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A Revolution Of Technology

Technological advances in information delivery and media have progressed at light speed in recent years. The internet, cell phones, hi-def, the emergence of the alternative media, blogging, twitter, facebook: All have contributed greatly to how we view and interact with the people of the world.

Many times these advances have gotten a bad rap, and deservedly so. Pornography, "sexting", child molestation through chat rooms, have all contributed to this notion that some of these advances have not been beneficial to society.

There is, however, a good side to counterbalance the bad.

Nowhere has this been more demonstrative than in what is occurring in Iran.

The Iranian regime has kicked out all foreign journalists. It has attempted to filter information processes through the internet, trying to block all outgoing reporting.

But the bravery of the Iranian people has shown that a few mullahs in head scarves cannot keep the human spirit and thirst for freedom from touching others.

Through the internet, twitter, and cell phone cameras, what is really happening in that country is being leaked out in real time, with no production, no nifty graphics, no filtering, and little editorializing disguised as reporting. Pure brutal reality is being disseminated through the world, and it's all made possible by common gadgetry and some brave souls.

The most striking imagery yet, of the brave, beautiful woman Neda who was gunned down with a single shot to her chest, has gained world-wide attention, and has probably made some people take a closer look at what is occurring in Iran. It seemed almost as if, in her last glance toward the cell phone camera, she was pleading that her murder be shown, and used to further a cause in which she believed so strongly.

I shudder to think her death may have been in vain, reported only as a sad statistic in what has become a routine slaughter.

All this technology, all things we take for granted, things used for our convenience and pleasure, has had a most profound effect on a human suffering of epic proportions.

Who knows? Maybe this event will cause people to be a little less flippant with how they tend to look at things through the technological lens.

I hope so.

That would be progress.


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Comments (7)

I agree with you naturally ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I agree with you naturally Shawn for your sympathies in Iran, but I wish you were more consistent. For example, in the recent Gaza conflict, when the Israelis wouldn't allow foreign journalists into Gaza (always a bad sign), and some of the soldiers in the UDF started picking off innocent women, your sympathies, were plainly with the UDF, (or you wished to look the other way, even if they were committing war crimes), and not with the hundreds of Gaza civilian casualties, including women and children.

Steve Crickmore: "when t... (Below threshold)

Steve Crickmore: "when the Israelis...started picking off innocent women"

really? was that after the Israelis indiscriminantly fired rockets into GAza for 300 straight days??


Steve,I fail to se... (Below threshold)


I fail to see your comparison.

The Palestinians elected a terrorist organization to represent them. Hamas is their elected govverment. One that just happens not to even recognize the right of Israel to exist.

You make your bed, you lie in it.

"some of the soldiers in the UDF started picking off innocent women, your sympathies, were plainly with the UDF"

I am assuming you are refering to the IDF.

I have seen nothing to prove your allegations of the IDF "picking off innocent women". Not to mention at any time I wrote that my sympathies lie with people who you claim to have commited those acts.

And you fail to mention the relentless rocket attacks made by the Palestinians on Israel which promted their justifiable defense.

Rocket attacks which claimed the lives of innocent people.

The internal upheval in Iran is in no way comparative to the consistent conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.


He doesn't have to have pro... (Below threshold)

He doesn't have to have proof, Shawn - since he's supporting the Palestinians he automatically is honest and truthful and above any sort of question or reproach.



Shawn, the Israeli liberal... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Shawn, the Israeli liberal daily, Al Haaretz carried an expose, a few months back, about some of the IDF actions, during the Gaza conflict, which were ignored by the American media.. actions which seemed to go well beyond justifiable defense.

On your central point, Al Haaretz has an interesting read on Tehran, 'Twitter won't make Iran protesters bulletproof?'.

You know what'd be great, S... (Below threshold)

You know what'd be great, Steve?

If you'd apply the same binary standards of behavior to those beloved, misunderstood Palestinians as you do to Israel.

Because it really seems like the Palestinians can do pretty much anything - up to and including intentionally targeting children, randomly lobbing missiles into cities, and generally not giving a damn about any sort of civilized behavior - and the folks supporting them don't give a damn. You hold them to no standard of civilized action, you go out of your way to make excuses for the most murderous behavior, and even look the other way when their own supposed brethren won't allow them in the countries surrounding Israel. (Jordan learned the hard way with that - you DON'T want the Palestinians as citizens.)

Funny thing - back in the '70s and '80s I was relatively ambivalent about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, somewhat supporting the Palestinians. But since then, observing the whole situation - the Palestinians are their own worst enemy over there, absolutely never failing to grab a possible chance to fuck themselves over through bad leadership, suicidial cultural tendencies, or the willingness to accept 'help' from their neighbors that's about on the order of mainlining barely sub-lethal doses of PCP while sucking down all the crack they can smoke.

Even when given a functioning infrastructure by the Israelies that could be used to hoist themselves by their own bootstraps into a functional, productive society - they're so steeped in hatred they destroyed it without a seeming second thought.

And nobody, nobody holds them responsible for what they themselves do!

So, tell you what - when I see you condemning all the 'excesses' the Palestinians have done over the years, and not a "Well, it's a damn shame the Israelies have forced the Palestinians to do this, that and the other" sort of condemnation - I'll start taking your outrage seriously.

Until then? Sorry, man - you're a tool.

JLawson, on the next round ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

JLawson, on the next round of conflict in the Mid-East we can spar more, but I'm not making any allowance for the leadership of Gaza, the PLO or Hamas, any more than I would for 'the hardline leaders' in Iran. But the fact that they are all uniformily awful, means that we should have more sympathy, for the innocent civilians in Gaza, as well as in Tehran I would think, if anything.






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