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Forget Everything The President Said In February

At his press conference today President Obama claimed that things are much worse now than could possibly have been anticipated when the stimulus legislation passed in February:

Obama stressed that the full depths of the economic meltdown were not apparent when the first stimulus package was crafted, "And so it's not surprising, then, that we missed the mark in terms of our estimates of where unemployment would go," he said.

The stimulus bill was passed on February 17,2009. On April 24,2009, a mere seventy days later, the Obama administration released the assumptions it used to conduct the bank stress tests among which was a worst case unemployment scenario of 10.4%. Today, two months later, the President says the full depths of our economic situation were not apparent in February. But they were apparent in April. Go figure.

If this administration can't accurately forecast four months into the future why should anyone believe anything they say about healthcare, like this:

Obama stressed the intensity of Congressional work on the issue and insisted that the financial hurdles could be overcome. "I am very optimistic about the progress," he said. "We will find the money though savings and efficiencies within the health care system."

The President has admitted he failed with the unemployment forecast. Why should voters believe him when he says he can create vague "savings and efficiencies" in healthcare? It is manifestly clear that the Obama administration and Congress are just winging it now.


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He blubbered his way throug... (Below threshold)

He blubbered his way through the questions trying to be glib - what an idiot. Everyone knows that kind of coworker, the one you want to beat with a stick when they try to wiggle their way out of their mistakes.

Worst president ever!... (Below threshold)

Worst president ever!

"We will find the money ... (Below threshold)

"We will find the money though savings and efficiencies within the health care system."

Uh, yeah.

Spend $1 trillion.

Find $100 million in 'savings' through cuts within the health care system.

$100 mil saved = $999.9 billion spent.

That's $999.9 billion we DON'T HAVE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!

You can't 'save' money by spending it, especially when you don't have it in the first place.

Besides - wouldn't it be a better idea to demonstrate how wonderful and effective the plans are, by actually USING them to revamp Medicare before we throw a TRILLION DOLLARS at an unproven (and likely unworkable) plan in the first place?

Hmmm...They acknow... (Below threshold)


They acknowledge that stimulus spending did not work during the Great Depression. Their reason? FDR didn't spend enough.

So they tried spending more.

That didn't work.

So with socializing health care they're going to try spending money faster. Surely that's the variable that will do the trick!

"We will find the money tho... (Below threshold)

"We will find the money though(sic) savings and efficiencies within the health care system."


"We will find the money through strong arm tactics, massive takeovers, doling out bits and pieces of individual private medical firms to our political cronies and selling bus trip tours to insurance company executives' homes."

"We will find the money ... (Below threshold)

"We will find the money through savings and efficiencies within the health care system."

Translation: by rationing, we will save hundreds of billions by denying expensive cardiac, cancer, orthopedic, diabetic, and other health care to people over 60, whose limited productive life spans and uncertain health make their ability to contribute to the economy minimal.

"It is manifestly clear tha... (Below threshold)

"It is manifestly clear that the Obama administration and Congress are just winging it now."

Hugh: Now? They've been 'winging it' since Day 1. So much for the 'best administration' ever.

Worst excuse for a Islamab... (Below threshold)

Worst excuse for a Islamabama prissedent ever.

U mean the teleeprompomteer... (Below threshold)

U mean the teleeprompomteer kicked his ass out of bed for eating "white" soda crackers again??

Does anyone know any progra... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know any program, company, or system that was taken over by the government that resulted in lower costs?

??? The internet?<... (Below threshold)


The internet?

Unfortunately Obama will co... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately Obama will continue to get away with this until non-left Democrats and the MSM wake up and realize that the economy is going to be destroyed unless the adults start to run this country.

CDR, the purpose of Obama's... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

CDR, the purpose of Obama's plan is to cause the collapse of the economy. Obama can then have his system take over. Read what Alinsky said needed to be done to change America from the free system to a socialist system. It is nearly all in place. The ACORN cancer that is on us. Americore, the new ACORN. These people do not believe in America as it is but they do believe in a failed communist system. Obama has been associated with communists all of his life. Frank Davis to Bill Ayers.

Does anyone know any pro... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know any program, company, or system that was taken over by the government that resulted in lower costs?

It's probably cheaper for the government to have a war, since the government can force people to become soldiers and get hurt and killed at a far cheaper rate than the free market would demand.
Even at war, though, the government depends on free enterprise to make planes and tanks and rifles and such.

if that were true we wouldn... (Below threshold)

if that were true we wouldn't have outsourced to companies like blackwater...also, the government didn't 'take over' any wars from private organizations, war is one of the federal governments basic functions

Is it the Presidents respon... (Below threshold)

Is it the Presidents responsibility to know where the economy is before changes are made? So we have spent a trillion dollars, the stimulus plus interest on a mistake?

How congress can run national health care? Every time they misjudge the cost of the program by a billion, they lose another chunk of their salary. Otherwise why would they care how much it costs, just another mistake that the tax payers have to foot the bill for.

We have a absolute ass-clow... (Below threshold)

We have a absolute ass-clown in the white house. The only bright spot that after more than a year more of this ineptitude the Dems are going to be annihilated in the mid-terms.

HughS: "Forget Everythin... (Below threshold)

HughS: "Forget Everything The President Said In February"

Why just February????

Obama has a thin skin. But,... (Below threshold)

Obama has a thin skin. But, lucky for him,
it's the perfect shade to shield him throughout
his first term. "He's too...uh...SEPIA to fail!"

Okay, I think one problem i... (Below threshold)

Okay, I think one problem is that folks in Congress (and some on this board, also) don't quite comprehend the spending.

The average working class guy will earn roughly a million in his lifetime. (He's not going to get it all, of course, the government's going to take their pound of flesh. I'm figuring 40 years at $25k average.)

A billion is 1000 times a million. Take a thousand working class guys, strip them of their entire lifetime's earning potential - and you've got $1 billion.

A trillion is roughly what a million guys averaging 25k/yr for 40 years are going to make.

Not counting inflation, of course.

So - to recap.

$1,000,000 - a million, doesn't look like much, unless you're earning it bit by bit.
$1,000,000,000 - a billion. Chump change to governments, helluva lot to us chumps.
$1,000,000,000,000 - a trillion. The 'normal' unit of measurement for the US Budget any more.


I'm thinking in Washington they should be forced to actually figure out the differences between the numbers they use. Perhaps when a bill is proposed, 1% of the money for funding the bill HAS to be carried PHYSICALLY down from the proposer's desk, and stacked neatly on a table in front of the podium. The only ones allowed to carry the money would be the Senators or Congressmen - and they wouldn't be able to use carts or handtrucks.

And the money would be in pennies and nickles.

Once funding is requested - all legislative activities stop while the Senator or Representative carries the coins. (For brevity's sake, they can use 50 lb bags.)

A million pennies would be needed for a $1,000,000 appropriation. That million pennies would weigh roughly 3 tons. It'd take a while for the legislator to haul the cash, wouldn't it?

(Yes, it'd take a long time. Yes, it'd bring new legislation to a standstill. Yes, I'd have no problems with that.)

When you get up into the billion-dollar range, maybe they could use dimes.

In the trillion range - hmmm. Maybe bring back the $20 gold piece?

But maybe if they felt the actual weight of the money they're obligating US to pay - they wouldn't be so quick to spend it.

I know what I think when I ... (Below threshold)

I know what I think when I hear Obamalala fumble and bumble through these "spontaneous" pressers. I am hearing from a lot of people that are saying,"we voted for Obama because we thought the country needed a break from the last eight years". NOW they're saying, "OH S*#T! What the h&ll did we do?!"

I am trying. Really.... (Below threshold)

I am trying. Really.

[re: forget everything he said]

Forget tuesdays gone..Forge... (Below threshold)

Forget tuesdays gone..Forget your teleprompting menagere.. Just feel groovy.

Oh, to see someone bitch-sl... (Below threshold)

Oh, to see someone bitch-slap the smirk off
his face. The secret service, alas, could not allow my dream be realized. I gotta hope
the menthol butts do him in.

ha ha haSomehow th... (Below threshold)

ha ha ha

Somehow that made sense to the skinhead in me?


25 comments and no trolls t... (Below threshold)

25 comments and no trolls to explain his words to me,tsk,tsk.go figure.

That's because you have no ... (Below threshold)

That's because you have no sense of history, 1903. Here's a golden oldie from ~36 years ago:

"The president refers to the fact that there is new material. Therefore, this is the operative statement. The others are inoperative."


Ahhh, I see! thanks Jay Tea... (Below threshold)

Ahhh, I see! thanks Jay Tea.

Worst Poseidon presidente i... (Below threshold)

Worst Poseidon presidente in chief ever!

Thx J






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