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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

President Barack Obama and White House staffers aboard Air Force One to Paris look at Reggie Love's photos of Egypt on June 5, 2009 (Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (93)

Here's one of you in profil... (Below threshold)

Here's one of you in profile, here's one of you from the front, here's one of you looking thoughtful, here's one of you.....

President Obama and members... (Below threshold)

President Obama and members of his staff are seen posting entries in the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest.

Gut on the far right: I wo... (Below threshold)

Gut on the far right: I wonder if now is the right time to bring up the defense of marriage act?

Check out this pic of Miche... (Below threshold)

Check out this pic of Michelle I took in Hawaii on our vacation last year!

Writing the dismissal justi... (Below threshold)

Writing the dismissal justification for Inspector General Walpin had them all stumped, but the breakthrough moment, seen here, came when the President came up with the priceless "Confused and Disoriented" angle...

"...and (click), there we h... (Below threshold)

"...and (click), there we have one perfectly forged Hawaiian birth certificate. No one will ever be able to prove it's a fake!"


We can promote all of our i... (Below threshold)

We can promote all of our initiatives and use screen names like "Barneyg2000" and "Adrian Browne".

And nobody will ever know!

The 'Hillary Falls and B... (Below threshold)

The 'Hillary Falls and Breaks Her Elbow' YouTube was a big hit on Air Force One.

"...And it's programed to s... (Below threshold)

"...And it's programed to send a text to your Blackberry when your next campaign promise expires..."

Ever since they cracked Bil... (Below threshold)

Ever since they cracked Bill Clinton's internet password, the President and his staff have been engaged in researching the tragic explosion of porn on the internet.

Obama's Anti-Tea Party Task... (Below threshold)

Obama's Anti-Tea Party Task Force watches video of the Iranian crackdown for inspiration...

Boss, you made the cover of... (Below threshold)

Boss, you made the cover of Teleprompter Today again this month!

When a picture of Saudi Kin... (Below threshold)

When a picture of Saudi King Abdullah appeared on an aide's desktop computer, President Obama instinctively bowed.

Having a state-run network ... (Below threshold)

Having a state-run network like ABC is not all fun and games. You do need to take the time to write all the copy.

"See, Mr. President, you si... (Below threshold)
NJ Mike:

"See, Mr. President, you simply click here and the little paperclip guy helps you write your 'strongly worded letter.'"

See, if you flip the unempl... (Below threshold)

See, if you flip the unemployment chart it looks much better!

The computer provides a nav... (Below threshold)

The computer provides a navigational fix so that Obama can bow towards Mecca for evening prayers.

Dorks on a plane.... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Dorks on a plane.

Obama staff members prepare... (Below threshold)

Obama staff members prepare "questions from the audience" for the upcomming Healthcare Reform address to be aired exclusively by ABC.

"Wheelchair! Gotta have a questioner in a wheelchair," chimes an eager to participate Reggie Love.

"With a neck brace!" exclaims another staffer as they all begin to chuckle.

Look, Wizbang is down again... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Look, Wizbang is down again! Ha ha ha ha!

I can find a trillion for y... (Below threshold)

I can find a trillion for your healthcare plan, no sweat. Look here, it's easy to create money out of thin air.

Tyler Perry has YouTube cha... (Below threshold)

Tyler Perry has YouTube channel? Who knew!

The President and his staff... (Below threshold)

The President and his staff enjoying a few minutes of David Letterman talking about Sarah Palin.

"You just click on the TaxP... (Below threshold)

"You just click on the TaxPayer$ icon, drag it through the Pelosi & Reid icons, and drop it in the bottomless pit of your choice, say "Acorn" or "GM"'

"Can you set on auto-run, select all?"

Obama oversees the photosho... (Below threshold)

Obama oversees the photoshopping nationalized healthcare: "OK, now put a human face on the dragon......"

OK, now hit "send" so that ... (Below threshold)

OK, now hit "send" so that ABC knows what to say today.

"Circle takes the square, M... (Below threshold)

"Circle takes the square, Mr. President! You win again!"

While his staff pretend to ... (Below threshold)

While his staff pretend to enjoy it too, they, unlike the President, do grow weary of his obsession with Googling his name....

They just got the email "<a... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

They just got the email "Historical Keepsake Photo" from Sherri Goforth.

Fustian, sorry; did'nt see ... (Below threshold)

Fustian, sorry; did'nt see your 14.

Those poor saps in Iran thi... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Those poor saps in Iran think that we're going to help them!

Obama: I think I'm starting... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Obama: I think I'm starting to understand... it works almost like a teleprompter except that I have to tell it what to do.

Video Editor: "This makes i... (Below threshold)

Video Editor: "This makes it look like you are walking on water".
"Sort of God": "But I do walk on water."

OBAMA: "ha, ha, ha, he,he,h... (Below threshold)

OBAMA: "ha, ha, ha, he,he,he! This is hilarious!! Give me a cigarette! Play that clip again...Dave means her 14 year old daughter and A Rod, right?!?!?! Oh, ha, ho, he, my side hurts from laughing ... uhhh ohh, I gotta pee."

The computer; garbage in, g... (Below threshold)

The computer; garbage in, garbage out.
The teleprompter; garbage in, garbage out.

Good thing we get FOXnews.c... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Good thing we get FOXnews.com up here. Look at all the rubes running in terror! Hey, tell the pilot to buzz Manhattan again.

...then we go over to "wizb... (Below threshold)

...then we go over to "wizbangblog.com", and look! There's another picture of you, sir

They BELIEVED that? OK OK ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

They BELIEVED that? OK OK OK ... now tell them we "saved or created" 500,000 jobs ...

"She must be a contortionis... (Below threshold)

"She must be a contortionist..."

You just put the cursor on ... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

You just put the cursor on the uppity IG, left-click on the mouse, and Mr. Predator deals with the problem.

See, this makes the green c... (Below threshold)

See, this makes the green curtain harder to look behind.

With the new "electronic me... (Below threshold)

With the new "electronic medical record", we can prove that Barry Obama NEVER SMOKED cigarettes.....with these simple changes.

What that donkey is doing t... (Below threshold)

What that donkey is doing that to a woman is symbolic of what the Democrats are doing to Americans.

Dear Strongbad,I l... (Below threshold)

Dear Strongbad,

I like it most when you harm your friends.

Barrack, D.C.

"Yes, Mr. President its rud... (Below threshold)

"Yes, Mr. President its rude... but what did you expect from a quiz to determine, "Which Feminine Hygiene Product are you?"

Obama: "Wow, thats a lot of... (Below threshold)

Obama: "Wow, thats a lot of zeroes... so what has more zeroes than a trillion?"
Gibbs: "Your staff."

OK, now find a Chicken and ... (Below threshold)

OK, now find a Chicken and Waffles place that delivers.

"Oh jees... You're gay too?... (Below threshold)

"Oh jees... You're gay too? We gotta stop taking this quiz."

OBAMAIR - (DING)<... (Below threshold)

OBAMAIR - (DING) - You are now free to moan about the country.

Ok now for the results........ (Below threshold)

Ok now for the results.....86.......Well you know Mr. President, these online IQ tests are notoriously inaccurate.....

With an advisor from the Na... (Below threshold)

With an advisor from the Navy standing by, Obama and crew attempt to pick out an appropriately diverse class for the Naval Academy.

Obama waits his turn for th... (Below threshold)
Al Pennam:

Obama waits his turn for the Escape From Guantanamo video game.

Instead of Madden '09, Obam... (Below threshold)

Instead of Madden '09, Obama and staff discover the "Football computer" actually contains a sweet game called "Global Thermonuclear War".

The staff breaks up when a ... (Below threshold)

The staff breaks up when a naive junior staffer suggests to Obama that he consider using PriceLine.com to save taxpayer money on his next "Date Night"....

I will sleep better tonight... (Below threshold)

I will sleep better tonight knowing these clowns are on the job.

Thank you!

"Yeah, Mr. President... her... (Below threshold)
Howie Felterbush:

"Yeah, Mr. President... here's that video I was talking about with the 2 girls and the cup."

Yes boss another trillion h... (Below threshold)

Yes boss another trillion has now been deposited into your offshore account..... ha ha ha ha ha

Obama: "Just add a zero on ... (Below threshold)

Obama: "Just add a zero on that printing request to the Federal Reserve"

"You're right - I do... (Below threshold)

"You're right - I do look more like a chimp than Bush did!"

#59 ha ha ha ha ha... (Below threshold)

#59 ha ha ha ha ha

This is where we commit our... (Below threshold)

This is where we commit our thoughts, to your teleprom, err, words.

"Uh... yessir I have seen t... (Below threshold)

"Uh... yessir I have seen the fly swatting video... Whazzat? again?"

"No I don't think we can si... (Below threshold)

"No I don't think we can sign up Leeroy Jenkins for duty in Afghanistan."

No Mr. President... I don't... (Below threshold)

No Mr. President... I don't think the man in the Chicken suit really hears you

So... Pelosi doesn't know h... (Below threshold)

So... Pelosi doesn't know her web cam was left on?
What in the hell is Reid doing now? Oh no....

Omigod - it's a cat! And h... (Below threshold)

Omigod - it's a cat! And he's playing a keyboard - that's freakin' hilarious!!!

The new potty cam was a hit... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

The new potty cam was a hit when the speaker of the house entered the ladies room.

Its all fun and games for t... (Below threshold)

Its all fun and games for the simp in chief

Expedia...DOT COM!... (Below threshold)

Expedia...DOT COM!

Look everybody! Free Porn!!... (Below threshold)

Look everybody! Free Porn!!

This photograph may not be ... (Below threshold)

This photograph may not be photo-shopped in any way or used in gag-reels, caption contests, cartoons, or denigrations that suggest the President, the First Family, or the White House are open targets and parody themselves willingly.

...fake...fake...natural...... (Below threshold)

...fake...fake...natural...natural...fake...WAY fake!...

Even 6 years later, the Sta... (Below threshold)

Even 6 years later, the Star Wars Kid is still making people chuckle.

With the number five pick o... (Below threshold)

With the number five pick of the 2009 NBA draft, the Washington Wizards select Barack Obama, Guard, Columbia University.

There was an awkward silenc... (Below threshold)

There was an awkward silence as the new BOOBamaCam afforded an excellent view of Michelle's crotch.

(Bo Obama Cam, much like the previous Barney Cam, for the morons that were too dense to figure this out)

Uh no, it isn't a mirror.</... (Below threshold)

Uh no, it isn't a mirror.

"Hey, look, fellas! A fly o... (Below threshold)
Uncle Xenu:

"Hey, look, fellas! A fly on the screen!"

jdepp63#> seriously, powerf... (Below threshold)

jdepp63#> seriously, powerful women really turn me on!
npelosi5690#> stop, you are making me blush :)
jdepp63#> are a member of the mile high club?
jdepp63#> wanna join? ;)
jdepp63#> can we do it in air force one? ;)
npelosi5690#> Damn it! BO always has that plane! :(

giggle...giggle...she really thinks we are Johnny Depp

Obama was shocked at the am... (Below threshold)

Obama was shocked at the amount of Porn on the web, before he realized it was Chris Matthew's webshrine dedicated to Obama.

"Yes Reggie..I did bow to t... (Below threshold)

"Yes Reggie..I did bow to the Saudi King just like this.. Now can you delete the slideshow?"

You have to be an Atlantic ... (Below threshold)

You have to be an Atlantic Coast Conference fan to get this one:

"Oh man, you know, I REALLY don't remember this happening..."

Ok, okRemember when ... (Below threshold)

Ok, ok
Remember when we told them we needed to spend billions and billions to save the U.S. and all?
That's nothing. Watch this once.

Obama's Internet Porn Czar ... (Below threshold)

Obama's Internet Porn Czar shares his personal spank bank on boy's night out.

Obama "So is that NK missil... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Obama "So is that NK missile on track to hit Hawaii? If it does I can claim that my original birth certificate was destroyed by the explosion. I owe Kim big time for this one."

No, we just can't release t... (Below threshold)

No, we just can't release this video of Bill and Monica in the Oval Office!

BHO: "Reggie is that the Pa... (Below threshold)

BHO: "Reggie is that the Palin sex tape? Man she is hot!"

"We're directly over JibJab... (Below threshold)

"We're directly over JibJab's server site now, Sir."
"OK.... drop the bombs."

Okay, this Iran stuff is ge... (Below threshold)

Okay, this Iran stuff is getting depressing. Let's google for directions to the nearest Friendly's. Ice cream for everybody!

Before perfecting the viewi... (Below threshold)

Before perfecting the viewing formula, Hulu over-mushed the brains of the pilot group.

Obama and crew watching the... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Obama and crew watching the Iranian protests

Obama - "A woman not wearing a sharia pushing a bicycle through an intersection on a red light - That is worth at least 25 points"

Obama - "Seeing all the col... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Obama - "Seeing all the colors these protestors are wearing reminds me, I have to take the girls out for custard and sprinkles"

This looks like a great<... (Below threshold)
eforhan Author Profile Page:

This looks like a great place for custard!

Update: <... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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