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An Ed McMahon Flashback

Ed McMahon has passed away at age 86. Listen to Andrea Shea King's great interview with McMahon. It is from Nov. 31, 2007 when his last book came out "When Television Was Young, Live, Spontaneous and in Living Black and White". The interview runs 15-minutes and includes his famous "Heeeeeere's Johnny!" Andrea is working on a written piece about McMahon. I'll post the link when available. I grew up watching Johnny Carson. I have always been a night owl so I watched lots of the Tonight show. I have fond memories of my dad and me laughing our heads off at the Carson/McMahon team.

UPDATE: Andrea's excellent tribute to Ed McMahon is up at Big Hollywood. It includes great pictures and video.


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Some of my earliest memorie... (Below threshold)

Some of my earliest memories of TV were watching the Tonight show with him & Johnny when I was knee high. The jokes sailed way over my head but I knew it Mom & Dad were laughing and having a good time.

He did a lot more than just the Tonight Show and as a co-worker said earlier, "It looks like Ed ain't gonna be bringing me my millions..."

Gmac, I remember at that ti... (Below threshold)

Gmac, I remember at that time the show was on for 90 minutes. Wow! ww

Lorie, you and I are the bi... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Lorie, you and I are the big TV fans around Kevin's Wizbang network it seems. Ed McMahon was a real legend and a great comedy foil for Johnny Carson. TV will never be the same without him.

Life sucks... (Below threshold)

Life sucks

Ed McMahon was a ... (Below threshold)
Ed McMahon was a real legend and a great comedy foil for Johnny Carson. TV will never be the same without him.

Ho! Ho! Ho! You are correct, Sir!

My favortite bit from Karna... (Below threshold)

My favortite bit from Karnac.

Ed: I hold in my hand the last envelope. (audience applauds and Karnac glares for a minute or two) But first we need to do these two.

The audience roared as did I. That was at least twenty years ago.

Another Karnac:

Karnac: Sis, boom, bah.
(opens the envelope)
What sound does a sheep make before it explodes.

Classic stuff. I will miss them. ww








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