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Michelle Obama's Connection to AmeriCorps

Gerald Walpin, an honorable and honest man, was the inspector general for the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), which is the federal agency that oversees AmeriCorps. President Obama fired him recently. Here's a little bit of background from The Wall Street Journal just in case you have not be following the story:

In April 2008 the Corporation asked Mr. Walpin to investigate reports of irregularities at St. HOPE, a California nonprofit run by former NBA star and Obama supporter Kevin Johnson. St. HOPE had received an $850,000 AmeriCorps grant, which was supposed to go for three purposes: tutoring for Sacramento-area students; the redevelopment of several buildings; and theater and art programs.

Mr. Walpin's investigators discovered that the money had been used instead to pad staff salaries, meddle politically in a school-board election, and have AmeriCorps members perform personal services for Mr. Johnson, including washing his car.

At the end of May, Mr. Walpin's office recommended that Mr. Johnson, an assistant and St. HOPE itself be "suspended" from receiving federal funds. The Corporation's official charged with suspensions agreed, and in September the suspension letters went out. Mr. Walpin's office also sent a civil and/or criminal referral to the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of California.

So, Mr. Walpin did his job, but the Obama administration was not pleased with that because Mayor Johnson is one of President Barack Obama's very good friends and supporters. As a result of IG Walpin's findings, the president fired him. Now, there are a number of investigations going on because this firing stinks to high heaven of corruption and cronyism, and this from an administration that promised us transparency.

Now, Michelle Malkin has found an interesting connection between AmeriCorps and Michelle Obama:

Well, well, well.

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle.

Guess where the First Lady will be on Monday?

Why, she'll be delivering the keynote address at the 2009 National Conference on Volunteering and Service in San Francisco.

And who is co-sponsoring the conference?

Why, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)!

Yes, that's the same CNCS that is the parent organization of AmeriCorps.

It's the same CNCS that last year suspended Sacramento mayor/Obama crony Kevin Johnson from receiving federal funds after then-inspector general Gerald Walpin blew the whistle on massive fraud and abuse of AmeriCorps dollars for personal and political gain.

It's the same CNCS that then sat by and meekly watched Team Obama and the U.S. Attorney in Sacramento railroad Walpin after the November 2008 election for doing his damned job.

And now, there is no honest, independent watchdog to raise questions on behalf of taxpayers as the Obama political machine takes over the national service juggernaut. How...convenient.

Read all of Michelle Malkin's post. It's filled with a lot of very important information.

Americans need to wake up to the Obama Administration's corruption. They are wasting taxpayers' money on corrupt and dishonest cronies as if it were their own trust fund bequeathed to them by their wealthy parents.


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Comments (23)

This is an example of what ... (Below threshold)

This is an example of what the Democrat Party is really all about, what it has always been all about.

Not Socialism, but rather just plain old fashioned Thieving and Looting of the Treasury.

The Left says such wonderfu... (Below threshold)

The Left says such wonderful words...does such despicable things!

wonderful words such as "vigorous debate" to describe the Iranian uprising.

by all accounts the "vigorous debate" in Iran has led to numerous deaths today. I don't know if that's how debates went at Harvard...but it certainly isn't how I remember them!

"an administration that pro... (Below threshold)

"an administration that promised us transparency."

They made good on this one. We can see right through their agenda.

"The firing "would not have... (Below threshold)

"The firing "would not have played itself out" were it not for the fact that the board raised concerns about the IG, Gerald Walpin, after the May 20 board meeting, a board member told TPMmuckraker. The board member added that the White House had no role in encouraging the board to make the review request, calling it "completely board-initiated." The White House had cited the request from the board in its letter to Congress explaining the reason for Walpin's firing."

"The May 20 meeting, said the board member, was called because the board wanted to "extend [Walpin] the courtesy of hearing him out" on the St. HOPE issue. After Walpin spoke for about 20 or 30 minutes, board members expressed the view that he was personalizing things, and asked him to remain focused on the issues. In response, said the board member, Walpin "became forgetful and couldn't remember what he had said twenty minutes ago."


Heckuva job, Kimmy.

max, If you cannot a... (Below threshold)

If you cannot address Kim respectively, don't
address her at all. Capiche?

"Walpin "became forgetfu... (Below threshold)

"Walpin "became forgetful and couldnt remember what he had said twenty minutes ago."

He was probably afraid for his families lives Max.

Walpin seemd pretty sharp d... (Below threshold)

Walpin seemd pretty sharp during his Glenn Beck appearence - Im afraid its going to take more than a liberal troll qouting week old talking points to refute that.

Max, have you seen the man ... (Below threshold)

Max, have you seen the man speak?

If you had the charge that Walpin is in any way "forgetful" or "couldn't remember what he had said twenty minutes ago" is patent non-sense.

And BTW, what about how the man was fired?

As per an (then sen.) obama voted on and passed law that requires a reason AND 30 day notice to Congress when firing an IG.

Neither requirement was met by obama, got nothing to say about that?

In the real world, Obama sh... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

In the real world, Obama should be charged with misdemeanors and high crimes. His wife has been involved with this crap a long time. Beck showed the connection from Alinsky to Americorp, which is the new ACORN now that one is under fire. The second amendment is the trip wire. If they try to disarm us it is time to throw them out and I do not necessarily mean peacefully

And we thought Hillary was ... (Below threshold)

And we thought Hillary was a dragon lady.

Kim, once again you've fail... (Below threshold)

Kim, once again you've failed to do much of any research, as max points out. The White House and/or Obama simply DID NOT fire the IG.

"became forgetful and co... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

"became forgetful and couldn't remember what he had said twenty minutes ago."

Obama in the absence of a teleprompter!

Oh really, Jake? Someone l... (Below threshold)

Oh really, Jake? Someone lower down looked at the job he was doing and took it upon themselves to rid Obama of this troublesome meddler, and NOT do it according to law?

Or perhaps you're going to say he wasn't fired, he was 'asked to resign'.

The IG was asked to investigate, he found irregularities, started the process to remedy them - and now he was asked to resign. And the person running St Hope just happens to be an Obama supporter. Gee - isn't THAT a coincidence?

If this were done with a Republican President, with an IG investigating an award by a government agency that had ANY sort of ties to the President's wife, folks over on the Blue would be screaming bloody murder over the smear campaign being waged against this man - and rightfully so.

Corruption is corruption no matter where it's found - and having a (D) after the name doesn't make a person immune from investigation. Bluntly, the Dems promised the least corrupt, most open administration in history - you don't get that by firing the investigators you hired to make sure everything was clean and above board.

"Kim, once again you've ... (Below threshold)

"Kim, once again you've failed to do much of any research, as max points out."

If you had any real brains, Jake, you would see how little use you really are to max. "What max said" is probably the least intelligent comment you have brought to this blog ever. The points you score with him and his "search and destroy" attitude are like "Itchy and Scratchy" money. They're null and void when you try cash them out.

The way he and jp2 addressed Kim shows you what kind of low level of respect they are working on. I am still waiting on the link to your exceptional political blog that you will graciously provide for our reading enjoyment. I am sure you have so much to teach us about reading and interpretation.

The White House and/or O... (Below threshold)

The White House and/or Obama simply DID NOT fire the IG.

What? This cannot mean what it says. Under the Inspector General Act, it is the President who has the authority to fire the IG. Apparently Prez O thinks he fired Walpin, since he's written letters to the Congress about it.
In the June 11 letter to the Congress, Obama said nothing about request of the board. Only after Walpin took his case public were these reasons for his firing alleged.
It's interesting that one of the reasons cited by "the board member" for the firing is apparently untrue or at least exaggerated. But I particularly enjoyed the reason for the firing given by "the board member" which said that, when asked questions, Walpin paused for one or two minutes to review his notes. Sounds sort of like a certain House Speaker Pelosi whose name I will not mention.

I haven't commented on Walp... (Below threshold)

I haven't commented on Walpin's firing because, well, although I'm interested, it hasn't been a priority and constraints on my time as of late insist on prioritizing.

Some observations though. There are again anonymous people involved. ie. 'the board member' and the 'second board member'. I do so tire of anonymous sources who speak on condition of anonymity usually because they're not authorized to speak. They almost always level charges of partisanship leaving one to wonder if their motives might be partisan.

But if Walpin overstepped his bounds or did in fact act in a partisan manner (that's a no-no) then he should be called out on the carpet.

However, it took a request from a member of Congress for the White House to provide details, something that legally should have been done without a request. The firing of an IG is a big deal. Bigger than the firing of a US Attorney, which got a cacophony of wailing from Congressional Democrats when Bush did it. In this case, we haven't heard a whimper from them.

I can't help but be skeptical though that Walpin's charges against Johnson didn't play a role. With the whole sordid series of events since January and the massive takeovers of every aspect of American life, who wouldn't be?

Does this mean that charges against Johnson will be ignored while everyone focuses on Walpin? Will anyone show the least bit of curiosity whether or not there is any validity to his claims in regard to the misuse of funds? At this point I'm a lot less interested in Walpin than in Johnson.

Well,thats Max for ya,hit a... (Below threshold)

Well,thats Max for ya,hit and run w/some lame write up that I,m still shaking my head over.

The comments from max and j... (Below threshold)

The comments from max and jake are telling. Max cites a spin piece from TALKING POINTS MEMO as proof that the Walpin firing was kosher and not politically motivated. Okay. Destroy the messenger is Phase I of damage control.

Jake gets a jump start on Phase II: plausible deniability. The President didn't really give the order, he says. Of course, that's patently false. Uhh, jake, you don't have to go to Phase II until Phase I fails. Also, your Phase II will not work.

If the facts are every uncovered, the more likely Phase II play will be to find a fall guy. The public be told that somebody misled the President into firing Walpin. Obama will apologize for having been misled by a less honest person than himself and will promise to continue making his administration the cleanest, most tranperant ever! The press will applaud his humility, citing it as further evidence of real "change."

I've seen some lame connect... (Below threshold)
Craig Travis:

I've seen some lame connections in my day, but this is the lamest. I guess when you've become totally irrelevant as a political ideology you have a lot of time on your hands. Maybe another Joe McCarthy or Ken Starr will come along and you can really go to town. But hey, take your best shot. Like a pig you are at your best when you're down and dirty. Where is Tom Delay when you need him?

I guess that the Democrats ... (Below threshold)
Patty Jones:

I guess that the Democrats have learned from the best....Republicans who start wars just to make $$$ in comparison this is just pennies! When you compare the money Haliburton has made from so called WMDs

C'mon, get over it folks. ... (Below threshold)

C'mon, get over it folks. The Clintons were backwater crooks. This is Big Time - the Chicago Machine at work.

"Republicans who start w... (Below threshold)

"Republicans who start wars just to make $$$ in comparison this is just pennies!

Not the Republicans, but the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Duponts...etc.

Plus 12 for epador. There is a reason this Chicago politician is in the forefront. Ask yourself what would that reason be?

The only down and dirty pig... (Below threshold)

The only down and dirty pig on this thread
is you.
As to Tom DeLay, he was never found guilty of
anything other than being targeted by a
questionable atate attorney. And your
query about him is moot, as he's no longer involved
in Texas politics.






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