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Quote Of The Day

From Politics Daily:

Overheard at a Senate hearing yesterday:

"Could you say 'senator' instead of 'ma'am?' It's just a thing. I worked so hard to get that title. I'd appreciate it."

--Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) to Brigadier General Michael Walsh during Senate hearing Tuesday, when he the general repeatedly said, "Yes, ma'am," and "No, ma'am," when answering Boxer's questions at hearing she chaired on New Orleans' levee system.

What hubris on this battle ax. She is questioning a Brigadier General, for crying out loud.

Who do you think worked harder to get where they are today?

She is a servant of the public. To demand she be called by a proper title shows her feelings of elitism.

Get over yourself.


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Comments (23)

Hopefully the good citizens... (Below threshold)

Hopefully the good citizens of California will work hard to give her the title of Former Senator. Ex-Senator will do, as well.

I dunno'.She seems... (Below threshold)

I dunno'.

She seems to have asked politely. How had she addressed him? Did she call him "General"? Or, did she "skirt" the issue with pronouns?

If the former, "Senator" would seem proper. If the latter, "Ma'am" would seem equally appropriate.

I did not listen and have not seen a transcript. Do we know which style Boxer herself employed?

So, her asking to be called... (Below threshold)
Jim x:

So, her asking to be called by her actual title is elitism.


Of course the left is wrong... (Below threshold)

Of course the left is wrong. The military, every level for more then a hundred years is taught to say Ma'am and sir to all superiors, even the president after the initial greeting of Mr. President.

Senator Boxer, again, proves what an imbecile she is and a continuing embarrassment to her state. ww

Get used to referrin... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Get used to referring to Al Franken as "Senator" as well.

Actually, he was addressing... (Below threshold)
Monica McLaughlin:

Actually, he was addressing her with the highest military courtesy. Anyone who outranks him may be addressed by either ma'am or their title, without fear of disrespect. Until today. Said politely or not, her statement can only be one of two things, arrogant or ignorant, two things most Americans have come to assume about people who have "earned" the title of Senator.

"Get used to referring to A... (Below threshold)

"Get used to referring to Al Franken as "Senator" as well." NOT in this lifetime!.. How do you spell "Shmuck"?

I'd like to hear him call ... (Below threshold)

I'd like to hear him call her Senator; and make the two syllables sound like the two words Senators are.

Get used to referring to... (Below threshold)

Get used to referring to Al Franken as "Senator" as well.

As in "Senator Smalley?"

Rather impressive display o... (Below threshold)

Rather impressive display of narcissism by Boxer.

at the end did you hear him... (Below threshold)

at the end did you hear him say "yes sir". that was his way of saying "up yours".

I think bitch is more appro... (Below threshold)

I think bitch is more appropriate.

Al Franken didn't even make... (Below threshold)

Al Franken didn't even make a good clown and now you want me to call him "Senator"?


Good one!

I was curious, so I checked... (Below threshold)

I was curious, so I checked out more of the hearing at http://epw.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Hearings.Choose&Hearing_id=c7026be1-802a-23ad-4fa3-4c8ed0b6d074. Was the General treating her Highness differently and more deferentially than the other senators? I randomly started at about 46.00 and ended around 1.09.00. In that time period Gen. Walsh addressed Sen. Vitter as "sir" 14 times and as "Senator" twice; he addressed Sen. Landrieu as "ma'am" 6 times and as "Senator" twice (and once as "sir" which he quickly corrected to "ma'am"). Neither Sens. Vitter nor Landrieu apparently had a problem with the polite and respectful way they were addressed.

GWB demanded that people ca... (Below threshold)

GWB demanded that people call him "Mr. President" and corrected multiple people when they faltered. Always struck me as a dick move. Boxer included.

jp2, do you have a link of ... (Below threshold)

jp2, do you have a link of GWB telling someone not to call him sir, but Mr. President? I recall him correcting someone that he was not "Mr. Bush" once...

So I can address Boxer by c... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

So I can address Boxer by calling her a bitch?

An astounding statement fro... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

An astounding statement from a public servant who was ELECTED to her status... and directed toward a Brigadier General who achieved his position via merit.

It's just a thing.... (Below threshold)
It's just a thing.
So, why did she make such a big deal out of it? I don't see too much of a problem with her request as long as she addressed him as "general". Mutual respect would probably put less tension on the meeting, but it's hard to determine with this excerpt. I am not a Barbara Boxer fan, but she may have a point depending on the circumstance.
Senator Boxer has never wor... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

Senator Boxer has never worked a day in her life. Since she'd look as silly as she really is if she demanded to be called princess, she'll settle for Senator. Now, if she had to learn to spell Senator, it would be the hardest work she ever did.

Barbara Boxer: Che... (Below threshold)

Barbara Boxer:

Check bouncer:



Faded former slut.

Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles Califoboxercated 90028
And the Far Abroad

Cupid Stunt would be more a... (Below threshold)

Cupid Stunt would be more apropos for that dingbat.

How/why is this even a stor... (Below threshold)

How/why is this even a story?






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