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Barbara Boxer's Ignorance

If you didn't hear about it, Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh was testifying in front of a Senate committee when he responded to a question by Senator Barbara Boxer with "yes ma'am." She took that as a sign of disrespect so she asked that he address her as "senator" because, as she put it, she worked hard for that title.

Senator Boxer showed her ignorance of the military when she did that. Milbogger Blackfive explains:

As a former Army Officer, if one of my soldiers called me "Lieutenant", instead of "el-tee" or "Sir", I would know that he found me lacking. Calling me by my job title or rank is only done because it is the lowest requirement of respect.

The. Lowest. Requirement. Of. Respect.

If one of my soldiers called me "Captain", without using my last name behind it or "Sir", I would know that he found me substandard.

BG Walsh was showing Barbara Boxer respect by calling her "Ma'am" instead of "Senator." Believe me, the title "Senator" does not really hold a whole lot of credibility in the US military. It's a job, and a Corporal leading a team in Baqubah has more honor than most of those holding that title.

Sir or Ma'am is showing Barbara Boxer respect that doesn't have to be shown to her. BG Walsh can call her Senator all day and night. Instead, the general called her "Ma'am" - a term in deference to her and to show respect for what she earned.

But if she wants to be associated with that den of corruption and incompetence, be my guest.

So, what Senator Boxer actually said to BG Walsh is "please call me by the lowest requirement of respect."

Well, Boxer said she worked hard to get that title, and I have to say I agree with the her.


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Recently the Army decided t... (Below threshold)

Recently the Army decided the Soldier is to be capitalized in all print. (I think they are jealous that Marine gets capitalized, albeit without a general order). How about we start decapitalizing all those who are decapitalizing our treasury? senators boxer, pelosi and reid would have to improve the budget WITHOUT new taxes to get their capital letters back.

she is an utter embarrasmen... (Below threshold)

she is an utter embarrasment, and obviously knows how insulting she was being.

I don't know why the General didn't just omit ALL titles when addressing her. I would have.

She and our rulers continue to heap contempt on those that protect us. this is not a viable long-term strategy! tic...tic...tic

I hold the title Senator an... (Below threshold)

I hold the title Senator and Congressmen in contempt. Boxer is a pathetic excuse for an elected official serving the public. She only serves herself. California deserves Boxer, Feinstein, and Pelosi. All are laughing stocks.

"Whoever you are, I have al... (Below threshold)

"Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." "Could you please, call me Senator?" Blanche (Babs) Dubois-Boxer

Boxer is the poster child f... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Boxer is the poster child for the reason why non-veterans shouldn't be allowed on committees that have dealings with the military.

"Barbara Boxer's Ignorance"... (Below threshold)

"Barbara Boxer's Ignorance". With a title like that, I expected this piece would be...longer!

Why is anyone surprised by ... (Below threshold)

Why is anyone surprised by her arrogance? Liberals are the most arrogant, intolerant creatures on the planet. It is all about them. Their lives are wrapped up in the totality of themselves. They don't care if they destroy the lives of Americans as long as they are the ones doing the destroying. It is ironic how libs want to tell others how to live but usually there own loves are utter disasters...but that is liberalism.

"Barbara Boxer's Ignoran... (Below threshold)

"Barbara Boxer's Ignorance". With a title like that, I expected this piece would be...longer!

Not if you're showing stuff she actually has knowledge of...

For the Fairbank Report's t... (Below threshold)

For the Fairbank Report's treatment of this issue, see .fairbankreport.blogspot.com

Vote on wheter or not Senat... (Below threshold)

Vote on wheter or not Senator Boxer was rude to the general at:


The lowest degree of respec... (Below threshold)

The lowest degree of respect would be "cockroach".

To paraphrase Dan Aykroyd..... (Below threshold)

To paraphrase Dan Aykroyd............Barbara Boxer, ma'am, you ignorant s**t!

I believe that Boxer thing ... (Below threshold)

I believe that Boxer thing adheres to the cult of diversity and multi-culturalism.

If so, if that Boxer creature ever questions an inner-city thug adhering to the "gangsta' culture" I hope that thug interacts with that disgusting (in my opinion) Barbara Boxer thing with terms such as "Yo, Ho" and "What be happenin' bitch" and other terms common with that thug sub-culture.

Actually, my experience in ... (Below threshold)
Rockeye13 Author Profile Page:

Actually, my experience in the military taught me that addressing an officer by their rank was almost always considered insulting. The only time it wasn't automatically an insult was when one officer (of higher rank) used that form. "Lieutenant, could you bring me that map?" as opposed to "Looky here Lieutenant, your shit is weak. Straighten up." Also it was NEVER appropriate for an enlisted soldier to address an officer by their rank, only 'sir' or 'maam.'

From this point forward I w... (Below threshold)

From this point forward I want to be called "Queen of the Friggin Universe". It's just a thing. I worked very hard to make it up. I'm sure you'll understand and comply.

From my experience addressi... (Below threshold)

From my experience addressing a superior by rank only flew without insult if you were doing it to avoid confusion such as having 2 or more officers of superior rank in the room. Failing to follow up with sir and or their last name, was usually the signal that you were rally saying "Asshole", not "Major".
Let the Spaceballs jokes, BEGIN.

Army lifers do indeed live ... (Below threshold)
Craig Travis:

Army lifers do indeed live in a little world of their own. I think it comes from rationalizing killing people. It's those terrorists that are evil because they don't kill people the same way we do. Their God is just bad too.

Can we catalog us a vocabul... (Below threshold)

Can we catalog us a vocabulary of other monikers that Brigadier General Walsh could call Senator Boxer that would give her a new respect for the address "ma'am"? Anybody? I would give anything to have been inside his head to know what he was REALLY thinking when this power-tripping a**hat popped off at him.

Travis What exactly ... (Below threshold)

What exactly is your point, other than commenting off the subject of this thread?

Travis, what about us Air F... (Below threshold)

Travis, what about us Air Force lifers? I wanna be in a world of my own, too. Oh, and fyi, I don't need to rationalize killing people. Every one of those fuckers was doing his level best to kill me first... There endeth the lesson.






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