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If Canada is the new U.S, are we the new France?

At least someone in our hemisphere isn't trying to cozy up to Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khamenei... From CBC:

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said Canada will not remain silent on the political situation in Iran after Tehran added Canada to a list of countries that it says is meddling in its internal affairs.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called Canada's chargé d'affaires in Tehran to a meeting on Thursday, reportedly complaining that Canada has been spouting meddlesome comments and decrying media coverage of the outcome of Friday's presidential election that showed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad winning by a 2-to-1 margin.

"He was told the same thing that every other chargé has been told: 'Stay out of our politics,'" Cannon told CBC News. "And we will not. We will continue to promote democracy. We will continue to challenge Iran on human rights."

"These are things that are extremely important and it's incumbent upon us to continue to do that."

Of course the title relates back to time when the French could be counted on to oppose anything that smacked of good sense and threatened a upset their penchant for doing business with repressive dictatorships that were under U.N. sanction. That's not true anymore either...


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