one of my posts before, devoting an entire article to it, to which his classless following hung on every word.

Now, you quoting one of his posts entirely and not offering up any of your own opinions, well, that says more about you than even him.

THAT is pathetic."

Well, Shawn, you've pretty much shown how petty you are by calling me a "scumbag" for no apparent reason. Sure, I've disagreed with you. I've even posted an article that used one of your ignorant comments as starting point. I have not, however, called you a scumbag since I don't know you personally. Your need to label me as such says a whole lot about you.

Well, P.ball, you did call me a "pathetic loser" way before I called you a scumbag. So by your "logic", that says a whole lot more about you than it does me, huh?

Toughen up, sport.

For someone who claims that we on the right are so meaningless, you sure have a rough time ignoring us.


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Comments (10)

Aw. VPball has a crush on ... (Below threshold)

Aw. VPball has a crush on someone...
It's gonna take a while to wash the ink out of your pony tail, Shawn.

Face it, Shawn. You are ju... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

Face it, Shawn. You are just mean-spirited. He just wants to be friends. How can you treat a young 'un that shabbily? Now apoligize.

Cmon, you know what he real... (Below threshold)

Cmon, you know what he really wants... not an apology...


Bow chick a wow wow

What a little weirdo you ar... (Below threshold)

What a little weirdo you are vp.

Congrats, Shawn. It took me... (Below threshold)

Congrats, Shawn. It took me YEARS to get into a fight with a Kossack. You pulled it off in just a few months.

You've made it! Enjoy it, kiddo!


Jay Tea, where are you post... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, where are you posting now? i miss reading your stuff.

Is it possible for a libera... (Below threshold)

Is it possible for a liberal to say anything at all without several goofy and tiresome sexual references?
Another thing--the "we won" schtick has been used over and over and over. It's boring--it's over. I wish they'd come up with something original.
Based on his/her improper usage ("lets" and "it's"), I'm formally offering verbalpaintball a free 30 minute lesson at the Iwogisdead College of Apostrophe Knowledge.

I perused verbal paintball'... (Below threshold)

I perused verbal paintball's blog and found it to be replete with bad language, vitriol and just plain ignorance. Frankly, I think he's picking on Shawn, and Wizbang in general, to get attention. I'd just ignore him at this point. You know, pigs, mud and all that.

BChoinski: You'll find Jay here. I comment infrequently but still read him regularly.

One thing sets most conserv... (Below threshold)
Dave M:

One thing sets most conservative-leaning blogs from the tin foils = by and large, most conservative pundits use their real name. I believe that shows a level of integrity and honesty that people like you, Shawn, have versus those who hide behind monikers.


LOL....Gerbalpaintball what... (Below threshold)

LOL....Gerbalpaintball what a sweety...

Typical KOS douche..

Gerbal, get the cheese puff dust off your fingers and help Mom bring in the groceries.






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